Dynasty Warriors 4-Empires

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90214240 0C049C58
General Codes
Generals Codes (Part 1)
Zhao Yun Codes
Max Points108530A4 0000FFFF
No Points108530A4 00000000
Max Troops108530A6 00001388
No Troops108530A6 00000000
Level 8708530AE 0000000E
Level 1108530AE 002000F1
Guan Yu Codes
Max Points108530B4 0000FFFF
No Points108530B4 00000000
Max Troops108530B6 00001388
No Troops108530B6 00000000
Level 8708530BE 0000000E
Level 1108530BE 002000F1
Zhang Fei Codes
Max Points108530C4 0000FFFF
No Points108530C4 00000000
Max Troops108530C6 00001388
No Troops108530C6 00000000
Level 8708530CE 0000000E
Level 1108530CE 002000F1
Xiahou Dun Codes
Max Points108530D4 0000FFFF
No Points108530D4 00000000
Max Troops108530D6 00001388
No Troops108530D6 00000000
Level 8708530DE 0000000E
Level 1108530DE 002000F1
Dian Wei Codes
Max Points108530E4 0000FFFF
No Points108530E4 00000000
Max Troops108530E6 00001388
No Troops108530E6 00000000
Level 8708530EE 0000000E
Level 1108530EE 002000F1
Xu Zhu Codes
Max Points108530F4 0000FFFF
No Points108530F4 00000000
Max Troops108530F6 00001388
No Troops108530F6 00000000
Level 8708530FE 0000000E
Level 1108530FE 002000F1
Zhou Yu Codes
Max Points10853104 0000FFFF
No Points10853104 00000000
Max Troops10853106 00001388
No Troops10853106 00000000
Level 87085310E 0000000E
Level 11085310E 002000F1
Lu Xun Codes
Max Points10853114 0000FFFF
No Points10853114 00000000
Max Troops10853116 00001388
No Troops10853116 00000000
Level 87085311E 0000000E
Level 11085311E 002000F1
Taishi Ci Codes
Max Points10853124 0000FFFF
No Points10853124 00000000
Max Troops10853126 00001388
No Troops10853126 00000000
Level 87085312E 0000000E
Level 11085312E 002000F1
Diao Chan Codes
Max Points10853134 0000FFFF
No Points10853134 00000000
Max Troops10853136 00001388
No Troops10853136 00000000
Level 87085313E 0000000E
Level 11085313E 002000F1
Zhuge Liang Codes
Max Points10853144 0000FFFF
No Points10853144 00000000
Max Troops10853146 00001388
No Troops10853146 00000000
Level 87085314E 0000000E
Level 11085314E 002000F1
Cao Cao Codes
Max Points10853154 0000FFFF
No Points10853154 00000000
Max Troops10853156 00001388
No Troops10853156 00000000
Level 87085315E 0000000E
Level 11085315E 002000F1
Lu Bu Codes
Max Points10853164 0000FFFF
No Points10853164 00000000
Max Troops10853166 00001388
No Troops10853166 00000000
Level 87085316E 0000000E
Level 11085316E 002000F1
Sun Shang Xiang Codes
Max Points10853174 0000FFFF
No Points10853174 00000000
Max Troops10853176 00001388
No Troops10853176 00000000
Level 87085317E 0000000E
Level 11085317E 002000F1
Liu Bei Codes
Max Points10853184 0000FFFF
No Points10853184 00000000
Max Troops10853186 00001388
No Troops10853186 00000000
Level 87085318E 0000000E
Level 11085318E 002000F1
Sun Jian Codes
Max Points10853194 0000FFFF
No Points10853194 00000000
Max Troops10853196 00001388
No Troops10853196 00000000
Level 87085319E 0000000E
Level 11085319E 002000F1
Sun Quan Codes
Max Points108531A4 0000FFFF
No Points108531A4 00000000
Max Troops108531A6 00001388
No Troops108531A6 00000000
Level 8708531AE 0000000E
Level 1108531AE 002000F1
Dong Zhuo Codes
Max Points108531B4 0000FFFF
No Points108531B4 00000000
Max Troops108531B6 00001388
No Troops108531B6 00000000
Level 8708531BE 0000000E
Level 1108531BE 002000F1
Yuan Shao Codes
Max Points108531C4 0000FFFF
No Points108531C4 00000000
Max Troops108531C6 00001388
No Troops108531C6 00000000
Level 8708531CE 0000000E
Level 1108531CE 002000F1
Ma Chao Codes
Max Points108531D4 0000FFFF
No Points108531D4 00000000
Max Troops108531D6 00001388
No Troops108531D6 00000000
Level 8708531DE 0000000E
Level 1108531DE 002000F1
Huang Zhong Codes
Max Points108531E4 0000FFFF
No Points108531E4 00000000
Max Troops108531E6 00001388
No Troops108531E6 00000000
Level 8708531EE 0000000E
Level 1108531EE 002000F1
Xiahou Yuan Codes
Max Points108531F4 0000FFFF
No Points108531F4 00000000
Max Troops108531F6 00001388
No Troops108531F6 00000000
Level 8708531FE 0000000E
Level 1108531FE 002000F1
Zhang Liao Codes
Max Points10853204 0000FFFF
No Points10853204 00000000
Max Troops10853206 00001388
No Troops10853206 00000000
Level 87085320E 0000000E
Level 11085320E 002000F1
Sima Yi Codes
Max Points10853214 0000FFFF
No Points10853214 00000000
Max Troops10853216 00001388
No Troops10853216 00000000
Level 87085321E 0000000E
Level 11085321E 002000F1
Lu Meng Codes
Max Points10853224 0000FFFF
No Points10853224 00000000
Max Troops10853226 00001388
No Troops10853226 00000000
Level 87085322E 0000000E
Level 11085322E 002000F1
Generals Codes (Part 2)
Gan Ning Codes
Max Points10853234 0000FFFF
No Points10853234 00000000
Max Troops10853236 00001388
No Troops10853236 00000000
Level 87085323E 0000000E
Level 11085323E 002000F1
Jiang Wei Codes
Max Points10853244 0000FFFF
No Points10853244 00000000
Max Troops10853246 00001388
No Troops10853246 00000000
Level 87085324E 0000000E
Level 11085324E 002000F1
Zhang Jiao Codes
Max Points10853254 0000FFFF
No Points10853254 00000000
Max Troops10853256 00001388
No Troops10853256 00000000
Level 87085325E 0000000E
Level 11085325E 002000F1
Xu Huang Codes
Max Points10853264 0000FFFF
No Points10853264 00000000
Max Troops10853266 00001388
No Troops10853266 00000000
Level 87085326E 0000000E
Level 11085326E 002000F1
Zhang He Codes
Max Points10853274 0000FFFF
No Points10853274 00000000
Max Troops10853276 00001388
No Troops10853276 00000000
Level 87085327E 0000000E
Level 11085327E 002000F1
Zhen Ji Codes
Max Points10853284 0000FFFF
No Points10853284 00000000
Max Troops10853286 00001388
No Troops10853286 00000000
Level 87085328E 0000000E
Level 11085328E 002000F1
Huang Gai Codes
Max Points10853294 0000FFFF
No Points10853294 00000000
Max Troops10853296 00001388
No Troops10853296 00000000
Level 87085329E 0000000E
Level 11085329E 002000F1
Sun Ce Codes
Max Points108532A4 0000FFFF
No Points108532A4 00000000
Max Troops108532A6 00001388
No Troops108532A6 00000000
Level 8708532AE 0000000E
Level 1108532AE 002000F1
Wei Yan Codes
Max Points108532B4 0000FFFF
No Points108532B4 00000000
Max Troops108532B6 00001388
No Troops108532B6 00000000
Level 8708532BE 0000000E
Level 1108532BE 002000F1
Pang Tong Codes
Max Points108532C4 0000FFFF
No Points108532C4 00000000
Max Troops108532C6 00001388
No Troops108532C6 00000000
Level 8708532CE 0000000E
Level 1108532CE 002000F1
Meng Huo Codes
Max Points108532D4 0000FFFF
No Points108532D4 00000000
Max Troops108532D6 00001388
