Dynasty Warriors 4

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Ryan Toluchanian

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 002062D3
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
902062D0 0C049280
Other Codes
Character Max Attack Codes
Zhao Yun0043224B 000000FF
Guan Yu00432263 000000FF
Zhang Fei0043227B 000000FF
Xiahou Dun00432293 000000FF
Dian Wei004322AB 000000FF
Xu Zhu004322C3 000000FF
Zhou Yu004322DB 000000FF
Lu Xun004322F3 000000FF
Taishi Ci0043230B 000000FF
Diao Chan00432323 000000FF
Zhuge Liang0043233B 000000FF
Cao Cao00432353 000000FF
Lu Bu0043236B 000000FF
Sun Shang Xiang00432383 000000FF
Liu Bei0043239B 000000FF
Sun Jian004323B3 000000FF
Sun Quan004323CB 000000FF
Dong Zhuo004323E3 000000FF
Yuan Shao004323FB 000000FF
Ma Chao00432413 000000FF
Huang Zhong0043242B 000000FF
Xiahou Yuan00432443 000000FF
Zhang Liao0043245B 000000FF
Sim Yi00432473 000000FF
Lu Meng0043248B 000000FF
Gan Ning004324A3 000000FF
Jiang Wei004324BB 000000FF
Zhang Jiao004324D3 000000FF
Xu Huang004324EB 000000FF
Zhang He00432503 000000FF
Zhen Ji-Wei0043251B 000000FF
Huang Gai00432533 000000FF
Sun Ce0043254B 000000FF
Wei Yan00432563 000000FF
Pang Tong0043257B 000000FF
Meng Huo00432593 000000FF
Zhu Rong004325AB 000000FF
Da Qiao004325C3 000000FF
Xiao Qiao004325DB 000000FF
Cao Ren004325F3 000000FF
Zhou Tai0043260B 000000FF
Yue Ying00432623 000000FF
Character Max Defense Codes
Zhao Yun0043224C 000000FF
Guan Yu00432264 000000FF
Zhang Fei0043227C 000000FF
Xiahou Dun00432294 000000FF
Dian Wei004322AC 000000FF
Xu Zhu004322C4 000000FF
Zhou Yu004322DC 000000FF
Lu Xun004322F4 000000FF
Taishi Ci0043230C 000000FF
Diao Chan00432324 000000FF
Zhuge Liang0043233C 000000FF
Cao Cao00432354 000000FF
Lu Bu0043236C 000000FF
Sun Shang Xiang00432384 000000FF
Liu Bei0043239C 000000FF
Sun Jian004323B4 000000FF
Sun Quan004323CC 000000FF
Dong Zhuo004323E4 000000FF
Yuan Shao004323FC 000000FF
Ma Chao00432414 000000FF
Huang Zhong0043242C 000000FF
Xiahou Yuan00432444 000000FF
Zhang Liao0043245C 000000FF
Sim Yi00432474 000000FF
Lu Meng0043248C 000000FF
Gan Ning004324A4 000000FF
Jiang Wei004324BC 000000FF
Zhang Jiao004324D4 000000FF
Xu Huang004324EC 000000FF
Zhang He00432504 000000FF
Zhen Ji-Wei0043251C 000000FF
Huang Gai00432534 000000FF
Sun Ce0043254C 000000FF
Wei Yan00432564 000000FF
Pang Tong0043257C 000000FF
Meng Huo00432594 000000FF
Zhu Rong004325AC 000000FF
Da Qiao004325C4 000000FF
Xiao Qiao004325DC 000000FF
Cao Ren004325F4 000000FF
Zhou Tai0043260C 000000FF
Yue Ying00432624 000000FF
Character Max Life Codes
Zhao Yun00432249 000000FF
Guan Yu00432261 000000FF
Zhang Fei00432279 000000FF
Xiahou Dun00432291 000000FF
