Dynasty Warriors 4-Xtreme Legends

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Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 00216533
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
90216530 0C049CAC
Other Codes
Character Max Attack Codes
Zhao Yun00463FAB 000000FF
Guan Yu00463FC3 000000FF
Zhang Fei00463FDB 000000FF
Xiahou Dun00463FF3 000000FF
Dian Wei0046400B 000000FF
Xu Zhu00464023 000000FF
Zhou Yu0046403B 000000FF
Lu Xun00464053 000000FF
Taishi Ci0046406B 000000FF
Diao Chan00464083 000000FF
Zhuge Liang0046409B 000000FF
Cao Cao004640B3 000000FF
Lu Bu004640CB 000000FF
Sun Shang Xiang004640E3 000000FF
Liu Bei004640FB 000000FF
Sun Jian00464113 000000FF
Sun Quan0046412B 000000FF
Dong Zhuo00464143 000000FF
Yuan Shao0046415B 000000FF
Ma Chao00464173 000000FF
Huang Zhong0046418B 000000FF
Xiahou Yuan004641A3 000000FF
Zhang Liao004641BB 000000FF
Sim Yi004641D3 000000FF
Lu Meng004641EB 000000FF
Gan Ning00464203 000000FF
Jiang Wei0046421B 000000FF
Zhang Jiao00464233 000000FF
Xu Huang0046424B 000000FF
Zhang He00464263 000000FF
Zhen Ji-Wei0046427B 000000FF
Huang Gai00464293 000000FF
Sun Ce004642AB 000000FF
Wei Yan004642C3 000000FF
Pang Tong004642DB 000000FF
Meng Huo004642F3 000000FF
Zhu Rong0046430B 000000FF
Da Qiao00464323 000000FF
Xiao Qiao0046433B 000000FF
Cao Ren00464353 000000FF
Zhou Tai0046436B 000000FF
Yue Ying00464383 000000FF
Character Max Defense Codes
Zhao Yun00463FAC 000000FF
Guan Yu00463FC4 000000FF
Zhang Fei00463FDC 000000FF
Xiahou Dun00463FF4 000000FF
Dian Wei0046400C 000000FF
Xu Zhu00464024 000000FF
Zhou Yu0046403C 000000FF
Lu Xun00464054 000000FF
Taishi Ci0046406C 000000FF
Diao Chan00464084 000000FF
Zhuge Liang0046409C 000000FF
Cao Cao004640B4 000000FF
Lu Bu004640CC 000000FF
Sun Shang Xiang004640E4 000000FF
Liu Bei004640FC 000000FF
Sun Jian00464114 000000FF
Sun Quan0046412C 000000FF
Dong Zhuo00464144 000000FF
Yuan Shao0046415C 000000FF
Ma Chao00464174 000000FF
Huang Zhong0046418C 000000FF
Xiahou Yuan004641A4 000000FF
Zhang Liao004641BC 000000FF
Sim Yi004641D4 000000FF
Lu Meng004641EC 000000FF
Gan Ning00464204 000000FF
Jiang Wei0046421C 000000FF
Zhang Jiao00464234 000000FF
Xu Huang0046424C 000000FF
Zhang He00464264 000000FF
Zhen Ji-Wei0046427C 000000FF
Huang Gai00464294 000000FF
Sun Ce004642AC 000000FF
Wei Yan004642C4 000000FF
Pang Tong004642DC 000000FF
Meng Huo004642F4 000000FF
Zhu Rong0046430C 000000FF
Da Qiao00464324 000000FF
Xiao Qiao0046433C 000000FF
Cao Ren00464354 000000FF
Zhou Tai0046436C 000000FF
Yue Ying00464384 000000FF
Character Max Life Codes
Zhao Yun00463FA9 000000FF
Guan Yu00463FC1 000000FF
Zhang Fei00463FD9 000000FF
Xiahou Dun00463FF1 000000FF
Dian Wei00464009 000000FF
Xu Zhu00464021 000000FF
Zhou Yu00464039 000000FF
Lu Xun00464051 000000FF
Taishi Ci00464069 000000FF
Diao Chan00464081 000000FF
Zhuge Liang00464099 000000FF
Cao Cao004640B1 000000FF
Lu Bu004640C9 000000FF
Sun Shang Xiang004640E1 000000FF
Liu Bei004640F9 000000FF
Sun Jian00464111 000000FF
Sun Quan00464129 000000FF
Dong Zhuo00464141 000000FF
Yuan Shao00464159 000000FF
Ma Chao00464171 000000FF
Huang Zhong00464189 000000FF
Xiahou Yuan004641A1 000000FF
Zhang Liao004641B9 000000FF
Sim Yi004641D1 000000FF
Lu Meng004641E9 000000FF
Gan Ning00464201 000000FF
Jiang Wei00464219 000000FF
Zhang Jiao00464231 000000FF
Xu Huang00464249 000000FF
Zhang He00464261 000000FF
Zhen Ji-Wei00464279 000000FF
Huang Gai00464291 000000FF
