Disgaea-Hour Of Darkness

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100008 00112C4F
20147078 00000000
With this game, only use the codes for characters you currently have.
Character Codes
Character 1 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102A29E8 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102A29E8 0000FFFF
002A29EA 000000FF
Max Exp202A29E8 C06D3E0F
202A29EC 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102A2D76 000003E7
Sleep102A2D78 000003E7
Deprave102A2D7A 000003E7
Forget102A2D7C 000003E7
Paralyze102A2D7E 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102A2F70 0000????
Slot 2102A2F72 0000????
Slot 3102A2F74 0000????
Slot 4102A2F76 0000????
Infinite HP202A3090 0000270F
Infinite SP202A3094 0000270F
Max HP202A3098 0000270F
Max SP202A309C 0000270F
Max Atk202A30A0 0000270F
Max Def202A30A4 0000270F
Max Int202A30A8 0000270F
Max Spd202A30AC 0000270F
Max Hit202A30B0 0000270F
Max Res202A30B4 0000270F
Infinite Mana202A30F8 0000270F
Level 99102A3134 00000063
Level 999102A3134 000003E7
Level 5000102A3134 00001388
Level 9999102A3134 0000270F
Max Jm102A314E 00006363
Max Mv102A3150 00006363
Max Counter102A3152 00006363
Character 2 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102A31B0 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102A31B0 0000FFFF
002A31B2 000000FF
Max Exp202A31B0 C06D3E0F
202A31B4 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102A353E 000003E7
Sleep102A3540 000003E7
Deprave102A3542 000003E7
Forget102A3544 000003E7
Paralyze102A3546 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102A3738 0000????
Slot 2102A373A 0000????
Slot 3102A373C 0000????
Slot 4102A373E 0000????
Infinite HP202A3858 0000270F
Infinite SP202A385C 0000270F
Max HP202A3860 0000270F
Max SP202A3864 0000270F
Max Atk202A3868 0000270F
Max Def202A386C 0000270F
Max Int202A3870 0000270F
Max Spd202A3874 0000270F
Max Hit202A3878 0000270F
Max Res202A387C 0000270F
Infinite Mana202A38C0 0000270F
Level 99102A38FC 00000063
Level 999102A38FC 000003E7
Level 5000102A38FC 00001388
Level 9999102A38FC 0000270F
Max Jm102A3916 00006363
Max Mv102A3918 00006363
Max Counter102A391A 00006363
Character 3 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102A3978 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102A3978 0000FFFF
002A397A 000000FF
Max Exp202A3978 C06D3E0F
202A397C 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102A3D06 000003E7
Sleep102A3D08 000003E7
Deprave102A3D0A 000003E7
Forget102A3D0C 000003E7
Paralyze102A3D0E 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102A3F00 0000????
Slot 2102A3F02 0000????
Slot 3102A3F04 0000????
Slot 4102A3F06 0000????
Infinite HP202A4020 0000270F
Infinite SP202A4024 0000270F
Max HP202A4028 0000270F
Max SP202A402C 0000270F
Max Atk202A4030 0000270F
Max Def202A4034 0000270F
Max Int202A4038 0000270F
Max Spd202A403C 0000270F
Max Hit202A4040 0000270F
Max Res202A4044 0000270F
Infinite Mana202A4088 0000270F
Level 99102A40C4 00000063
Level 999102A40C4 000003E7
Level 5000102A40C4 00001388
Level 9999102A40C4 0000270F
Max Jm102A40DE 00006363
Max Mv102A40E0 00006363
Max Counter102A40E2 00006363
Character 4 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102A4140 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102A4140 0000FFFF
002A4142 000000FF
Max Exp202A4140 C06D3E0F
202A4144 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102A44CE 000003E7
Sleep102A44D0 000003E7
Deprave102A44D2 000003E7
Forget102A44D4 000003E7
Paralyze102A44D6 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102A46C8 0000????
Slot 2102A46CA 0000????
Slot 3102A46CC 0000????
Slot 4102A46CE 0000????