No Troops108532D6 00000000
Level 8708532DE 0000000E
Level 1108532DE 002000F1
Zhu Rong Codes
Max Points108532E4 0000FFFF
No Points108532E4 00000000
Max Troops108532E6 00001388
No Troops108532E6 00000000
Level 8708532EE 0000000E
Level 1108532EE 002000F1
Da Qiao Codes
Max Points108532F4 0000FFFF
No Points108532F4 00000000
Max Troops108532F6 00001388
No Troops108532F6 00000000
Level 8708532FE 0000000E
Level 1108532FE 002000F1
Xiao Qiao Codes
Max Points10853304 0000FFFF
No Points10853304 00000000
Max Troops10853306 00001388
No Troops10853306 00000000
Level 87085330E 0000000E
Level 11085330E 002000F1
Cao Ren Codes
Max Points10853314 0000FFFF
No Points10853314 00000000
Max Troops10853316 00001388
No Troops10853316 00000000
Level 87085331E 0000000E
Level 11085331E 002000F1
Zhou Tai Codes
Max Points10853324 0000FFFF
No Points10853324 00000000
Max Troops10853326 00001388
No Troops10853326 00000000
Level 87085332E 0000000E
Level 11085332E 002000F1
Yue Ying Codes
Max Points10853334 0000FFFF
No Points10853334 00000000
Max Troops10853336 00001388
No Troops10853336 00000000
Level 87085333E 0000000E
Level 11085333E 002000F1
Ahui Nan Codes
Max Points10853384 0000FFFF
No Points10853384 00000000
Max Troops10853386 00001388
No Troops10853386 00000000
Level 87085338E 0000000E
Level 11085338E 002000F1
Yin Shang Codes
Max Points10853394 0000FFFF
No Points10853394 00000000
Max Troops10853396 00001388
No Troops10853396 00000000
Level 87085339E 0000000E
Level 11085339E 002000F1
Yin Li Codes
Max Points108533A4 0000FFFF
No Points108533A4 00000000
Max Troops108533A6 00001388
No Troops108533A6 00000000
Level 8708533AE 0000000E
Level 1108533AE 002000F1
Yu Jin Codes
Max Points108533B4 0000FFFF
No Points108533B4 00000000
Max Troops108533B6 00001388
No Troops108533B6 00000000
Level 8708533BE 0000000E
Level 1108533BE 002000F1
Yu Mi Codes
Max Points108533C4 0000FFFF
No Points108533C4 00000000
Max Troops108533C6 00001388
No Troops108533C6 00000000
Level 8708533CE 0000000E
Level 1108533CE 002000F1
Yuan Yin Codes
Max Points108533D4 0000FFFF
No Points108533D4 00000000
Max Troops108533D6 00001388
No Troops108533D6 00000000
Level 8708533DE 0000000E
Level 1108533DE 002000F1
Yuan Xi Codes
Max Points108533E4 0000FFFF
No Points108533E4 00000000
Max Troops108533E6 00001388
No Troops108533E6 00000000
Level 8708533EE 0000000E
Level 1108533EE 002000F1
Yuan Shu Codes
Max Points108533F4 0000FFFF
No Points108533F4 00000000
Max Troops108533F6 00001388
No Troops108533F6 00000000
Level 8708533FE 0000000E
Level 1108533FE 002000F1
Generals Codes (Part 3)
Yuan Shang Codes
Max Points10853404 0000FFFF
No Points10853404 00000000
Max Troops10853406 00001388
No Troops10853406 00000000
Level 87085340E 0000000E
Level 11085340E 002000F1
Yuan Tan Codes
Max Points10853414 0000FFFF
No Points10853414 00000000
Max Troops10853416 00001388
No Troops10853416 00000000
Level 87085341E 0000000E
Level 11085341E 002000F1
Wang Zhi Codes
Max Points10853424 0000FFFF
No Points10853424 00000000
Max Troops10853426 00001388
No Troops10853426 00000000
Level 87085342E 0000000E
Level 11085342E 002000F1
Wang Ping Codes
Max Points10853434 0000FFFF
No Points10853434 00000000
Max Troops10853436 00001388
No Troops10853436 00000000
Level 87085343E 0000000E
Level 11085343E 002000F1
Wang Fu Codes
Max Points10853444 0000FFFF
No Points10853444 00000000
Max Troops10853446 00001388
No Troops10853446 00000000
Level 87085344E 0000000E
Level 11085344E 002000F1
Wang Fang Codes
Max Points10853454 0000FFFF
No Points10853454 00000000
Max Troops10853456 00001388
No Troops10853456 00000000
Level 87085345E 0000000E
Level 11085345E 002000F1
Wang Lang Codes
Max Points10853464 0000FFFF
No Points10853464 00000000
Max Troops10853466 00001388
No Troops10853466 00000000
Level 87085346E 0000000E
Level 11085346E 002000F1
Kuai Liang Codes
Max Points10853474 0000FFFF
No Points10853474 00000000
Max Troops10853476 00001388
No Troops10853476 00000000
Level 87085347E 0000000E
Level 11085347E 002000F1
Jia Kui Codes
Max Points10853484 0000FFFF
No Points10853484 00000000
Max Troops10853486 00001388
No Troops10853486 00000000
Level 87085348E 0000000E
Level 11085348E 002000F1
He Yi Codes
Max Points10853494 0000FFFF
No Points10853494 00000000
Max Troops10853496 00001388
No Troops10853496 00000000
Level 87085349E 0000000E
Level 11085349E 002000F1
Hua Xin Codes
Max Points108534A4 0000FFFF
No Points108534A4 00000000
Max Troops108534A6 00001388
No Troops108534A6 00000000
Level 8708534AE 0000000E
Level 1108534AE 002000F1
Jia Xu Codes
Max Points108534B4 0000FFFF
No Points108534B4 00000000
Max Troops108534B6 00001388
No Troops108534B6 00000000
Level 8708534BE 0000000E
Level 1108534BE 002000F1
Guo Jia Codes
Max Points108534C4 0000FFFF
No Points108534C4 00000000
Max Troops108534C6 00001388
No Troops108534C6 00000000
Level 8708534CE 0000000E
Level 1108534CE 002000F1
Guo Si Codes
Max Points108534D4 0000FFFF
No Points108534D4 00000000
Max Troops108534D6 00001388
No Troops108534D6 00000000
Level 8708534DE 0000000E
Level 1108534DE 002000F1
Yue Jiu Codes
Max Points108534E4 0000FFFF
No Points108534E4 00000000
Max Troops108534E6 00001388
No Troops108534E6 00000000
Level 8708534EE 0000000E
Level 1108534EE 002000F1
Yue Jin Codes
Max Points108534F4 0000FFFF
No Points108534F4 00000000
Max Troops108534F6 00001388
No Troops108534F6 00000000
Level 8708534FE 0000000E
Level 1108534FE 002000F1
Guo Tu Codes
Max Points10853504 0000FFFF
No Points10853504 00000000
Max Troops10853506 00001388
No Troops10853506 00000000
Level 87085350E 0000000E
Level 11085350E 002000F1
Xiahou Wei Codes
Max Points10853514 0000FFFF
No Points10853514 00000000
Max Troops10853516 00001388
No Troops10853516 00000000
Level 87085351E 0000000E
Level 11085351E 002000F1
Xiahou En Codes
Max Points10853524 0000FFFF
No Points10853524 00000000
Max Troops10853526 00001388
No Troops10853526 00000000
Level 87085352E 0000000E
Level 11085352E 002000F1
Xiahou He Codes
Max Points10853534 0000FFFF
No Points10853534 00000000
Max Troops10853536 00001388
No Troops10853536 00000000
Level 87085353E 0000000E
Level 11085353E 002000F1
Xiahou Hui Codes
Max Points10853544 0000FFFF
No Points10853544 00000000
Max Troops10853546 00001388
No Troops10853546 00000000
Level 87085354E 0000000E
Level 11085354E 002000F1
Xiahou Shang Codes
Max Points10853554 0000FFFF
No Points10853554 00000000
Max Troops10853556 00001388
No Troops10853556 00000000
Level 87085355E 0000000E
