Dance Factory-Dance To Any Music CD

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Enable Code (Must Be On)901EB8F8 0C07DD0A
Gain Points x500020110ED8 24021388
Gain Points x100020110ED8 240203E8
Gain Points x50020110ED8 240201F4
Gain Points x25020110ED8 240200FA
Gain Points x10020110ED8 24020064
Gain Points x5020110ED8 24020032
Gain Points x2520110ED8 24020019
Gain Points x2020110ED8 24020014
Gain Points x1020110ED8 2402000A
Gain Points x520110ED8 24020005
Gain Points x420110ED8 24020004
Gain Points x320110ED8 24020003
Gain Points x220110ED8 24020002
Quick Max Points20110EF0 3C0205F5
20110EF4 3442E0FF
Shop Menu Codes
Max Cash200C0220 3C0705F5
200C0224 34E7E0FF
200C0228 0807E266
200C022C AE270A7C
2018DE14 0C030088
Buying Items Doesnt Decrease Cash2018DEE8 00000000
Buying Items Increases Cash2018DEE4 00521021