Infinite HP202A47E8 0000270F
Infinite SP202A47EC 0000270F
Max HP202A47F0 0000270F
Max SP202A47F4 0000270F
Max Atk202A47F8 0000270F
Max Def202A47FC 0000270F
Max Int202A4800 0000270F
Max Spd202A4804 0000270F
Max Hit202A4808 0000270F
Max Res202A480C 0000270F
Infinite Mana202A4850 0000270F
Level 99102A488C 00000063
Level 999102A488C 000003E7
Level 5000102A488C 00001388
Level 9999102A488C 0000270F
Max Jm102A48A6 00006363
Max Mv102A48A8 00006363
Max Counter102A48AA 00006363
Character 5 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102A4908 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102A4908 0000FFFF
002A490A 000000FF
Max Exp202A4908 C06D3E0F
202A490C 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102A4C96 000003E7
Sleep102A4C98 000003E7
Deprave102A4C9A 000003E7
Forget102A4C9C 000003E7
Paralyze102A4C9E 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102A4E90 0000????
Slot 2102A4E92 0000????
Slot 3102A4E94 0000????
Slot 4102A4E96 0000????
Infinite HP202A4FB0 0000270F
Infinite SP202A4FB4 0000270F
Max HP202A4FB8 0000270F
Max SP202A4FBC 0000270F
Max Atk202A4FC0 0000270F
Max Def202A4FC4 0000270F
Max Int202A4FC8 0000270F
Max Spd202A4FCC 0000270F
Max Hit202A4FD0 0000270F
Max Res202A4FD4 0000270F
Infinite Mana202A5018 0000270F
Level 99102A5054 00000063
Level 999102A5054 000003E7
Level 5000102A5054 00001388
Level 9999102A5054 0000270F
Max Jm102A506E 00006363
Max Mv102A5070 00006363
Max Counter102A5072 00006363
Character 6 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102A50D0 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102A50D0 0000FFFF
002A50D2 000000FF
Max Exp202A50D0 C06D3E0F
202A50D4 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102A545E 000003E7
Sleep102A5460 000003E7
Deprave102A5462 000003E7
Forget102A5464 000003E7
Paralyze102A5466 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102A5658 0000????
Slot 2102A565A 0000????
Slot 3102A565C 0000????
Slot 4102A565E 0000????
Infinite HP202A5778 0000270F
Infinite SP202A577C 0000270F
Max HP202A5780 0000270F
Max SP202A5784 0000270F
Max Atk202A5788 0000270F
Max Def202A578C 0000270F
Max Int202A5790 0000270F
Max Spd202A5794 0000270F
Max Hit202A5798 0000270F
Max Res202A579C 0000270F
Infinite Mana202A57E0 0000270F
Level 99102A581C 00000063
Level 999102A581C 000003E7
Level 5000102A581C 00001388
Level 9999102A581C 0000270F
Max Jm102A5836 00006363
Max Mv102A5838 00006363
Max Counter102A583A 00006363
Character 7 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102A5898 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102A5898 0000FFFF
002A589A 000000FF
Max Exp202A5898 C06D3E0F
202A589C 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102A5C26 000003E7
Sleep102A5C28 000003E7
Deprave102A5C2A 000003E7
Forget102A5C2C 000003E7
Paralyze102A5C2E 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102A5E20 0000????
Slot 2102A5E22 0000????
Slot 3102A5E24 0000????
Slot 4102A5E26 0000????
Infinite HP202A5F40 0000270F
Infinite SP202A5F44 0000270F
Max HP202A5F48 0000270F
Max SP202A5F4C 0000270F
Max Atk202A5F50 0000270F
Max Def202A5F54 0000270F
Max Int202A5F58 0000270F
Max Spd202A5F5C 0000270F
Max Hit202A5F60 0000270F
Max Res202A5F64 0000270F
Infinite Mana202A5FA8 0000270F
Level 99102A5FE4 00000063
Level 999102A5FE4 000003E7
Level 5000102A5FE4 00001388
Level 9999102A5FE4 0000270F
Max Jm102A5FFE 00006363
Max Mv102A6000 00006363
Max Counter102A6002 00006363
Character 8 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102A6060 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102A6060 0000FFFF
002A6062 000000FF
Max Exp202A6060 C06D3E0F
202A6064 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102A63EE 000003E7
Sleep102A63F0 000003E7
Deprave102A63F2 000003E7
Forget102A63F4 000003E7
Paralyze102A63F6 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102A65E8 0000????