Level 11085355E 002000F1
Xiahou De Codes
Max Points10853564 0000FFFF
No Points10853564 00000000
Max Troops10853566 00001388
No Troops10853566 00000000
Level 87085356E 0000000E
Level 11085356E 002000F1
Xiahou Ba Codes
Max Points10853574 0000FFFF
No Points10853574 00000000
Max Troops10853576 00001388
No Troops10853576 00000000
Level 87085357E 0000000E
Level 11085357E 002000F1
Xiahou Mao Codes
Max Points10853584 0000FFFF
No Points10853584 00000000
Max Troops10853586 00001388
No Troops10853586 00000000
Level 87085358E 0000000E
Level 11085358E 002000F1
Generals Codes (Part 4)
He Jin Codes
Max Points10853594 0000FFFF
No Points10853594 00000000
Max Troops10853596 00001388
No Troops10853596 00000000
Level 87085359E 0000000E
Level 11085359E 002000F1
Hua Xiong Codes
Max Points108535A4 0000FFFF
No Points108535A4 00000000
Max Troops108535A6 00001388
No Troops108535A6 00000000
Level 8708535AE 0000000E
Level 1108535AE 002000F1
Guan Hai Codes
Max Points108535B4 0000FFFF
No Points108535B4 00000000
Max Troops108535B6 00001388
No Troops108535B6 00000000
Level 8708535BE 0000000E
Level 1108535BE 002000F1
Han Xuan Codes
Max Points108535C4 0000FFFF
No Points108535C4 00000000
Max Troops108535C6 00001388
No Troops108535C6 00000000
Level 8708535CE 0000000E
Level 1108535CE 002000F1
Guan Xing Codes
Max Points108535D4 0000FFFF
No Points108535D4 00000000
Max Troops108535D6 00001388
No Troops108535D6 00000000
Level 8708535DE 0000000E
Level 1108535DE 002000F1
Han Hao Codes
Max Points108535E4 0000FFFF
No Points108535E4 00000000
Max Troops108535E6 00001388
No Troops108535E6 00000000
Level 8708535EE 0000000E
Level 1108535EE 002000F1
Guan Suo Codes
Max Points108535F4 0000FFFF
No Points108535F4 00000000
Max Troops108535F6 00001388
No Troops108535F6 00000000
Level 8708535FE 0000000E
Level 1108535FE 002000F1
Han Sui Codes
Max Points10853604 0000FFFF
No Points10853604 00000000
Max Troops10853606 00001388
No Troops10853606 00000000
Level 87085360E 0000000E
Level 11085360E 002000F1
Han Xian Codes
Max Points10853614 0000FFFF
No Points10853614 00000000
Max Troops10853616 00001388
No Troops10853616 00000000
Level 87085361E 0000000E
Level 11085361E 002000F1
Han Dang Codes
Max Points10853624 0000FFFF
No Points10853624 00000000
Max Troops10853626 00001388
No Troops10853626 00000000
Level 87085362E 0000000E
Level 11085362E 002000F1
Han Fu Codes
Max Points10853634 0000FFFF
No Points10853634 00000000
Max Troops10853636 00001388
No Troops10853636 00000000
Level 87085363E 0000000E
Level 11085363E 002000F1
Guan Ping Codes
Max Points10853644 0000FFFF
No Points10853644 00000000
Max Troops10853646 00001388
No Troops10853646 00000000
Level 87085364E 0000000E
Level 11085364E 002000F1
Han Meng Codes
Max Points10853654 0000FFFF
No Points10853654 00000000
Max Troops10853656 00001388
No Troops10853656 00000000
Level 87085365E 0000000E
Level 11085365E 002000F1
Jian Yong Codes
Max Points10853664 0000FFFF
No Points10853664 00000000
Max Troops10853666 00001388
No Troops10853666 00000000
Level 87085366E 0000000E
Level 11085366E 002000F1
Yan Liang Codes
Max Points10853674 0000FFFF
No Points10853674 00000000
Max Troops10853676 00001388
No Troops10853676 00000000
Level 87085367E 0000000E
Level 11085367E 002000F1
Wei Xu Codes
Max Points10853684 0000FFFF
No Points10853684 00000000
Max Troops10853686 00001388
No Troops10853686 00000000
Level 87085368E 0000000E
Level 11085368E 002000F1
Niu Jin Codes
Max Points10853694 0000FFFF
No Points10853694 00000000
Max Troops10853696 00001388
No Troops10853696 00000000
Level 87085369E 0000000E
Level 11085369E 002000F1
Niou Fu Codes
Max Points108536A4 0000FFFF
No Points108536A4 00000000
Max Troops108536A6 00001388
No Troops108536A6 00000000
Level 8708536AE 0000000E
Level 1108536AE 002000F1
Gong Zhi Codes
Max Points108536B4 0000FFFF
No Points108536B4 00000000
Max Troops108536B6 00001388
No Troops108536B6 00000000
Level 8708536BE 0000000E
Level 1108536BE 002000F1
Xu Gong Codes
Max Points108536C4 0000FFFF
No Points108536C4 00000000
Max Troops108536C6 00001388
No Troops108536C6 00000000
Level 8708536CE 0000000E
Level 1108536CE 002000F1
Ji Ling Codes
Max Points108536D4 0000FFFF
No Points108536D4 00000000
Max Troops108536D6 00001388
No Troops108536D6 00000000
Level 8708536DE 0000000E
Level 1108536DE 002000F1
Jinhuan Sanjie Codes
Max Points108536E4 0000FFFF
No Points108536E4 00000000
Max Troops108536E6 00001388
No Troops108536E6 00000000
Level 8708536EE 0000000E
Level 1108536EE 002000F1
Jin Xuan Codes
Max Points108536F4 0000FFFF
No Points108536F4 00000000
Max Troops108536F6 00001388
No Troops108536F6 00000000
Level 8708536FE 0000000E
Level 1108536FE 002000F1
Xing Daorong Codes
Max Points10853704 0000FFFF
No Points10853704 00000000
Max Troops10853706 00001388
No Troops10853706 00000000
Level 87085370E 0000000E
Level 11085370E 002000F1
Yan Yan Codes
Max Points10853714 0000FFFF
No Points10853714 00000000
Max Troops10853716 00001388
No Troops10853716 00000000
Level 87085371E 0000000E
Level 11085371E 002000F1
Generals Codes (Part 5)
Yan Gang Codes
Max Points10853724 0000FFFF
No Points10853724 00000000
Max Troops10853726 00001388
No Troops10853726 00000000
Level 87085372E 0000000E
Level 11085372E 002000F1
Yan Zheng Codes
Max Points10853734 0000FFFF
No Points10853734 00000000
Max Troops10853736 00001388
No Troops10853736 00000000
Level 87085373E 0000000E
Level 11085373E 002000F1
Yan Baihu Codes
Max Points10853744 0000FFFF
No Points10853744 00000000
Max Troops10853746 00001388
No Troops10853746 00000000
Level 87085374E 0000000E
Level 11085374E 002000F1
Yan Yu Codes
Max Points10853754 0000FFFF
No Points10853754 00000000
Max Troops10853756 00001388
No Troops10853756 00000000
Level 87085375E 0000000E
Level 11085375E 002000F1
Gao Gan Codes
Max Points10853764 0000FFFF
No Points10853764 00000000
Max Troops10853766 00001388
No Troops10853766 00000000
Level 87085376E 0000000E
Level 11085376E 002000F1
Kong Xiu Codes
Max Points10853774 0000FFFF
No Points10853774 00000000
Max Troops10853776 00001388
No Troops10853776 00000000
Level 87085377E 0000000E
Level 11085377E 002000F1
Gao Shun Codes
Max Points10853784 0000FFFF
No Points10853784 00000000
Max Troops10853786 00001388
No Troops10853786 00000000
Level 87085378E 0000000E
Level 11085378E 002000F1
Huang Shao Codes
Max Points10853794 0000FFFF
No Points10853794 00000000
Max Troops10853796 00001388
No Troops10853796 00000000
Level 87085379E 0000000E
Level 11085379E 002000F1
Gao Sheng Codes
