Cy Girls

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100008 001164EF
Ice Disc Codes
Infinite Vital103C3F8C 000003E7
Max Vital103C3F8E 000003E7
Max Infinite Vital203C3F8C 03E703E7
Infinite Ammo20169E80 00000000
Extra Ammo20169E7C 00441021
Never Reload2041D790 00630063
Max Night Vision (On Pickup)1041D798 00000063
Max Bio-Charge (On Pickup)1041D8FC 00000063
Max HF Energy Pack (On Pickup)1041D90A 00000063
Max Data Chip (On Pickup)1041DA34 00000063
Can Equip RAM-630B/Overdose/HM64001025A156 00001000
P1 Hold X For Infinite Double JumpsD0396902 0000BFFF
10396F54 000000C9
Have Weapon Codes
HG150041D751 00000001
Dual HG150041D751 00000002
Maggy Hammer0041D752 00000001
Dual Maggy Hammer0041D752 00000002
Flip-Lip0041D753 00000001
A6990041D754 00000001
Dual A6990041D754 00000002
Space Gun0041D755 00000001
Dual Space Gun0041D755 00000002
MP21000041D756 00000001
Shockgun0041D757 00000001
Pegasus 80041D758 00000001
MML2290041D759 00000001
AR1000041D75A 00000001
R33V0041D75B 00000001
SP7000041D75C 00000001
GR20041D75D 00000001
RAM-630B0041D75E 00000001
Overdose0041D75F 00000001
HM64000041D760 00000001
DBS10100041D761 00000001
Infinite Ammo Codes
Shockgun1041D776 000003E7
HG15/MP2100/A6991041D778 000003E7
Maggy Hammer1041D77A 000003E7
Flip-Lip1041D77C 000003E7
Space Gun/Pegasus 81041D77E 000003E7
DBS10101041D780 000003E7
MML2291041D782 000003E7
AR100/R33V1041D784 000003E7
SP7001041D786 000003E7
GR21041D788 000003E7
Overdose1041D78A 000003E7
HM64001041D78C 000003E7
RAM-630B1041D78E 000003E7
Aska Disc Codes
Infinite Vital104A6F9C 000003E7
Max Vital104A6F9E 000003E7
Max Infinite Vital204A6F9C 03E703E7
Max Shuriken (On Pickup)005008D8 00000063
Max Kunai (On Pickup)005008DC 00000063
Max Bio-Charge (On Pickup)0050090C 00000063