Slot 2102A65EA 0000????
Slot 3102A65EC 0000????
Slot 4102A65EE 0000????
Infinite HP202A6708 0000270F
Infinite SP202A670C 0000270F
Max HP202A6710 0000270F
Max SP202A6714 0000270F
Max Atk202A6718 0000270F
Max Def202A671C 0000270F
Max Int202A6720 0000270F
Max Spd202A6724 0000270F
Max Hit202A6728 0000270F
Max Res202A672C 0000270F
Infinite Mana202A6770 0000270F
Level 99102A67AC 00000063
Level 999102A67AC 000003E7
Level 5000102A67AC 00001388
Level 9999102A67AC 0000270F
Max Jm102A67C6 00006363
Max Mv102A67C8 00006363
Max Counter102A67CA 00006363
Character 9 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102A6828 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102A6828 0000FFFF
002A682A 000000FF
Max Exp202A6828 C06D3E0F
202A682C 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102A6BB6 000003E7
Sleep102A6BB8 000003E7
Deprave102A6BBA 000003E7
Forget102A6BBC 000003E7
Paralyze102A6BBE 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102A6DB0 0000????
Slot 2102A6DB2 0000????
Slot 3102A6DB4 0000????
Slot 4102A6DB6 0000????
Infinite HP202A6ED0 0000270F
Infinite SP202A6ED4 0000270F
Max HP202A6ED8 0000270F
Max SP202A6EDC 0000270F
Max Atk202A6EE0 0000270F
Max Def202A6EE4 0000270F
Max Int202A6EE8 0000270F
Max Spd202A6EEC 0000270F
Max Hit202A6EF0 0000270F
Max Res202A6EF4 0000270F
Infinite Mana202A6F38 0000270F
Level 99102A6F74 00000063
Level 999102A6F74 000003E7
Level 5000102A6F74 00001388
Level 9999102A6F74 0000270F
Max Jm102A6F8E 00006363
Max Mv102A6F90 00006363
Max Counter102A6F92 00006363
Character 10 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102A6FF0 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102A6FF0 0000FFFF
002A6FF2 000000FF
Max Exp202A6FF0 C06D3E0F
202A6FF4 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102A737E 000003E7
Sleep102A7380 000003E7
Deprave102A7382 000003E7
Forget102A7384 000003E7
Paralyze102A7386 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102A7578 0000????
Slot 2102A757A 0000????
Slot 3102A757C 0000????
Slot 4102A757E 0000????
Infinite HP202A7698 0000270F
Infinite SP202A769C 0000270F
Max HP202A76A0 0000270F
Max SP202A76A4 0000270F
Max Atk202A76A8 0000270F
Max Def202A76AC 0000270F
Max Int202A76B0 0000270F
Max Spd202A76B4 0000270F
Max Hit202A76B8 0000270F
Max Res202A76BC 0000270F
Infinite Mana202A7700 0000270F
Level 99102A773C 00000063
Level 999102A773C 000003E7
Level 5000102A773C 00001388
Level 9999102A773C 0000270F
Max Jm102A7756 00006363
Max Mv102A7758 00006363
Max Counter102A775A 00006363
Character 11 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102A77B8 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102A77B8 0000FFFF
002A77BA 000000FF
Max Exp202A77B8 C06D3E0F
202A77BC 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102A7B46 000003E7
Sleep102A7B48 000003E7
Deprave102A7B4A 000003E7
Forget102A7B4C 000003E7
Paralyze102A7B4E 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102A7D40 0000????
Slot 2102A7D42 0000????