Dian Wei004322A9 000000FF
Xu Zhu004322C1 000000FF
Zhou Yu004322D9 000000FF
Lu Xun004322F1 000000FF
Taishi Ci00432309 000000FF
Diao Chan00432321 000000FF
Zhuge Liang00432339 000000FF
Cao Cao00432351 000000FF
Lu Bu00432369 000000FF
Sun Shang Xiang00432381 000000FF
Liu Bei00432399 000000FF
Sun Jian004323B1 000000FF
Sun Quan004323C9 000000FF
Dong Zhuo004323E1 000000FF
Yuan Shao004323F9 000000FF
Ma Chao00432411 000000FF
Huang Zhong00432429 000000FF
Xiahou Yuan00432441 000000FF
Zhang Liao00432459 000000FF
Sim Yi00432471 000000FF
Lu Meng00432489 000000FF
Gan Ning004324A1 000000FF
Jiang Wei004324B9 000000FF
Zhang Jiao004324D1 000000FF
Xu Huang004324E9 000000FF
Zhang He00432501 000000FF
Zhen Ji-Wei00432519 000000FF
Huang Gai00432531 000000FF
Sun Ce00432549 000000FF
Wei Yan00432561 000000FF
Pang Tong00432579 000000FF
Meng Huo00432591 000000FF
Zhu Rong004325A9 000000FF
Da Qiao004325C1 000000FF
Xiao Qiao004325D9 000000FF
Cao Ren004325F1 000000FF
Zhou Tai00432609 000000FF
Yue Ying00432621 000000FF
Character Max Musou Codes
Zhao Yun0043224A 000000FF
Guan Yu00432262 000000FF
Zhang Fei0043227A 000000FF
Xiahou Dun00432292 000000FF
Dian Wei004322AA 000000FF
Xu Zhu004322C2 000000FF
Zhou Yu004322DA 000000FF
Lu Xun004322F2 000000FF
Taishi Ci0043230A 000000FF
Diao Chan00432322 000000FF
Zhuge Liang0043233A 000000FF
Cao Cao00432352 000000FF
Lu Bu0043236A 000000FF
Sun Shang Xiang00432382 000000FF
Liu Bei0043239A 000000FF
Sun Jian004323B2 000000FF
Sun Quan004323CA 000000FF
Dong Zhuo004323E2 000000FF
Yuan Shao004323FA 000000FF
Ma Chao00432412 000000FF
Huang Zhong0043242A 000000FF
Xiahou Yuan00432442 000000FF
Zhang Liao0043245A 000000FF
Sim Yi00432472 000000FF
Lu Meng0043248A 000000FF
Gan Ning004324A2 000000FF
Jiang Wei004324BA 000000FF
Zhang Jiao004324D2 000000FF
Xu Huang004324EA 000000FF
Zhang He00432502 000000FF
Zhen Ji-Wei0043251A 000000FF
Huang Gai00432532 000000FF
Sun Ce0043254A 000000FF
Wei Yan00432562 000000FF
Pang Tong0043257A 000000FF
Meng Huo00432592 000000FF
Zhu Rong004325AA 000000FF
Da Qiao004325C2 000000FF
Xiao Qiao004325DA 000000FF
Cao Ren004325F2 000000FF
Zhou Tai0043260A 000000FF
Yue Ying00432622 000000FF
Character Max Points/Rank Codes
Zhao Yun20432258 0001869F
Guan Yu20432270 0001869F
Zhang Fei20432288 0001869F
Xiahou Dun204322A0 0001869F
Dian Wei204322B8 0001869F
Xu Zhu204322D0 0001869F
Zhou Yu204322E8 0001869F
Lu Xun20432300 0001869F
Taishi Ci20432318 0001869F
Diao Chan20432330 0001869F
Zhuge Liang20432348 0001869F
Cao Cao20432360 0001869F
Lu Bu20432378 0001869F
Sun Shang Xiang20432390 0001869F
Liu Bei204323A8 0001869F
Sun Jian204323C0 0001869F
Sun Quan204323D8 0001869F
Dong Zhuo204323F0 0001869F
