Dead To Rights

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 00229C1F
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
90229C1C 0C08B460
Infinite Ammo2020AF44 00000000
2020AF5C 00000000
Extra Ammo1020AE28 00000001
Infinite Life20172F2C E4430208
Infinite Armor2017319C E442020C
Infinite Adrenaline2042B39C 42C80000
Unlock All Chapters20276390 0000000F
Infinite Bouncer Destraction (Hildy Dancing Mini-Game)2042B244 3F800000
Max Hits (Speedbag Mini-Game)1042D19A 0000270F
Absolute Max Hits (Speedbag Mini-Game)1042D19A 0000FFFF
Max Speed (Speedbag Mini-Game)2042D1D4 3F800000
Max Strength Meter (Weightlifting Mini-Game)2042DC30 3F800000
Max Current Strength (Weightlifting Mini-Game)2042DC34 3F800000
Max Strength (Arm Wrestling Mini-Game)2042D728 3F800000
Infinite Time (Bomb Disarm Mini-Game)20286808 00008C80
Infinite Oxygen (Drowning Mini-Game)2042B48C 3F800000
Unlock Movie Codes
Trailer20276394 00000001
Title Sequence20276398 00000001
Last Call2027639C 00000001
Catching Blatz202763A0 00000001
Old Sparky202763A4 00000001
On The Loose202763A8 00000001
A Late Goodbye202763AC 00000001
Call To Eve202763B0 00000001
Rooftop Escape202763B4 00000001
Meeting Fohook202763B8 00000001
The Revelation202763BC 00000001
Meeting The Mayer202763C0 00000001
Dick's Locker202763C4 00000001
The Hand-off202763C8 00000001
The Last Straw202763CC 00000001
Enter The Twins202763D0 00000001
Chasing The Plane202763D4 00000001
Waterman's Deal202763D8 00000001
The End202763DC 00000001
All Movies40276394 00130001
00000001 00000000
Unlock Mini-Game Codes
Lockpick202763E0 00000001
Hildy Dancing202763E4 00000001
Speedbag202763E8 00000001
Weightlifting202763EC 00000001
Arm Wrestling202763F0 00000001
Bomb Disarm202763F4 00000001
Drowning202763F8 00000001
All Mini-Games402763E0 00070001
00000001 00000000