Slot 3102A7D44 0000????
Slot 4102A7D46 0000????
Infinite HP202A7E60 0000270F
Infinite SP202A7E64 0000270F
Max HP202A7E68 0000270F
Max SP202A7E6C 0000270F
Max Atk202A7E70 0000270F
Max Def202A7E74 0000270F
Max Int202A7E78 0000270F
Max Spd202A7E7C 0000270F
Max Hit202A7E80 0000270F
Max Res202A7E84 0000270F
Infinite Mana202A7EC8 0000270F
Level 99102A7F04 00000063
Level 999102A7F04 000003E7
Level 5000102A7F04 00001388
Level 9999102A7F04 0000270F
Max Jm102A7F1E 00006363
Max Mv102A7F20 00006363
Max Counter102A7F22 00006363
Character 12 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102A7F80 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102A7F80 0000FFFF
002A7F82 000000FF
Max Exp202A7F80 C06D3E0F
202A7F84 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102A830E 000003E7
Sleep102A8310 000003E7
Deprave102A8312 000003E7
Forget102A8314 000003E7
Paralyze102A8316 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102A8508 0000????
Slot 2102A850A 0000????
Slot 3102A850C 0000????
Slot 4102A850E 0000????
Infinite HP202A8628 0000270F
Infinite SP202A862C 0000270F
Max HP202A8630 0000270F
Max SP202A8634 0000270F
Max Atk202A8638 0000270F
Max Def202A863C 0000270F
Max Int202A8640 0000270F
Max Spd202A8644 0000270F
Max Hit202A8648 0000270F
Max Res202A864C 0000270F
Infinite Mana202A8690 0000270F
Level 99102A86CC 00000063
Level 999102A86CC 000003E7
Level 5000102A86CC 00001388
Level 9999102A86CC 0000270F
Max Jm102A86E6 00006363
Max Mv102A86E8 00006363
Max Counter102A86EA 00006363
Character 13 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102A8748 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102A8748 0000FFFF
002A874A 000000FF
Max Exp202A8748 C06D3E0F
202A874C 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102A8AD6 000003E7
Sleep102A8AD8 000003E7
Deprave102A8ADA 000003E7
Forget102A8ADC 000003E7
Paralyze102A8ADE 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102A8CD0 0000????
Slot 2102A8CD2 0000????
Slot 3102A8CD4 0000????
Slot 4102A8CD6 0000????
Infinite HP202A8DF0 0000270F
Infinite SP202A8DF4 0000270F
Max HP202A8DF8 0000270F
Max SP202A8DFC 0000270F
Max Atk202A8E00 0000270F
Max Def202A8E04 0000270F
Max Int202A8E08 0000270F
Max Spd202A8E0C 0000270F
Max Hit202A8E10 0000270F
Max Res202A8E14 0000270F
Infinite Mana202A8E58 0000270F
Level 99102A8E94 00000063
Level 999102A8E94 000003E7
Level 5000102A8E94 00001388
Level 9999102A8E94 0000270F
Max Jm102A8EAE 00006363
Max Mv102A8EB0 00006363
Max Counter102A8EB2 00006363
Character 14 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102A8F10 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102A8F10 0000FFFF
002A8F12 000000FF
Max Exp202A8F10 C06D3E0F
202A8F14 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102A929E 000003E7
Sleep102A92A0 000003E7
Deprave102A92A2 000003E7
Forget102A92A4 000003E7
Paralyze102A92A6 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102A9498 0000????
Slot 2102A949A 0000????
Slot 3102A949C 0000????
Slot 4102A949E 0000????