Yuan Shao20432408 0001869F
Ma Chao20432420 0001869F
Huang Zhong20432438 0001869F
Xiahou Yuan20432450 0001869F
Zhang Liao20432468 0001869F
Sim Yi20432480 0001869F
Lu Meng20432498 0001869F
Gan Ning204324B0 0001869F
Jiang Wei204324C8 0001869F
Zhang Jiao204324E0 0001869F
Xu Huang204324F8 0001869F
Zhang He20432510 0001869F
Zhen Ji-Wei20432528 0001869F
Huang Gai20432540 0001869F
Sun Ce20432558 0001869F
Wei Yan20432570 0001869F
Pang Tong20432588 0001869F
Meng Huo204325A0 0001869F
Zhu Rong204325B8 0001869F
Da Qiao204325D0 0001869F
Xiao Qiao204325E8 0001869F
Cao Ren20432600 0001869F
Zhou Tai20432618 0001869F
Yue Ying20432630 0001869F
Character Max Weapon Exp Codes
Zhao Yun10432928 0000FFFF
Guan Yu1043292A 0000FFFF
Zhang Fei1043292C 0000FFFF
Xiahou Dun1043292E 0000FFFF
Dian Wei10432930 0000FFFF
Xu Zhu10432932 0000FFFF
Zhou Yu10432934 0000FFFF
Lu Xun10432936 0000FFFF
Taishi Ci10432938 0000FFFF
Diao Chan1043293A 0000FFFF
Zhuge Liang1043293C 0000FFFF
Cao Cao1043293E 0000FFFF
Lu Bu10432940 0000FFFF
Sun Shang Xiang10432942 0000FFFF
Liu Bei10432944 0000FFFF
Sun Jian10432946 0000FFFF
Sun Quan10432948 0000FFFF
Dong Zhuo1043294A 0000FFFF
Yuan Shao1043294C 0000FFFF
Ma Chao1043294E 0000FFFF
Huang Zhong10432950 0000FFFF
Xiahou Yuan10432952 0000FFFF
Zhang Liao10432954 0000FFFF
Sim Yi10432956 0000FFFF
Lu Meng10432958 0000FFFF
Gan Ning1043295A 0000FFFF
Jiang Wei1043295C 0000FFFF
Zhang Jiao1043295E 0000FFFF
Xu Huang10432960 0000FFFF
Zhang He10432962 0000FFFF
Zhen Ji-Wei10432964 0000FFFF
Huang Gai10432966 0000FFFF
Sun Ce10432968 0000FFFF
Wei Yan1043296A 0000FFFF
Pang Tong1043296C 0000FFFF
Meng Huo1043296E 0000FFFF
Zhu Rong10432970 0000FFFF
Da Qiao10432972 0000FFFF
Xiao Qiao10432974 0000FFFF
Cao Ren10432976 0000FFFF
Zhou Tai10432978 0000FFFF
Yue Ying1043297A 0000FFFF
Edit 11043297C 0000FFFF
Edit 21043297E 0000FFFF
Edit 310432980 0000FFFF
Edit 410432982 0000FFFF
Edit 510432984 0000FFFF
Have Character Codes
Zhao Yun00432248 00000001
Guan Yu00432260 00000001
Zhang Fei00432278 00000001
Xiahou Dun00432290 00000001
Dian Wei004322A8 00000001
Xu Zhu004322C0 00000001
Zhou Yu004322D8 00000001
Lu Xun004322F0 00000001
Taishi Ci00432308 00000001
Diao Chan00432320 00000001
Zhuge Liang00432338 00000001
Cao Cao00432350 00000001
Lu Bu00432368 00000001
Sun Shang Xiang00432380 00000001
Liu Bei00432398 00000001
Sun Jian004323B0 00000001
Sun Quan004323C8 00000001
Dong Zhuo004323E0 00000001
Yuan Shao004323F8 00000001
Ma Chao00432410 00000001
Huang Zhong00432428 00000001
Xiahou Yuan00432440 00000001
Zhang Liao00432458 00000001
Sim Yi00432470 00000001
Lu Meng00432488 00000001
Gan Ning004324A0 00000001
Jiang Wei004324B8 00000001
Zhang Jiao004324D0 00000001