Sun Ce004642A9 000000FF
Wei Yan004642C1 000000FF
Pang Tong004642D9 000000FF
Meng Huo004642F1 000000FF
Zhu Rong00464309 000000FF
Da Qiao00464321 000000FF
Xiao Qiao00464339 000000FF
Cao Ren00464351 000000FF
Zhou Tai00464369 000000FF
Yue Ying00464381 000000FF
Character Max Musou Codes
Zhao Yun00463FAA 000000FF
Guan Yu00463FC2 000000FF
Zhang Fei00463FDA 000000FF
Xiahou Dun00463FF2 000000FF
Dian Wei0046400A 000000FF
Xu Zhu00464022 000000FF
Zhou Yu0046403A 000000FF
Lu Xun00464052 000000FF
Taishi Ci0046406A 000000FF
Diao Chan00464082 000000FF
Zhuge Liang0046409A 000000FF
Cao Cao004640B2 000000FF
Lu Bu004640CA 000000FF
Sun Shang Xiang004640E2 000000FF
Liu Bei004640FA 000000FF
Sun Jian00464112 000000FF
Sun Quan0046412A 000000FF
Dong Zhuo00464142 000000FF
Yuan Shao0046415A 000000FF
Ma Chao00464172 000000FF
Huang Zhong0046418A 000000FF
Xiahou Yuan004641A2 000000FF
Zhang Liao004641BA 000000FF
Sim Yi004641D2 000000FF
Lu Meng004641EA 000000FF
Gan Ning00464202 000000FF
Jiang Wei0046421A 000000FF
Zhang Jiao00464232 000000FF
Xu Huang0046424A 000000FF
Zhang He00464262 000000FF
Zhen Ji-Wei0046427A 000000FF
Huang Gai00464292 000000FF
Sun Ce004642AA 000000FF
Wei Yan004642C2 000000FF
Pang Tong004642DA 000000FF
Meng Huo004642F2 000000FF
Zhu Rong0046430A 000000FF
Da Qiao00464322 000000FF
Xiao Qiao0046433A 000000FF
Cao Ren00464352 000000FF
Zhou Tai0046436A 000000FF
Yue Ying00464382 000000FF
Character Max Points/Rank Codes
Zhao Yun20463FB8 0001869F
Guan Yu20463FD0 0001869F
Zhang Fei20463FE8 0001869F
Xiahou Dun20464000 0001869F
Dian Wei20464018 0001869F
Xu Zhu20464030 0001869F
Zhou Yu20464048 0001869F
Lu Xun20464060 0001869F
Taishi Ci20464078 0001869F
Diao Chan20464090 0001869F
Zhuge Liang204640A8 0001869F
Cao Cao204640C0 0001869F
Lu Bu204640D8 0001869F
Sun Shang Xiang204640F0 0001869F
Liu Bei20464108 0001869F
Sun Jian20464120 0001869F
Sun Quan20464138 0001869F
Dong Zhuo20464150 0001869F
Yuan Shao20464168 0001869F
Ma Chao20464180 0001869F
Huang Zhong20464198 0001869F
Xiahou Yuan204641B0 0001869F
Zhang Liao204641C8 0001869F
Sim Yi204641E0 0001869F
Lu Meng204641F8 0001869F
Gan Ning20464210 0001869F
Jiang Wei20464228 0001869F
Zhang Jiao20464240 0001869F
Xu Huang20464258 0001869F
Zhang He20464270 0001869F
Zhen Ji-Wei20464288 0001869F
Huang Gai204642A0 0001869F
Sun Ce204642B8 0001869F
Wei Yan204642D0 0001869F
Pang Tong204642E8 0001869F
Meng Huo20464300 0001869F
Zhu Rong20464318 0001869F
Da Qiao20464330 0001869F
Xiao Qiao20464348 0001869F
Cao Ren20464360 0001869F
Zhou Tai20464378 0001869F
Yue Ying20464390 0001869F
Character Max Weapon Exp Codes
Zhao Yun10464688 0000FFFF
Guan Yu1046468A 0000FFFF
Zhang Fei1046468C 0000FFFF
Xiahou Dun1046468E 0000FFFF
Dian Wei10464690 0000FFFF
Xu Zhu10464692 0000FFFF
Zhou Yu10464694 0000FFFF
Lu Xun10464696 0000FFFF
Taishi Ci10464698 0000FFFF
Diao Chan1046469A 0000FFFF
Zhuge Liang1046469C 0000FFFF
Cao Cao1046469E 0000FFFF
Lu Bu104646A0 0000FFFF
Sun Shang Xiang104646A2 0000FFFF
Liu Bei104646A4 0000FFFF
Sun Jian104646A6 0000FFFF
Sun Quan104646A8 0000FFFF
Dong Zhuo104646AA 0000FFFF
Yuan Shao104646AC 0000FFFF
Ma Chao104646AE 0000FFFF
Huang Zhong104646B0 0000FFFF
Xiahou Yuan104646B2 0000FFFF
Zhang Liao104646B4 0000FFFF
Sim Yi104646B6 0000FFFF
Lu Meng104646B8 0000FFFF
Gan Ning104646BA 0000FFFF
Jiang Wei104646BC 0000FFFF
Zhang Jiao104646BE 0000FFFF
Xu Huang104646C0 0000FFFF
Zhang He104646C2 0000FFFF
Zhen Ji-Wei104646C4 0000FFFF
Huang Gai104646C6 0000FFFF