Max Points108537A4 0000FFFF
No Points108537A4 00000000
Max Troops108537A6 00001388
No Troops108537A6 00000000
Level 8708537AE 0000000E
Level 1108537AE 002000F1
Gao Xiang Codes
Max Points108537B4 0000FFFF
No Points108537B4 00000000
Max Troops108537B6 00001388
No Troops108537B6 00000000
Level 8708537BE 0000000E
Level 1108537BE 002000F1
Hou Cheng Codes
Max Points108537C4 0000FFFF
No Points108537C4 00000000
Max Troops108537C6 00001388
No Troops108537C6 00000000
Level 8708537CE 0000000E
Level 1108537CE 002000F1
Hou Xuan Codes
Max Points108537D4 0000FFFF
No Points108537D4 00000000
Max Troops108537D6 00001388
No Troops108537D6 00000000
Level 8708537DE 0000000E
Level 1108537DE 002000F1
Huang Zu Codes
Max Points108537E4 0000FFFF
No Points108537E4 00000000
Max Troops108537E6 00001388
No Troops108537E6 00000000
Level 8708537EE 0000000E
Level 1108537EE 002000F1
Gongsun Zan Codes
Max Points108537F4 0000FFFF
No Points108537F4 00000000
Max Troops108537F6 00001388
No Troops108537F6 00000000
Level 8708537FE 0000000E
Level 1108537FE 002000F1
Gao Ding Codes
Max Points10853804 0000FFFF
No Points10853804 00000000
Max Troops10853806 00001388
No Troops10853806 00000000
Level 87085380E 0000000E
Level 11085380E 002000F1
Gao Pei Codes
Max Points10853814 0000FFFF
No Points10853814 00000000
Max Troops10853816 00001388
No Troops10853816 00000000
Level 87085381E 0000000E
Level 11085381E 002000F1
Huangfu Song Codes
Max Points10853824 0000FFFF
No Points10853824 00000000
Max Troops10853826 00001388
No Troops10853826 00000000
Level 87085382E 0000000E
Level 11085382E 002000F1
Gao Lan Codes
Max Points10853834 0000FFFF
No Points10853834 00000000
Max Troops10853836 00001388
No Troops10853836 00000000
Level 87085383E 0000000E
Level 11085383E 002000F1
Gu Li Codes
Max Points10853844 0000FFFF
No Points10853844 00000000
Max Troops10853846 00001388
No Troops10853846 00000000
Level 87085384E 0000000E
Level 11085384E 002000F1
Hu Zhi Codes
Max Points10853854 0000FFFF
No Points10853854 00000000
Max Troops10853856 00001388
No Troops10853856 00000000
Level 87085385E 0000000E
Level 11085385E 002000F1
Hu Che Er Codes
Max Points10853864 0000FFFF
No Points10853864 00000000
Max Troops10853866 00001388
No Troops10853866 00000000
Level 87085386E 0000000E
Level 11085386E 002000F1
Hu Zhen Codes
Max Points10853874 0000FFFF
No Points10853874 00000000
Max Troops10853876 00001388
No Troops10853876 00000000
Level 87085387E 0000000E
Level 11085387E 002000F1
Wu Tugu Codes
Max Points10853884 0000FFFF
No Points10853884 00000000
Max Troops10853886 00001388
No Troops10853886 00000000
Level 87085388E 0000000E
Level 11085388E 002000F1
Hu Ban Codes
Max Points10853894 0000FFFF
No Points10853894 00000000
Max Troops10853896 00001388
No Troops10853896 00000000
Level 87085389E 0000000E
Level 11085389E 002000F1
Wu Lan Codes
Max Points108538A4 0000FFFF
No Points108538A4 00000000
Max Troops108538A6 00001388
No Troops108538A6 00000000
Level 8708538AE 0000000E
Level 1108538AE 002000F1
Generals Codes (Part 6)
Cai Mao Codes
Max Points108538B4 0000FFFF
No Points108538B4 00000000
Max Troops108538B6 00001388
No Troops108538B6 00000000
Level 8708538BE 0000000E
Level 1108538BE 002000F1
Sima Zhao Codes
Max Points108538C4 0000FFFF
No Points108538C4 00000000
Max Troops108538C6 00001388
No Troops108538C6 00000000
Level 8708538CE 0000000E
Level 1108538CE 002000F1
Sha Moke Codes
Max Points108538D4 0000FFFF
No Points108538D4 00000000
Max Troops108538D6 00001388
No Troops108538D6 00000000
Level 8708538DE 0000000E
Level 1108538DE 002000F1
Zhou Xin Codes
Max Points108538E4 0000FFFF
No Points108538E4 00000000
Max Troops108538E6 00001388
No Troops108538E6 00000000
Level 8708538EE 0000000E
Level 1108538EE 002000F1
Zhou Cang Codes
Max Points108538F4 0000FFFF
No Points108538F4 00000000
Max Troops108538F6 00001388
No Troops108538F6 00000000
Level 8708538FE 0000000E
Level 1108538FE 002000F1
Zhou Fang Codes
Max Points10853904 0000FFFF
No Points10853904 00000000
Max Troops10853906 00001388
No Troops10853906 00000000
Level 87085390E 0000000E
Level 11085390E 002000F1
Zhu Huan Codes
Max Points10853914 0000FFFF
No Points10853914 00000000
Max Troops10853916 00001388
No Troops10853916 00000000
Level 87085391E 0000000E
Level 11085391E 002000F1
Zhu Jun Codes
Max Points10853924 0000FFFF
No Points10853924 00000000
Max Troops10853926 00001388
No Troops10853926 00000000
Level 87085392E 0000000E
Level 11085392E 002000F1
Zhu Ran Codes
Max Points10853934 0000FFFF
No Points10853934 00000000
Max Troops10853936 00001388
No Troops10853936 00000000
Level 87085393E 0000000E
Level 11085393E 002000F1
Zhu Zhi Codes
Max Points10853944 0000FFFF
No Points10853944 00000000
Max Troops10853946 00001388
No Troops10853946 00000000
Level 87085394E 0000000E
Level 11085394E 002000F1
Zhu Bao Codes
Max Points10853954 0000FFFF
No Points10853954 00000000
Max Troops10853956 00001388
No Troops10853956 00000000
Level 87085395E 0000000E
Level 11085395E 002000F1
Zhu Ling Codes
Max Points10853964 0000FFFF
No Points10853964 00000000
Max Troops10853966 00001388
No Troops10853966 00000000
Level 87085396E 0000000E
Level 11085396E 002000F1
Xun Yu Codes
Max Points10853974 0000FFFF
No Points10853974 00000000
Max Troops10853976 00001388
No Troops10853976 00000000
Level 87085397E 0000000E
Level 11085397E 002000F1
Chunyu Qiong Codes
Max Points10853984 0000FFFF
No Points10853984 00000000
Max Troops10853986 00001388
No Troops10853986 00000000
Level 87085398E 0000000E
Level 11085398E 002000F1
Xun Chen Codes
Max Points10853994 0000FFFF
No Points10853994 00000000
Max Troops10853996 00001388
No Troops10853996 00000000
Level 87085399E 0000000E
Level 11085399E 002000F1
Xun You Codes
Max Points108539A4 0000FFFF
No Points108539A4 00000000
Max Troops108539A6 00001388
No Troops108539A6 00000000
Level 8708539AE 0000000E
Level 1108539AE 002000F1
Zhong Hui Codes
Max Points108539B4 0000FFFF
No Points108539B4 00000000
Max Troops108539B6 00001388
No Troops108539B6 00000000
Level 8708539BE 0000000E
Level 1108539BE 002000F1
Jiang Qin Codes
Max Points108539C4 0000FFFF
No Points108539C4 00000000
Max Troops108539C6 00001388
No Troops108539C6 00000000
Level 8708539CE 0000000E
Level 1108539CE 002000F1
Xu Rong Codes
Max Points108539D4 0000FFFF
No Points108539D4 00000000
Max Troops108539D6 00001388
No Troops108539D6 00000000
Level 8708539DE 0000000E
Level 1108539DE 002000F1
Zhuge Jin Codes
Max Points108539E4 0000FFFF
No Points108539E4 00000000
Max Troops108539E6 00001388