Infinite HP202A95B8 0000270F
Infinite SP202A95BC 0000270F
Max HP202A95C0 0000270F
Max SP202A95C4 0000270F
Max Atk202A95C8 0000270F
Max Def202A95CC 0000270F
Max Int202A95D0 0000270F
Max Spd202A95D4 0000270F
Max Hit202A95D8 0000270F
Max Res202A95DC 0000270F
Infinite Mana202A9620 0000270F
Level 99102A965C 00000063
Level 999102A965C 000003E7
Level 5000102A965C 00001388
Level 9999102A965C 0000270F
Max Jm102A9676 00006363
Max Mv102A9678 00006363
Max Counter102A967A 00006363
Character 15 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102A96D8 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102A96D8 0000FFFF
002A96DA 000000FF
Max Exp202A96D8 C06D3E0F
202A96DC 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102A9A66 000003E7
Sleep102A9A68 000003E7
Deprave102A9A6A 000003E7
Forget102A9A6C 000003E7
Paralyze102A9A6E 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102A9C60 0000????
Slot 2102A9C62 0000????
Slot 3102A9C64 0000????
Slot 4102A9C66 0000????
Infinite HP202A9D80 0000270F
Infinite SP202A9D84 0000270F
Max HP202A9D88 0000270F
Max SP202A9D8C 0000270F
Max Atk202A9D90 0000270F
Max Def202A9D94 0000270F
Max Int202A9D98 0000270F
Max Spd202A9D9C 0000270F
Max Hit202A9DA0 0000270F
Max Res202A9DA4 0000270F
Infinite Mana202A9DE8 0000270F
Level 99102A9E24 00000063
Level 999102A9E24 000003E7
Level 5000102A9E24 00001388
Level 9999102A9E24 0000270F
Max Jm102A9E3E 00006363
Max Mv102A9E40 00006363
Max Counter102A9E42 00006363
Character 16 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102A9EA0 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102A9EA0 0000FFFF
002A9EA2 000000FF
Max Exp202A9EA0 C06D3E0F
202A9EA4 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102AA22E 000003E7
Sleep102AA230 000003E7
Deprave102AA232 000003E7
Forget102AA234 000003E7
Paralyze102AA236 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102AA428 0000????
Slot 2102AA42A 0000????
Slot 3102AA42C 0000????
Slot 4102AA42E 0000????
Infinite HP202AA548 0000270F
Infinite SP202AA54C 0000270F
Max HP202AA550 0000270F
Max SP202AA554 0000270F
Max Atk202AA558 0000270F
Max Def202AA55C 0000270F
Max Int202AA560 0000270F
Max Spd202AA564 0000270F
Max Hit202AA568 0000270F
Max Res202AA56C 0000270F
Infinite Mana202AA5B0 0000270F
Level 99102AA5EC 00000063
Level 999102AA5EC 000003E7
Level 5000102AA5EC 00001388
Level 9999102AA5EC 0000270F
Max Jm102AA606 00006363
Max Mv102AA608 00006363
Max Counter102AA60A 00006363
Character 17 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102AA668 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102AA668 0000FFFF
002AA66A 000000FF
Max Exp202AA668 C06D3E0F
202AA66C 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102AA9F6 000003E7
Sleep102AA9F8 000003E7
Deprave102AA9FA 000003E7
Forget102AA9FC 000003E7
Paralyze102AA9FE 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102AABF0 0000????
Slot 2102AABF2 0000????
Slot 3102AABF4 0000????
Slot 4102AABF6 0000????
Infinite HP202AAD10 0000270F
Infinite SP202AAD14 0000270F
Max HP202AAD18 0000270F
Max SP202AAD1C 0000270F
Max Atk202AAD20 0000270F
Max Def202AAD24 0000270F
Max Int202AAD28 0000270F
Max Spd202AAD2C 0000270F
Max Hit202AAD30 0000270F
Max Res202AAD34 0000270F
Infinite Mana202AAD78 0000270F
Level 99102AADB4 00000063
Level 999102AADB4 000003E7
Level 5000102AADB4 00001388
Level 9999102AADB4 0000270F
Max Jm102AADCE 00006363
Max Mv102AADD0 00006363
Max Counter102AADD2 00006363
Character 18 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102AAE30 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102AAE30 0000FFFF
002AAE32 000000FF
Max Exp202AAE30 C06D3E0F
202AAE34 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102AB1BE 000003E7
Sleep102AB1C0 000003E7
Deprave102AB1C2 000003E7
Forget102AB1C4 000003E7
Paralyze102AB1C6 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102AB3B8 0000????