Sun Ce104646C8 0000FFFF
Wei Yan104646CA 0000FFFF
Pang Tong104646CC 0000FFFF
Meng Huo104646CE 0000FFFF
Zhu Rong104646D0 0000FFFF
Da Qiao104646D2 0000FFFF
Xiao Qiao104646D4 0000FFFF
Cao Ren104646D6 0000FFFF
Zhou Tai104646D8 0000FFFF
Yue Ying104646DA 0000FFFF
Edit 1104646DC 0000FFFF
Edit 2104646DE 0000FFFF
Edit 3104646E0 0000FFFF
Edit 4104646E2 0000FFFF
Edit 5104646E4 0000FFFF
Max Item Codes
Peacock Urn004646E6 00000062
Dragon Amulet004646E7 00000062
Tiger Amulet004646E8 00000062
Tortoise Amulet004646E9 00000062
Speed Scroll004646EA 00000062
Wing Boots004646EB 00000062
Huang's Bow004646EC 00000062
Nanman Armor004646ED 00000062
Horned Helm004646EE 00000062
Cavalry Armor004646EF 00000062
Seven Star Sash004646F0 00000062
Elixir004646F1 00000062
Herbal Remedy004646F2 00000062
Fire Orb004646F3 00000062
Lightning Orb004646F4 00000062
Vorpal Orb004646F5 00000062
Ice Orb004646F6 00000062
Blast Orb004646F7 00000062
Poison Orb004646F8 00000062
Red Hare Harness004646F9 00000000
Hex Mark Harness004646FA 00000000
Storm Harness004646FB 00000000
Shadow Harness004646FC 00000000
Elephant Harness004646FD 00000000
Art Of War004646FE 00000000
Survival Guide004646FF 00000000
Bodyguard Manual00464700 00000000
Way Of Musou00464701 00000000
Power Scroll00464702 00000000
Wind Scroll00464703 00000000
Fire Arrows00464704 00000000
Charge Bracer00464705 00000000
Power Rune00464706 00000000
Code Of Chivalry00464707 00000000
Meat Bun Sack00464708 00000000
Musou Armor00464709 00000000
Master Of Musou0046470A 00000000
War Drum0046470B 00000000
Secret Of Orbs0046470C 00000000
Helm Of Might0046470D 00000000
Horseshoes0046470E 00000000
Misc. Codes
Infinite Gold10465D98 0000FFFF
Max Gold20465D98 0098967F
Bodyguards Have Same Weapon As Your Character1013DB6C 00000001
1013DBE4 00000001
Aggressive Enemies & Allies!1015FFD0 00000001
1015FFF8 00000001
10160030 00000001
10160038 00000001
Have All Movies20463F80 FFFFFFFF
Can Always Do Musou Move (Press Circle)201C48CC 00000000
Max K.O. Count P11046E4F8 0000270F
Infinite Health P1105384FE 00001C00
Max Health P1105384FC 000001C0
Max Infinite Health P1205384FC 1C0001C0
Infinite Musou P110538504 00000C00
Max Musou P110538502 000000C0
Max Infinite Musou P110538502 000000C0
10538504 00000C00
Have All Powerups P1005384C0 000000F0
Have All Orb Powers P1005384C1 0000005F
Infinite Attack X2 P1 (On Pickup)105384D0 00000708
Infinite Defense X2 P1 (On Pickup)105384D4 00000708
Infinite Speed Up P1 (On Pickup)105384D8 00000708
Infinite Musou Max P1 (On Pickup)105384DC 00000708
Infinite Arrows P10055B85C 00000063
Max K.O. Count P21046E6DA 0000270F
Infinite Health P21053872E 00001C00
Max Health P21053872C 000001C0
Max Infinite Health P22053872C 1C0001C0
Infinite Musou P210538734 00000C00
Max Musou P210538732 000000C0
Max Infinite Musou P210538732 000000C0
10538734 00000C00
Have All Powerups P2005386F0 000000F0
Have All Orb Powers P2005386F1 0000005F
Infinite Attack X2 P2 (On Pickup)10538700 00000708
Infinite Defense X2 P2 (On Pickup)10538704 00000708
Infinite Speed Up P2 (On Pickup)10538708 00000708
Infinite Musou Max P2 (On Pickup)1053870C 00000708
Infinite Arrows P20055BA8C 00000063
Infinite Arrows (Both Players)201C3CF4 00000000
Extra Arrows (Both Players)101C3CF0 00000001
Max Bodyguard Unit B.G. Points Codes
Bodyguard 110464456 0000270F
Bodyguard 2104644B6 0000270F
Bodyguard 310464516 0000270F
Bodyguard 410464576 0000270F