Dance Dance Revolution Max

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100008 0010E52F
Unlock All Songs20276160 FFFFFFFF
Max Meter P1105570A2 000003E8
Quick Score Gain P1105570B0 0000FFFF
Max Score P1205570B0 3B9AC9FF
No Score P1205570B0 00000000
Max Perfects P220557168 0000270F
No Perfects P220557168 00000000
Max Greats P22055716C 0000270F
No Greats P22055716C 00000000
Max Goods P220557170 0000270F
No Goods P220557170 00000000
Max Almosts P220557174 0000270F
No Almosts P220557174 00000000
Max Boos P220557178 0000270F
No Boos P220557178 00000000
Max O.K.s P220557184 0000270F
No O.K.s P220557184 00000000
Max Overall Combo P1205571C4 0000270F
Max Current Combo P1205572E8 000003E7
Hella Current Combo P1205572E8 0000270F
Max Meter P2105AB34E 000003E8
Quick Score Gain P2105AB35C 0000FFFF
Max Score P2205AB35C 3B9AC9FF
No Score P2205AB35C 00000000
Max Perfects P2205AB414 0000270F
No Perfects P2205AB414 00000000
Max Greats P2205AB418 0000270F
No Greats P2205AB418 00000000
Max Goods P2205AB41C 0000270F
No Goods P2205AB41C 00000000
Max Almosts P2205AB420 0000270F
No Almosts P2205AB420 00000000
Max Boos P2205AB424 0000270F
No Boos P2205AB424 00000000
Max O.K.s P2205AB430 0000270F
No O.K.s P2205AB430 00000000
Max Overall Combo P2205AB470 0000270F
Max Current Combo P2205AB594 000003E7
Hella Current Combo P2205AB594 0000270F
Max Overall Combo P2205AB59C 0000270F
Have Lesson Complete Codes
Lesson 1-Section 100275D40 00000001
Lesson 1-Section 200275D41 00000001
Lesson 1-Section 300275D42 00000001
Lesson 1-Section 400275D43 00000001
Lesson 1-Section 500275D44 00000001
Lesson 1-Section 600275D45 00000001
Lesson 1-Section 700275D46 00000001
Lesson 1-Section 800275D47 00000001
Lesson 2-Section 100275D48 00000001
Lesson 2-Section 200275D49 00000001
Lesson 2-Section 300275D4A 00000001
Lesson 2-Section 400275D4B 00000001
Lesson 2-Section 500275D4C 00000001
Lesson 2-Section 600275D4D 00000001
Lesson 2-Section 700275D4E 00000001
Lesson 2-Section 800275D4F 00000001
Lesson 3-Section 100275D50 00000001
Lesson 3-Section 200275D51 00000001
Lesson 3-Section 300275D52 00000001
Lesson 3-Section 400275D53 00000001
Lesson 3-Section 500275D54 00000001
Lesson 3-Section 600275D55 00000001
Lesson 3-Section 700275D56 00000001
Lesson 3-Section 800275D57 00000001
All Lessons-All Sections40275D40 00060001
01010101 00000000