No Troops108539E6 00000000
Level 8708539EE 0000000E
Level 1108539EE 002000F1
Xu Shu Codes
Max Points108539F4 0000FFFF
No Points108539F4 00000000
Max Troops108539F6 00001388
No Troops108539F6 00000000
Level 8708539FE 0000000E
Level 1108539FE 002000F1
Xu Sheng Codes
Max Points10853A04 0000FFFF
No Points10853A04 00000000
Max Troops10853A06 00001388
No Troops10853A06 00000000
Level 870853A0E 0000000E
Level 110853A0E 002000F1
Qin Qi Codes
Max Points10853A14 0000FFFF
No Points10853A14 00000000
Max Troops10853A16 00001388
No Troops10853A16 00000000
Level 870853A1E 0000000E
Level 110853A1E 002000F1
Shen Pei Codes
Max Points10853A24 0000FFFF
No Points10853A24 00000000
Max Troops10853A26 00001388
No Troops10853A26 00000000
Level 870853A2E 0000000E
Level 110853A2E 002000F1
Xin Pi Codes
Max Points10853A34 0000FFFF
No Points10853A34 00000000
Max Troops10853A36 00001388
No Troops10853A36 00000000
Level 870853A3E 0000000E
Level 110853A3E 002000F1
Generals Codes (Part 7)
Xin Ping Codes
Max Points10853A44 0000FFFF
No Points10853A44 00000000
Max Troops10853A46 00001388
No Troops10853A46 00000000
Level 870853A4E 0000000E
Level 110853A4E 002000F1
Cheng Yi Codes
Max Points10853A54 0000FFFF
No Points10853A54 00000000
Max Troops10853A56 00001388
No Troops10853A56 00000000
Level 870853A5E 0000000E
Level 110853A5E 002000F1
Xue Li Codes
Max Points10853A64 0000FFFF
No Points10853A64 00000000
Max Troops10853A66 00001388
No Troops10853A66 00000000
Level 870853A6E 0000000E
Level 110853A6E 002000F1
Quan Zong Codes
Max Points10853A74 0000FFFF
No Points10853A74 00000000
Max Troops10853A76 00001388
No Troops10853A76 00000000
Level 870853A7E 0000000E
Level 110853A7E 002000F1
Cao An Min Codes
Max Points10853A84 0000FFFF
No Points10853A84 00000000
Max Troops10853A86 00001388
No Troops10853A86 00000000
Level 870853A8E 0000000E
Level 110853A8E 002000F1
Cao Xiu Codes
Max Points10853A94 0000FFFF
No Points10853A94 00000000
Max Troops10853A96 00001388
No Troops10853A96 00000000
Level 870853A9E 0000000E
Level 110853A9E 002000F1
Song Xian Codes
Max Points10853AA4 0000FFFF
No Points10853AA4 00000000
Max Troops10853AA6 00001388
No Troops10853AA6 00000000
Level 870853AAE 0000000E
Level 110853AAE 002000F1
Cao Ang Codes
Max Points10853AB4 0000FFFF
No Points10853AB4 00000000
Max Troops10853AB6 00001388
No Troops10853AB6 00000000
Level 870853ABE 0000000E
Level 110853ABE 002000F1
Cao Hong Codes
Max Points10853AC4 0000FFFF
No Points10853AC4 00000000
Max Troops10853AC6 00001388
No Troops10853AC6 00000000
Level 870853ACE 0000000E
Level 110853ACE 002000F1
Cao Zhang Codes
Max Points10853AD4 0000FFFF
No Points10853AD4 00000000
Max Troops10853AD6 00001388
No Troops10853AD6 00000000
Level 870853ADE 0000000E
Level 110853ADE 002000F1
Cao Zhen Codes
Max Points10853AE4 0000FFFF
No Points10853AE4 00000000
Max Troops10853AE6 00001388
No Troops10853AE6 00000000
Level 870853AEE 0000000E
Level 110853AEE 002000F1
Cao Xing Codes
Max Points10853AF4 0000FFFF
No Points10853AF4 00000000
Max Troops10853AF6 00001388
No Troops10853AF6 00000000
Level 870853AFE 0000000E
Level 110853AFE 002000F1
Zang Ba Codes
Max Points10853B04 0000FFFF
No Points10853B04 00000000
Max Troops10853B06 00001388
No Troops10853B06 00000000
Level 870853B0E 0000000E
Level 110853B0E 002000F1
Cao Pi Codes
Max Points10853B14 0000FFFF
No Points10853B14 00000000
Max Troops10853B16 00001388
No Troops10853B16 00000000
Level 870853B1E 0000000E
Level 110853B1E 002000F1
Ju Shou Codes
Max Points10853B24 0000FFFF
No Points10853B24 00000000
Max Troops10853B26 00001388
No Troops10853B26 00000000
Level 870853B2E 0000000E
Level 110853B2E 002000F1
Su Fei Codes
Max Points10853B34 0000FFFF
No Points10853B34 00000000
Max Troops10853B36 00001388
No Troops10853B36 00000000
Level 870853B3E 0000000E
Level 110853B3E 002000F1
Sun Qian Codes
Max Points10853B44 0000FFFF
No Points10853B44 00000000
Max Troops10853B46 00001388
No Troops10853B46 00000000
Level 870853B4E 0000000E
Level 110853B4E 002000F1
Sun Shao Codes
Max Points10853B54 0000FFFF
No Points10853B54 00000000
Max Troops10853B56 00001388
No Troops10853B56 00000000
Level 870853B5E 0000000E
Level 110853B5E 002000F1
Dailai Dongzhu Codes
Max Points10853B64 0000FFFF
No Points10853B64 00000000
Max Troops10853B66 00001388
No Troops10853B66 00000000
Level 870853B6E 0000000E
Level 110853B6E 002000F1
King Duosi Codes
Max Points10853B74 0000FFFF
No Points10853B74 00000000
Max Troops10853B76 00001388
No Troops10853B76 00000000
Level 870853B7E 0000000E
Level 110853B7E 002000F1
Zhang Ying Codes
Max Points10853B84 0000FFFF
No Points10853B84 00000000
Max Troops10853B86 00001388
No Troops10853B86 00000000
Level 870853B8E 0000000E
Level 110853B8E 002000F1
Zhang Hu Codes
Max Points10853B94 0000FFFF
No Points10853B94 00000000
Max Troops10853B96 00001388
No Troops10853B96 00000000
Level 870853B9E 0000000E
Level 110853B9E 002000F1
Zhang Ji Codes
Max Points10853BA4 0000FFFF
No Points10853BA4 00000000
Max Troops10853BA6 00001388
No Troops10853BA6 00000000
Level 870853BAE 0000000E
Level 110853BAE 002000F1
Zhang Xiu Codes
Max Points10853BB4 0000FFFF
No Points10853BB4 00000000
Max Troops10853BB6 00001388
No Troops10853BB6 00000000
Level 870853BBE 0000000E
Level 110853BBE 002000F1
Zhang Cheng Codes
Max Points10853BC4 0000FFFF
No Points10853BC4 00000000
Max Troops10853BC6 00001388
No Troops10853BC6 00000000
Level 870853BCE 0000000E
Level 110853BCE 002000F1
Generals Codes (Part 8)
Zhao Cen Codes
Max Points10853BD4 0000FFFF
No Points10853BD4 00000000
Max Troops10853BD6 00001388
No Troops10853BD6 00000000
Level 870853BDE 0000000E
Level 110853BDE 002000F1
Zhang Ren Codes
Max Points10853BE4 0000FFFF
No Points10853BE4 00000000
Max Troops10853BE6 00001388
No Troops10853BE6 00000000
Level 870853BEE 0000000E
Level 110853BEE 002000F1
Zhao Fan Codes
Max Points10853BF4 0000FFFF
No Points10853BF4 00000000
Max Troops10853BF6 00001388
No Troops10853BF6 00000000
Level 870853BFE 0000000E
Level 110853BFE 002000F1
Zhang Pu Codes
Max Points10853C04 0000FFFF
No Points10853C04 00000000
Max Troops10853C06 00001388
No Troops10853C06 00000000
Level 870853C0E 0000000E
Level 110853C0E 002000F1
Zhang Bao Codes
Max Points10853C14 0000FFFF
No Points10853C14 00000000
Max Troops10853C16 00001388
No Troops10853C16 00000000
Level 870853C1E 0000000E
Level 110853C1E 002000F1
Zhang Bao Codes
Max Points10853C24 0000FFFF
No Points10853C24 00000000
Max Troops10853C26 00001388
No Troops10853C26 00000000