Xu Huang004324E8 00000001
Zhang He00432500 00000001
Zhen Ji-Wei00432518 00000001
Huang Gai00432530 00000001
Sun Ce00432548 00000001
Wei Yan00432560 00000001
Pang Tong00432578 00000001
Meng Huo00432590 00000001
Zhu Rong004325A8 00000001
Da Qiao004325C0 00000001
Xiao Qiao004325D8 00000001
Cao Ren004325F0 00000001
Zhou Tai00432608 00000001
Yue Ying00432620 00000001
Max Item Codes
Peacock Urn00432986 00000062
Dragon Amulet00432987 00000062
Tiger Amulet00432988 00000062
Tortoise Amulet00432989 00000062
Speed Scroll0043298A 00000062
Wing Boots0043298B 00000062
Huang's Bow0043298C 00000062
Nanman Armor0043298D 00000062
Horned Helm0043298E 00000062
Cavalry Armor0043298F 00000062
Seven Star Sash00432990 00000062
Elixir00432991 00000062
Herbal Remedy00432992 00000062
Fire Orb00432993 00000062
Lightning Orb00432994 00000062
Vorpal Orb00432995 00000062
Ice Orb00432996 00000062
Blast Orb00432997 00000062
Poison Orb00432998 00000062
Red Hare Harness00432999 00000000
Hex Mark Harness0043299A 00000000
Storm Harness0043299B 00000000
Shadow Harness0043299C 00000000
Elephant Harness0043299D 00000000
Art Of War0043299E 00000000
Survival Guide0043299F 00000000
Bodyguard Manual004329A0 00000000
Way Of Musou004329A1 00000000
Power Scroll004329A2 00000000
Wind Scroll004329A3 00000000
Fire Arrows004329A4 00000000
Charge Bracer004329A5 00000000
Misc. Codes
Bodyguards Have Same Weapon As Your Character1013AA3C 00000001
1013AAB4 00000001
Aggressive Enemies & Allies!1015AA88 00000001
1015AA20 00000001
1015AA80 00000001
1015AA48 00000001
Have All Movies20432220 FFFFFFFF
Can Always Do Musou Move (Press Circle)201B6B1C 00000000
Max K.O. Count P11043BFA8 0000270F
Infinite Health P11050414E 00001C00
Max Health P11050414C 000001C0
Max Infinite Health P12050414C 01C01C00
Infinite Musou P110504154 00000C00
Max Musou P110504152 000000C0
Max Infinite Musou P110504152 000000C0
10504154 00000C00
Infinite Attack X2 P1 (On Pickup)10504120 00000708
Infinite Defense X2 P1 (On Pickup)10504124 00000708
Infinite Speed Up P1 (On Pickup)10504128 00000708
Infinite Arrows P10052512C 00000063
Infinite Health P21050436E 00001C00
Max Health P21050436C 000001C0
Max Infinite Health P22050436C 01C01C00
Infinite Musou P210504374 00000C00
Max Musou P210504372 000000C0
Max Infinite Musou P210504372 000000C0
10504374 00000C00
Infinite Attack X2 P2 (On Pickup)10504340 00000708
Infinite Defense X2 P2 (On Pickup)10504344 00000708
Infinite Speed Up P2 (On Pickup)10504348 00000708
Infinite Arrows P20052535C 00000063
Max Bodyguard Unit B.G. Points Codes
Bodyguard 1104326F6 0000270F
Bodyguard 210432756 0000270F
Bodyguard 3104327B6 0000270F
Bodyguard 410432816 0000270F