Slot 2102AB3BA 0000????
Slot 3102AB3BC 0000????
Slot 4102AB3BE 0000????
Infinite HP202AB4D8 0000270F
Infinite SP202AB4DC 0000270F
Max HP202AB4E0 0000270F
Max SP202AB4E4 0000270F
Max Atk202AB4E8 0000270F
Max Def202AB4EC 0000270F
Max Int202AB4F0 0000270F
Max Spd202AB4F4 0000270F
Max Hit202AB4F8 0000270F
Max Res202AB4FC 0000270F
Infinite Mana202AB540 0000270F
Level 99102AB57C 00000063
Level 999102AB57C 000003E7
Level 5000102AB57C 00001388
Level 9999102AB57C 0000270F
Max Jm102AB596 00006363
Max Mv102AB598 00006363
Max Counter102AB59A 00006363
Character 19 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102AB5F8 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102AB5F8 0000FFFF
002AB5FA 000000FF
Max Exp202AB5F8 C06D3E0F
202AB5FC 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102AB986 000003E7
Sleep102AB988 000003E7
Deprave102AB98A 000003E7
Forget102AB98C 000003E7
Paralyze102AB98E 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102ABB80 0000????
Slot 2102ABB82 0000????
Slot 3102ABB84 0000????
Slot 4102ABB86 0000????
Infinite HP202ABCA0 0000270F
Infinite SP202ABCA4 0000270F
Max HP202ABCA8 0000270F
Max SP202ABCAC 0000270F
Max Atk202ABCB0 0000270F
Max Def202ABCB4 0000270F
Max Int202ABCB8 0000270F
Max Spd202ABCBC 0000270F
Max Hit202ABCC0 0000270F
Max Res202ABCC4 0000270F
Infinite Mana202ABD08 0000270F
Level 99102ABD44 00000063
Level 999102ABD44 000003E7
Level 5000102ABD44 00001388
Level 9999102ABD44 0000270F
Max Jm102ABD5E 00006363
Max Mv102ABD60 00006363
Max Counter102ABD62 00006363
Character 20 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102ABDC0 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102ABDC0 0000FFFF
002ABDC2 000000FF
Max Exp202ABDC0 C06D3E0F
202ABDC4 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102AC14E 000003E7
Sleep102AC150 000003E7
Deprave102AC152 000003E7
Forget102AC154 000003E7
Paralyze102AC156 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102AC348 0000????
Slot 2102AC34A 0000????
Slot 3102AC34C 0000????
Slot 4102AC34E 0000????
Infinite HP202AC468 0000270F
Infinite SP202AC46C 0000270F
Max HP202AC470 0000270F
Max SP202AC474 0000270F
Max Atk202AC478 0000270F
Max Def202AC47C 0000270F
Max Int202AC480 0000270F
Max Spd202AC484 0000270F
Max Hit202AC488 0000270F
Max Res202AC48C 0000270F
Infinite Mana202AC4D0 0000270F
Level 99102AC50C 00000063
Level 999102AC50C 000003E7
Level 5000102AC50C 00001388
Level 9999102AC50C 0000270F
Max Jm102AC526 00006363
Max Mv102AC528 00006363
Max Counter102AC52A 00006363
Character 21 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102AC588 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102AC588 0000FFFF
002AC58A 000000FF
Max Exp202AC588 C06D3E0F
202AC58C 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102AC916 000003E7
Sleep102AC918 000003E7
Deprave102AC91A 000003E7
Forget102AC91C 000003E7
Paralyze102AC91E 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102ACB10 0000????
Slot 2102ACB12 0000????
Slot 3102ACB14 0000????
Slot 4102ACB16 0000????
