Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)9011FDF8 00832021
Max Candy Power Meter200C0220 3C0142C8
200C0224 AC41000C
200C0228 03E00008
200C022C C440000C
2022FD7C 0C030088
Infinite Candy Power Meter200C0230 3C0142C8
200C0234 AC410018
200C0238 03E00008
200C023C C4400018
2022FDA8 0C03008C
Max Energy Meter200C0240 3C0142C8
200C0244 AC41000C
200C0248 03E00008
200C024C C440000C
2022FDD4 0C030090
Infinite Energy Meter200C0250 3C0142C8
200C0254 AC410018
200C0258 03E00008
200C025C C4400018
2022FE00 0C030094
Pickup 1 Collectable For Max Collectables2022CED8 ACA7224C