Level 870853C2E 0000000E
Level 110853C2E 002000F1
Zhang Man Cheng Codes
Max Points10853C34 0000FFFF
No Points10853C34 00000000
Max Troops10853C36 00001388
No Troops10853C36 00000000
Level 870853C3E 0000000E
Level 110853C3E 002000F1
Zhang Yi Codes
Max Points10853C44 0000FFFF
No Points10853C44 00000000
Max Troops10853C46 00001388
No Troops10853C46 00000000
Level 870853C4E 0000000E
Level 110853C4E 002000F1
Zhang Liang Codes
Max Points10853C54 0000FFFF
No Points10853C54 00000000
Max Troops10853C56 00001388
No Troops10853C56 00000000
Level 870853C5E 0000000E
Level 110853C5E 002000F1
Zhang Lu Codes
Max Points10853C64 0000FFFF
No Points10853C64 00000000
Max Troops10853C66 00001388
No Troops10853C66 00000000
Level 870853C6E 0000000E
Level 110853C6E 002000F1
Chen Ying Codes
Max Points10853C74 0000FFFF
No Points10853C74 00000000
Max Troops10853C76 00001388
No Troops10853C76 00000000
Level 870853C7E 0000000E
Level 110853C7E 002000F1
Chen Heng Codes
Max Points10853C84 0000FFFF
No Points10853C84 00000000
Max Troops10853C86 00001388
No Troops10853C86 00000000
Level 870853C8E 0000000E
Level 110853C8E 002000F1
Chen Ji Codes
Max Points10853C94 0000FFFF
No Points10853C94 00000000
Max Troops10853C96 00001388
No Troops10853C96 00000000
Level 870853C9E 0000000E
Level 110853C9E 002000F1
Chen Gong Codes
Max Points10853CA4 0000FFFF
No Points10853CA4 00000000
Max Troops10853CA6 00001388
No Troops10853CA6 00000000
Level 870853CAE 0000000E
Level 110853CAE 002000F1
Chen Jiu Codes
Max Points10853CB4 0000FFFF
No Points10853CB4 00000000
Max Troops10853CB6 00001388
No Troops10853CB6 00000000
Level 870853CBE 0000000E
Level 110853CBE 002000F1
Chen Shi Codes
Max Points10853CC4 0000FFFF
No Points10853CC4 00000000
Max Troops10853CC6 00001388
No Troops10853CC6 00000000
Level 870853CCE 0000000E
Level 110853CCE 002000F1
Chen Sheng Codes
Max Points10853CD4 0000FFFF
No Points10853CD4 00000000
Max Troops10853CD6 00001388
No Troops10853CD6 00000000
Level 870853CDE 0000000E
Level 110853CDE 002000F1
Chen Lan Codes
Max Points10853CE4 0000FFFF
No Points10853CE4 00000000
Max Troops10853CE6 00001388
No Troops10853CE6 00000000
Level 870853CEE 0000000E
Level 110853CEE 002000F1
Cheng Yu Codes
Max Points10853CF4 0000FFFF
No Points10853CF4 00000000
Max Troops10853CF6 00001388
No Troops10853CF6 00000000
Level 870853CFE 0000000E
Level 110853CFE 002000F1
Cheng Yuanzhi Codes
Max Points10853D04 0000FFFF
No Points10853D04 00000000
Max Troops10853D06 00001388
No Troops10853D06 00000000
Level 870853D0E 0000000E
Level 110853D0E 002000F1
Cheng Yin Codes
Max Points10853D14 0000FFFF
No Points10853D14 00000000
Max Troops10853D16 00001388
No Troops10853D16 00000000
Level 870853D1E 0000000E
Level 110853D1E 002000F1
Cheng Pu Codes
Max Points10853D24 0000FFFF
No Points10853D24 00000000
Max Troops10853D26 00001388
No Troops10853D26 00000000
Level 870853D2E 0000000E
Level 110853D2E 002000F1
Ding Feng Codes
Max Points10853D34 0000FFFF
No Points10853D34 00000000
Max Troops10853D36 00001388
No Troops10853D36 00000000
Level 870853D3E 0000000E
Level 110853D3E 002000F1
Tian Feng Codes
Max Points10853D44 0000FFFF
No Points10853D44 00000000
Max Troops10853D46 00001388
No Troops10853D46 00000000
Level 870853D4E 0000000E
Level 110853D4E 002000F1
Deng Ai Codes
Max Points10853D54 0000FFFF
No Points10853D54 00000000
Max Troops10853D56 00001388
No Troops10853D56 00000000
Level 870853D5E 0000000E
Level 110853D5E 002000F1
Generals Codes (Part 9)
Deng Xian Codes
Max Points10853D64 0000FFFF
No Points10853D64 00000000
Max Troops10853D66 00001388
No Troops10853D66 00000000
Level 870853D6E 0000000E
Level 110853D6E 002000F1
Tao Qian Codes
Max Points10853D74 0000FFFF
No Points10853D74 00000000
Max Troops10853D76 00001388
No Troops10853D76 00000000
Level 870853D7E 0000000E
Level 110853D7E 002000F1
Dong Xi Codes
Max Points10853D84 0000FFFF
No Points10853D84 00000000
Max Troops10853D86 00001388
No Troops10853D86 00000000
Level 870853D8E 0000000E
Level 110853D8E 002000F1
Dong Tu Ne Codes
Max Points10853D94 0000FFFF
No Points10853D94 00000000
Max Troops10853D96 00001388
No Troops10853D96 00000000
Level 870853D9E 0000000E
Level 110853D9E 002000F1
Dong Min Codes
Max Points10853DA4 0000FFFF
No Points10853DA4 00000000
Max Troops10853DA6 00001388
No Troops10853DA6 00000000
Level 870853DAE 0000000E
Level 110853DAE 002000F1
Deng Mao Codes
Max Points10853DB4 0000FFFF
No Points10853DB4 00000000
Max Troops10853DB6 00001388
No Troops10853DB6 00000000
Level 870853DBE 0000000E
Level 110853DBE 002000F1
Deng Long Codes
Max Points10853DC4 0000FFFF
No Points10853DC4 00000000
Max Troops10853DC6 00001388
No Troops10853DC6 00000000
Level 870853DCE 0000000E
Level 110853DCE 002000F1
Pei Yuan Shao Codes
Max Points10853DD4 0000FFFF
No Points10853DD4 00000000
Max Troops10853DD6 00001388
No Troops10853DD6 00000000
Level 870853DDE 0000000E
Level 110853DDE 002000F1
Bo Zhang Codes
Max Points10853DE4 0000FFFF
No Points10853DE4 00000000
Max Troops10853DE6 00001388
No Troops10853DE6 00000000
Level 870853DEE 0000000E
Level 110853DEE 002000F1
Ma Zun Codes
Max Points10853DF4 0000FFFF
No Points10853DF4 00000000
Max Troops10853DF6 00001388
No Troops10853DF6 00000000
Level 870853DFE 0000000E
Level 110853DFE 002000F1
Ma Su Codes
Max Points10853E04 0000FFFF
No Points10853E04 00000000
Max Troops10853E06 00001388
No Troops10853E06 00000000
Level 870853E0E 0000000E
Level 110853E0E 002000F1
Ma Dai Codes
Max Points10853E14 0000FFFF
No Points10853E14 00000000
Max Troops10853E16 00001388
No Troops10853E16 00000000
Level 870853E1E 0000000E
Level 110853E1E 002000F1
Ma Zhong Codes
Max Points10853E24 0000FFFF
No Points10853E24 00000000
Max Troops10853E26 00001388
No Troops10853E26 00000000
Level 870853E2E 0000000E
Level 110853E2E 002000F1
Ma Teng Codes
Max Points10853E34 0000FFFF
No Points10853E34 00000000
Max Troops10853E36 00001388
No Troops10853E36 00000000
Level 870853E3E 0000000E
Level 110853E3E 002000F1
Ma Liang Codes
Max Points10853E44 0000FFFF
No Points10853E44 00000000
Max Troops10853E46 00001388
No Troops10853E46 00000000
Level 870853E4E 0000000E
Level 110853E4E 002000F1
Pan Zhang Codes
Max Points10853E54 0000FFFF
No Points10853E54 00000000
Max Troops10853E56 00001388
No Troops10853E56 00000000
Level 870853E5E 0000000E
Level 110853E5E 002000F1
Fan Chou Codes
Max Points10853E64 0000FFFF
No Points10853E64 00000000
Max Troops10853E66 00001388
No Troops10853E66 00000000
Level 870853E6E 0000000E