Infinite HP202ACC30 0000270F
Infinite SP202ACC34 0000270F
Max HP202ACC38 0000270F
Max SP202ACC3C 0000270F
Max Atk202ACC40 0000270F
Max Def202ACC44 0000270F
Max Int202ACC48 0000270F
Max Spd202ACC4C 0000270F
Max Hit202ACC50 0000270F
Max Res202ACC54 0000270F
Infinite Mana202ACC98 0000270F
Level 99102ACCD4 00000063
Level 999102ACCD4 000003E7
Level 5000102ACCD4 00001388
Level 9999102ACCD4 0000270F
Max Jm102ACCEE 00006363
Max Mv102ACCF0 00006363
Max Counter102ACCF2 00006363
Character 22 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102ACD50 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102ACD50 0000FFFF
002ACD52 000000FF
Max Exp202ACD50 C06D3E0F
202ACD54 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102AD0DE 000003E7
Sleep102AD0E0 000003E7
Deprave102AD0E2 000003E7
Forget102AD0E4 000003E7
Paralyze102AD0E6 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102AD2D8 0000????
Slot 2102AD2DA 0000????
Slot 3102AD2DC 0000????
Slot 4102AD2DE 0000????
Infinite HP202AD3F8 0000270F
Infinite SP202AD3FC 0000270F
Max HP202AD400 0000270F
Max SP202AD404 0000270F
Max Atk202AD408 0000270F
Max Def202AD40C 0000270F
Max Int202AD410 0000270F
Max Spd202AD414 0000270F
Max Hit202AD418 0000270F
Max Res202AD41C 0000270F
Infinite Mana202AD460 0000270F
Level 99102AD49C 00000063
Level 999102AD49C 000003E7
Level 5000102AD49C 00001388
Level 9999102AD49C 0000270F
Max Jm102AD4B6 00006363
Max Mv102AD4B8 00006363
Max Counter102AD4BA 00006363
Character 23 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102AD518 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102AD518 0000FFFF
002AD51A 000000FF
Max Exp202AD518 C06D3E0F
202AD51C 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102AD8A6 000003E7
Sleep102AD8A8 000003E7
Deprave102AD8AA 000003E7
Forget102AD8AC 000003E7
Paralyze102AD8AE 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102ADAA0 0000????
Slot 2102ADAA2 0000????
Slot 3102ADAA4 0000????
Slot 4102ADAA6 0000????
Infinite HP202ADBC0 0000270F
Infinite SP202ADBC4 0000270F
Max HP202ADBC8 0000270F
Max SP202ADBCC 0000270F
Max Atk202ADBD0 0000270F
Max Def202ADBD4 0000270F
Max Int202ADBD8 0000270F
Max Spd202ADBDC 0000270F
Max Hit202ADBE0 0000270F
Max Res202ADBE4 0000270F
Infinite Mana202ADC28 0000270F
Level 99102ADC64 00000063
Level 999102ADC64 000003E7
Level 5000102ADC64 00001388
Level 9999102ADC64 0000270F
Max Jm102ADC7E 00006363
Max Mv102ADC80 00006363
Max Counter102ADC82 00006363
Character 24 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102ADCE0 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102ADCE0 0000FFFF
002ADCE2 000000FF
Max Exp202ADCE0 C06D3E0F
202ADCE4 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102AE06E 000003E7
Sleep102AE070 000003E7
Deprave102AE072 000003E7
Forget102AE074 000003E7
Paralyze102AE076 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102AE268 0000????
Slot 2102AE26A 0000????
Slot 3102AE26C 0000????
Slot 4102AE26E 0000????
Infinite HP202AE388 0000270F
Infinite SP202AE38C 0000270F
Max HP202AE390 0000270F
Max SP202AE394 0000270F
Max Atk202AE398 0000270F
Max Def202AE39C 0000270F
Max Int202AE3A0 0000270F
Max Spd202AE3A4 0000270F
Max Hit202AE3A8 0000270F
Max Res202AE3AC 0000270F
Infinite Mana202AE3F0 0000270F
Level 99102AE42C 00000063
Level 999102AE42C 000003E7
Level 5000102AE42C 00001388
Level 9999102AE42C 0000270F
Max Jm102AE446 00006363
Max Mv102AE448 00006363
Max Counter102AE44A 00006363
Character 25 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102AE4A8 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102AE4A8 0000FFFF
002AE4AA 000000FF
Max Exp202AE4A8 C06D3E0F
202AE4AC 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102AE836 000003E7
Sleep102AE838 000003E7
Deprave102AE83A 000003E7
Forget102AE83C 000003E7
Paralyze102AE83E 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102AEA30 0000????
