Dance Dance Revolution-Supernova

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)901273B8 00832021
Max Meter P1108FBEB2 000003E8
No Meter P1108FBEB2 00000000
Max Perfect's P1208FBF94 0000270F
208FBF98 0000270F
No Perfect's P1208FBF94 00000000
208FBF98 00000000
Max Great's P1208FBF9C 0000270F
No Great's P1208FBF9C 00000000
Max Good's P1208FBFA0 0000270F
No Good's P1208FBFA0 00000000
Max Almost's P1208FBFA4 0000270F
No Almost's P1208FBFA4 00000000
Max Boo's P1208FBFA8 0000270F
No Boo's P1208FBFA8 00000000
Max OK's P1208FBFAC 0000270F
No OK's P1208FBFAC 00000000
Max Max Combo's P1208FBFD0 0000270F
No Max Combo's P1208FBFD0 00000000
Max Meter P210962192 000003E8
No Meter P210962192 00000000
Max Perfect's P220962274 0000270F
20962278 0000270F
No Perfect's P220962274 00000000
20962278 00000000
Max Great's P22096227C 0000270F
No Great's P22096227C 00000000
Max Good's P220962280 0000270F
No Good's P220962280 00000000
Max Almost's P220962284 0000270F
No Almost's P220962284 00000000
Max Boo's P220962288 0000270F
No Boo's P220962288 00000000
Max OK's P22096228C 0000270F
No OK's P22096228C 00000000
Max Max Combo's P2209622B0 0000270F
No Max Combo's P2209622B0 00000000
Meter Never Decreases (Both Players)2018DF70 00000000
View Song For Max Ratings20156820 24010001
20156824 A0410052
Infinite Shop Points10457624 0000FFFF
Max Shop Points20457624 3B9AC9FF
Have Everything Available For Purchase104577EA 00000202
404577EC 00210001
02020202 00000000
Unlock Everything104577EA 00000C0C
404577EC 00210001
0C0C0C0C 00000000