Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100008 00217587
Disable FMV20210590 24020001
Infinite HP2023B158 42C80000
Max Infinite HP2023B150 4479C000
2023B158 4479C000
Max Attack2023B168 40C00000
Max Defense2023B16C 3F460000
Have All Special Moves2023B180 FFFFFFFF
Unarmed Level 302023B184 0000001E
Weapons Level 302023B18C 0000001E
Infinite Double JumpsD023B3CC 00000002
2023B3CC 00000001
Infinite Continues2023BA2C 00000009
Max Continues2023BA2C 00000063
Extra Continues101B9EC8 00000001