Level 110853E6E 002000F1
Fan Neng Codes
Max Points10853E74 0000FFFF
No Points10853E74 00000000
Max Troops10853E76 00001388
No Troops10853E76 00000000
Level 870853E7E 0000000E
Level 110853E7E 002000F1
Fei Guan Codes
Max Points10853E84 0000FFFF
No Points10853E84 00000000
Max Troops10853E86 00001388
No Troops10853E86 00000000
Level 870853E8E 0000000E
Level 110853E8E 002000F1
Mi Zhu Codes
Max Points10853E94 0000FFFF
No Points10853E94 00000000
Max Troops10853E96 00001388
No Troops10853E96 00000000
Level 870853E9E 0000000E
Level 110853E9E 002000F1
Mi Fang Codes
Max Points10853EA4 0000FFFF
No Points10853EA4 00000000
Max Troops10853EA6 00001388
No Troops10853EA6 00000000
Level 870853EAE 0000000E
Level 110853EAE 002000F1
Fu Shi Ren Codes
Max Points10853EB4 0000FFFF
No Points10853EB4 00000000
Max Troops10853EB6 00001388
No Troops10853EB6 00000000
Level 870853EBE 0000000E
Level 110853EBE 002000F1
Wen Chou Codes
Max Points10853EC4 0000FFFF
No Points10853EC4 00000000
Max Troops10853EC6 00001388
No Troops10853EC6 00000000
Level 870853ECE 0000000E
Level 110853ECE 002000F1
Bian Xi Codes
Max Points10853ED4 0000FFFF
No Points10853ED4 00000000
Max Troops10853ED6 00001388
No Troops10853ED6 00000000
Level 870853EDE 0000000E
Level 110853EDE 002000F1
Mang Yachang Codes
Max Points10853EE4 0000FFFF
No Points10853EE4 00000000
Max Troops10853EE6 00001388
No Troops10853EE6 00000000
Level 870853EEE 0000000E
Level 110853EEE 002000F1
Generals Codes (Part 10)
Feng Ji Codes
Max Points10853EF4 0000FFFF
No Points10853EF4 00000000
Max Troops10853EF6 00001388
No Troops10853EF6 00000000
Level 870853EFE 0000000E
Level 110853EFE 002000F1
Fa Zheng Codes
Max Points10853F04 0000FFFF
No Points10853F04 00000000
Max Troops10853F06 00001388
No Troops10853F06 00000000
Level 870853F0E 0000000E
Level 110853F0E 002000F1
Pang De Codes
Max Points10853F14 0000FFFF
No Points10853F14 00000000
Max Troops10853F16 00001388
No Troops10853F16 00000000
Level 870853F1E 0000000E
Level 110853F1E 002000F1
Bao Long Codes
Max Points10853F24 0000FFFF
No Points10853F24 00000000
Max Troops10853F26 00001388
No Troops10853F26 00000000
Level 870853F2E 0000000E
Level 110853F2E 002000F1
King Mulu Codes
Max Points10853F34 0000FFFF
No Points10853F34 00000000
Max Troops10853F36 00001388
No Troops10853F36 00000000
Level 870853F3E 0000000E
Level 110853F3E 002000F1
Man Chong Codes
Max Points10853F44 0000FFFF
No Points10853F44 00000000
Max Troops10853F46 00001388
No Troops10853F46 00000000
Level 870853F4E 0000000E
Level 110853F4E 002000F1
Meng Jie Codes
Max Points10853F54 0000FFFF
No Points10853F54 00000000
Max Troops10853F56 00001388
No Troops10853F56 00000000
Level 870853F5E 0000000E
Level 110853F5E 002000F1
Meng Da Codes
Max Points10853F64 0000FFFF
No Points10853F64 00000000
Max Troops10853F66 00001388
No Troops10853F66 00000000
Level 870853F6E 0000000E
Level 110853F6E 002000F1
Meng You Codes
Max Points10853F74 0000FFFF
No Points10853F74 00000000
Max Troops10853F76 00001388
No Troops10853F76 00000000
Level 870853F7E 0000000E
Level 110853F7E 002000F1
Yang Huai Codes
Max Points10853F84 0000FFFF
No Points10853F84 00000000
Max Troops10853F86 00001388
No Troops10853F86 00000000
Level 870853F8E 0000000E
Level 110853F8E 002000F1
Yong Kai Codes
Max Points10853F94 0000FFFF
No Points10853F94 00000000
Max Troops10853F96 00001388
No Troops10853F96 00000000
Level 870853F9E 0000000E
Level 110853F9E 002000F1
Yang Qiu Codes
Max Points10853FA4 0000FFFF
No Points10853FA4 00000000
Max Troops10853FA6 00001388
No Troops10853FA6 00000000
Level 870853FAE 0000000E
Level 110853FAE 002000F1
Yang Xiu Codes
Max Points10853FB4 0000FFFF
No Points10853FB4 00000000
Max Troops10853FB6 00001388
No Troops10853FB6 00000000
Level 870853FBE 0000000E
Level 110853FBE 002000F1
Yang Feng Codes
Max Points10853FC4 0000FFFF
No Points10853FC4 00000000
Max Troops10853FC6 00001388
No Troops10853FC6 00000000
Level 870853FCE 0000000E
Level 110853FCE 002000F1
Yang Feng Codes
Max Points10853FD4 0000FFFF
No Points10853FD4 00000000
Max Troops10853FD6 00001388
No Troops10853FD6 00000000
Level 870853FDE 0000000E
Level 110853FDE 002000F1
Yang Ling Codes
Max Points10853FE4 0000FFFF
No Points10853FE4 00000000
Max Troops10853FE6 00001388
No Troops10853FE6 00000000
Level 870853FEE 0000000E
Level 110853FEE 002000F1
Lei Tong Codes
Max Points10853FF4 0000FFFF
No Points10853FF4 00000000
Max Troops10853FF6 00001388
No Troops10853FF6 00000000
Level 870853FFE 0000000E
Level 110853FFE 002000F1
Lei Bo Codes
Max Points10854004 0000FFFF
No Points10854004 00000000
Max Troops10854006 00001388
No Troops10854006 00000000
Level 87085400E 0000000E
Level 11085400E 002000F1
Li Jue Codes
Max Points10854014 0000FFFF
No Points10854014 00000000
Max Troops10854016 00001388
No Troops10854016 00000000
Level 87085401E 0000000E
Level 11085401E 002000F1
Li Kan Codes
Max Points10854024 0000FFFF
No Points10854024 00000000
Max Troops10854026 00001388
No Troops10854026 00000000
Level 87085402E 0000000E
Level 11085402E 002000F1
Li Yan Codes
Max Points10854034 0000FFFF
No Points10854034 00000000
Max Troops10854036 00001388
No Troops10854036 00000000
Level 87085403E 0000000E
Level 11085403E 002000F1
Li Ru Codes
Max Points10854044 0000FFFF
No Points10854044 00000000
Max Troops10854046 00001388
No Troops10854046 00000000
Level 87085404E 0000000E
Level 11085404E 002000F1
Li Su Codes
Max Points10854054 0000FFFF
No Points10854054 00000000
Max Troops10854056 00001388
No Troops10854056 00000000
Level 87085405E 0000000E
Level 11085405E 002000F1
Li Dian Codes
Max Points10854064 0000FFFF
No Points10854064 00000000
Max Troops10854066 00001388
No Troops10854066 00000000
Level 87085406E 0000000E
Level 11085406E 002000F1
Li Feng Codes
Max Points10854074 0000FFFF
No Points10854074 00000000
Max Troops10854076 00001388
No Troops10854076 00000000
Level 87085407E 0000000E
Level 11085407E 002000F1
Generals Codes (Part 11)
Li Meng Codes
Max Points10854084 0000FFFF
No Points10854084 00000000
Max Troops10854086 00001388
No Troops10854086 00000000
Level 87085408E 0000000E
Level 11085408E 002000F1
Liu Han Codes
Max Points10854094 0000FFFF
No Points10854094 00000000
Max Troops10854096 00001388
No Troops10854096 00000000
Level 87085409E 0000000E
Level 11085409E 002000F1
Liu Qi Codes
Max Points108540A4 0000FFFF
No Points108540A4 00000000
Max Troops108540A6 00001388
No Troops108540A6 00000000
Level 8708540AE 0000000E
Level 1108540AE 002000F1
Liu Xun Codes
Max Points108540B4 0000FFFF