Slot 2102AEA32 0000????
Slot 3102AEA34 0000????
Slot 4102AEA36 0000????
Infinite HP202AEB50 0000270F
Infinite SP202AEB54 0000270F
Max HP202AEB58 0000270F
Max SP202AEB5C 0000270F
Max Atk202AEB60 0000270F
Max Def202AEB64 0000270F
Max Int202AEB68 0000270F
Max Spd202AEB6C 0000270F
Max Hit202AEB70 0000270F
Max Res202AEB74 0000270F
Infinite Mana202AEBB8 0000270F
Level 99102AEBF4 00000063
Level 999102AEBF4 000003E7
Level 5000102AEBF4 00001388
Level 9999102AEBF4 0000270F
Max Jm102AEC0E 00006363
Max Mv102AEC10 00006363
Max Counter102AEC12 00006363
Character 26 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102AEC70 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102AEC70 0000FFFF
002AEC72 000000FF
Max Exp202AEC70 C06D3E0F
202AEC74 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102AEFFE 000003E7
Sleep102AF000 000003E7
Deprave102AF002 000003E7
Forget102AF004 000003E7
Paralyze102AF006 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102AF1F8 0000????
Slot 2102AF1FA 0000????
Slot 3102AF1FC 0000????
Slot 4102AF1FE 0000????
Infinite HP202AF318 0000270F
Infinite SP202AF31C 0000270F
Max HP202AF320 0000270F
Max SP202AF324 0000270F
Max Atk202AF328 0000270F
Max Def202AF32C 0000270F
Max Int202AF330 0000270F
Max Spd202AF334 0000270F
Max Hit202AF338 0000270F
Max Res202AF33C 0000270F
Infinite Mana202AF380 0000270F
Level 99102AF3BC 00000063
Level 999102AF3BC 000003E7
Level 5000102AF3BC 00001388
Level 9999102AF3BC 0000270F
Max Jm102AF3D6 00006363
Max Mv102AF3D8 00006363
Max Counter102AF3DA 00006363
Character 27 Codes
Quick Exp Gain102AF438 0000FFFF
Super Quick Exp Gain102AF438 0000FFFF
002AF43A 000000FF
Max Exp202AF438 C06D3E0F
202AF43C 00000011
Max Resistance Codes
Poison102AF7C6 000003E7
Sleep102AF7C8 000003E7
Deprave102AF7CA 000003E7
Forget102AF7CC 000003E7
Paralyze102AF7CE 000003E7
Spell Modifier Codes
Slot 1102AF9C0 0000????
Slot 2102AF9C2 0000????
Slot 3102AF9C4 0000????
Slot 4102AF9C6 0000????
Infinite HP202AFAE0 0000270F
Infinite SP202AFAE4 0000270F
Max HP202AFAE8 0000270F
Max SP202AFAEC 0000270F
Max Atk202AFAF0 0000270F
Max Def202AFAF4 0000270F
Max Int202AFAF8 0000270F
Max Spd202AFAFC 0000270F
Max Hit202AFB00 0000270F
Max Res202AFB04 0000270F
Infinite Mana202AFB48 0000270F
Level 99102AFB84 00000063
Level 999102AFB84 000003E7
Level 5000102AFB84 00001388
Level 9999102AFB84 0000270F
Max Jm102AFB9E 00006363
Max Mv102AFBA0 00006363
Max Counter102AFBA2 00006363
Other Codes
Misc. Codes
Infinite Money102A20C0 0000FFFF
Max Money202A20C0 3B9AC9FF
Infinite Item Usage201B8258 00000000
Access All Areas20245B88 00000018