Conflict-Global Terror

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Lajos Szalay

Enable Code (Must Be On)904E5788 00832021
Enable Lighting2055F980 00000001
Enable Debug Mappings20551AC0 00000001
Enable Route Marker Display205520F4 00000001
P1 Press R3+Left To Disable CompassD083DDC2 0000FF7B
20556268 00000000
P1 Press R3+Right To Enable CompassD083DDC2 0000FFDB
20556268 00000001
Infinite Ammo20236244 00000000
Max Infinite Ammo2023623C 240203E7
Extra Ammo1023623C 00000001
Never Reload20236248 00000000
Infinite Medi-Kits202429C0 00000000
Max Infinite Medi-Kits202429BC 240203E7
Extra Medi-Kits202429BC 00451021
Infinite Grenades2023564C 00000000
Max Infinite Grenades20235644 240203E7
Extra Grenades10235644 00000001
Infinite Mines201E92A4 24450000
Max Infinite Mines201E92A4 240503E7
201E92B8 240503E7
Extra Mines201E92A4 24450001
Duplicate Item Slots To Team Mates202429D0 00000000
Infinite Health (Entire Team)200C0220 3C024350
200C0224 03E00008
200C0228 ACE20180
201DEBEC 0C030088
201DEBF0 46010034
Infinite Health (Only Current Character)200C0230 3C014350
200C0234 AE210180
200C0238 03E00008
200C023C C6210180
201F4748 0803008C
Infinite Health (Vehicles)200C0240 C6400188
200C0244 03E00008
200C0248 E6400180
20258F30 0C030090
1-Hit Death (Enemies)200C0250 8C810180
200C0254 3C023F80
200C0258 0022082B
200C025C 50200001
200C0260 AC820180
200C0264 0807EBF4
200C0268 C4800180
201FAFCC 08030094
P1 Press L3+R3 To Kill EnemiesD083DDC2 0000FFF9
201FAFD4 AC800180
D083DDC2 0000FFFF
201FAFD4 00000000
Rapid Fire P1D083DDC2 0000F7FF
20235FEC 00000000
D083DDC2 0000FFFF
20235FEC AE240058
Weapon Is Auto/Rapid Grenade Launcher P1E002F7FF 0083DDC2
20236508 00000000
20235FEC 00000000
E002FFFF 0083DDC2
20236508 AE220070
20235FEC AE240058
E002FDFF 0083DDC2
20236508 00000000
20235FEC 00000000
E002FFFF 0083DDC2
20236508 AE220070
20235FEC AE240058
Idiot AI205544B8 00000001
Unlock Cheats Menu (Inside Options)2054EF8C 00000001
Unlock Show Movies (Inside Cheats)2054EF30 00000001
Activate Cheat Codes
God Mode (Including Vechicles)2054EF6C 00000000
Infinite Ammo2054EF70 00000001
Enemies Dont Shoot You2054EF74 00000000
Infinite Saves2054EF80 00000001
Game Speed Codes
P1 Press L1+Select For Hyper SpeedD083DDC2 0000FBFE
2057B378 40000000
P1 Press L2+Select For Super Hyper SpeedD083DDC2 0000FEFE
2057B378 40800000
P1 Press R1+Select For Slow SpeedD083DDC2 0000F7FE
2057B378 3F400000
P1 Press R2+Select For Super Slow SpeedD083DDC2 0000FDFE
2057B378 3F000000
P1 Press L3+Select For Normal SpeedD083DDC2 0000FFFC
2057B378 3F800000
Super Hyper Speed2057B378 40800000
Hyper Speed2057B378 40000000
Normal Speed2057B378 3F800000
Slow Speed2057B378 3F400000
Super Slow Speed2057B378 3F000000