No Points108540B4 00000000
Max Troops108540B6 00001388
No Troops108540B6 00000000
Level 8708540BE 0000000E
Level 1108540BE 002000F1
Liu Xian Codes
Max Points108540C4 0000FFFF
No Points108540C4 00000000
Max Troops108540C6 00001388
No Troops108540C6 00000000
Level 8708540CE 0000000E
Level 1108540CE 002000F1
Liu Xun Codes
Max Points108540D4 0000FFFF
No Points108540D4 00000000
Max Troops108540D6 00001388
No Troops108540D6 00000000
Level 8708540DE 0000000E
Level 1108540DE 002000F1
Liu Zhang Codes
Max Points108540E4 0000FFFF
No Points108540E4 00000000
Max Troops108540E6 00001388
No Troops108540E6 00000000
Level 8708540EE 0000000E
Level 1108540EE 002000F1
Liu Chan Codes
Max Points108540F4 0000FFFF
No Points108540F4 00000000
Max Troops108540F6 00001388
No Troops108540F6 00000000
Level 8708540FE 0000000E
Level 1108540FE 002000F1
Liu Du Codes
Max Points10854104 0000FFFF
No Points10854104 00000000
Max Troops10854106 00001388
No Troops10854106 00000000
Level 87085410E 0000000E
Level 11085410E 002000F1
Liu Biao Codes
Max Points10854114 0000FFFF
No Points10854114 00000000
Max Troops10854116 00001388
No Troops10854116 00000000
Level 87085411E 0000000E
Level 11085411E 002000F1
Liu Pi Codes
Max Points10854124 0000FFFF
No Points10854124 00000000
Max Troops10854126 00001388
No Troops10854126 00000000
Level 87085412E 0000000E
Level 11085412E 002000F1
Liu Feng Codes
Max Points10854134 0000FFFF
No Points10854134 00000000
Max Troops10854136 00001388
No Troops10854136 00000000
Level 87085413E 0000000E
Level 11085413E 002000F1
Liu Yong Codes
Max Points10854144 0000FFFF
No Points10854144 00000000
Max Troops10854146 00001388
No Troops10854146 00000000
Level 87085414E 0000000E
Level 11085414E 002000F1
Liu Ye Codes
Max Points10854154 0000FFFF
No Points10854154 00000000
Max Troops10854156 00001388
No Troops10854156 00000000
Level 87085415E 0000000E
Level 11085415E 002000F1
Lu Wei Kuang Codes
Max Points10854164 0000FFFF
No Points10854164 00000000
Max Troops10854166 00001388
No Troops10854166 00000000
Level 87085416E 0000000E
Level 11085416E 002000F1
Liao Hua Codes
Max Points10854174 0000FFFF
No Points10854174 00000000
Max Troops10854176 00001388
No Troops10854176 00000000
Level 87085417E 0000000E
Level 11085417E 002000F1
Liang Gang Codes
Max Points10854184 0000FFFF
No Points10854184 00000000
Max Troops10854186 00001388
No Troops10854186 00000000
Level 87085418E 0000000E
Level 11085418E 002000F1
Liang Xu Codes
Max Points10854194 0000FFFF
No Points10854194 00000000
Max Troops10854196 00001388
No Troops10854196 00000000
Level 87085419E 0000000E
Level 11085419E 002000F1
Ling Cao Codes
Max Points108541A4 0000FFFF
No Points108541A4 00000000
Max Troops108541A6 00001388
No Troops108541A6 00000000
Level 8708541AE 0000000E
Level 1108541AE 002000F1
Ling Tong Codes
Max Points108541B4 0000FFFF
No Points108541B4 00000000
Max Troops108541B6 00001388
No Troops108541B6 00000000
Level 8708541BE 0000000E
Level 1108541BE 002000F1
Lu Kai Codes
Max Points108541C4 0000FFFF
No Points108541C4 00000000
Max Troops108541C6 00001388
No Troops108541C6 00000000
Level 8708541CE 0000000E
Level 1108541CE 002000F1
Lu Gong Codes
Max Points108541D4 0000FFFF
No Points108541D4 00000000
Max Troops108541D6 00001388
No Troops108541D6 00000000
Level 8708541DE 0000000E
Level 1108541DE 002000F1
Lu Kuang Codes
Max Points108541E4 0000FFFF
No Points108541E4 00000000
Max Troops108541E6 00001388
No Troops108541E6 00000000
Level 8708541EE 0000000E
Level 1108541EE 002000F1
Lu Xiang Codes
Max Points108541F4 0000FFFF
No Points108541F4 00000000
Max Troops108541F6 00001388
No Troops108541F6 00000000
Level 8708541FE 0000000E
Level 1108541FE 002000F1
Leng Bao Codes
Max Points10854204 0000FFFF
No Points10854204 00000000
Max Troops10854206 00001388
No Troops10854206 00000000
Level 87085420E 0000000E
Level 11085420E 002000F1
Generals Codes (Part 12)
Lu Su Codes
Max Points10854214 0000FFFF
No Points10854214 00000000
Max Troops10854216 00001388
No Troops10854216 00000000
Level 87085421E 0000000E
Level 11085421E 002000F1
Other Codes
Misc. Codes
Max Gold104D1CA8 0000FFFF
Unlock All Artwork409815F0 00060001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Pick Up Arrows For Max Quantity (Both Players)201B67DC 24020063
Infinite Arrows (Both Players)201C149C 00000000
Extra Arrows (Both Players)101C1498 00000001
Can Always Do Musou Move (Press Circle)201C2390 00000000
Infinite All Powerups (On Pickup)201C46B0 00000000
Max K.O. Count P1104D7EF2 0000270F
Infinite Health P1105C053E 00001900
Max Health P1105C053C 00000190
Max Infinite Health P1205C053C 19000190
Infinite Musou P1105C0544 00001900
Max Musou P1105C0542 00000190
Max Infinite Musou P1105C0542 00000190
105C0544 00001900
Infinite Attack X2 P1 (On Pickup)105C0510 00000708
Infinite Defense X2 P1 (On Pickup)105C0514 00000708
Infinite Speed Up P1 (On Pickup)105C0518 00000708
Infinite Musou Max P1 (On Pickup)105C051C 00000708
Always Have Attack X2 P1705C0500 00000040
205C0510 07080708
Always Have Defense X2 P1705C0500 00000010
205C0514 07080708
Always Have Speed Up P1705C0500 00000020
205C0518 07080708
Always Have Musou Max P1705C0500 00000008
205C051C 07080708
Always Have All Powerups P1705C0500 00000078
405C0510 00040001
07080708 00000000
Infinite Arrows P1005E38EC 00000063
Max K.O. Count P2104D8132 0000270F
Infinite Health P2105C077E 00001900
Max Health P2105C077C 00000190
Max Infinite Health P2205C077C 19000190
Infinite Musou P2105C0784 00001900
Max Musou P2105C0782 00000190
Max Infinite Musou P2105C0782 00000190
105C0784 00001900
Infinite Attack X2 P2 (On Pickup)105C0750 00000708
Infinite Defense X2 P2 (On Pickup)105C0754 00000708
Infinite Speed Up P2 (On Pickup)105C0758 00000708
Infinite Musou Max P2 (On Pickup)105C075C 00000708
Always Have Attack X2 P2705C0740 00000040
205C0750 07080708
Always Have Defense X2 P2705C0740 00000010
205C0754 07080708
Always Have Speed Up P2705C0740 00000020
205C0758 07080708
Always Have Musou Max P2705C0740 00000008
205C075C 07080708
Always Have All Powerups P2705C0740 00000078
405C0750 00040001
07080948 00000000
Infinite Arrows P2005E3B2C 00000063
Have More Items200C0220 240300FF
200C0224 03E00008
200C0228 A2030003
202F41B0 0C030088
Access All Regions Items2030DC48 00000000
0030DD08 00000001
Your Items Can Be Used Every Turn202F3FEC 00430821
202F3FF8 00000000
202F3FFC 24020006
202F4004 03E00008
202F4008 A0220009
Own All Regions/Instant Win202F3BEC 02001021
202F3BF4 A0700001