Champions-Return To Arms

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)903512A8 00832021
Display Pause Menu Coordinates/Debug Menu204F8EE0 00000001
Have All Difficulties Completed004F8F38 000000FF
Noone Is Ever An Enemy20119328 03E00008
2011932C 24020000
Demons Are Never Enemies2025F38C 24020000
Skeletons Are Never Enemies202A7E24 24020000
Wraiths Are Never Enemies202C0760 24020000
202C077C 03E00008
Unknown Are Never Enemies202C1D04 24020000
202C1D20 03E00008
Infinite Mana Usage201A4690 00000000
Exp Worth 30000201D3194 24427530
Exp Worth 25000201D3194 244231A8
Exp Worth 20000201D3194 24424E20
Exp Worth 15000201D3194 24423A98
Exp Worth 10000201D3194 24422710
Exp Worth 1000201D3194 244203E8
Exp Worth 500201D3194 244201F4
1 Kill For Max Level201D319C 00000000
Debug Menu Only2018E398 00000000
Drop Item For Max Quantity201C46C4 24020063
Item Duplication201C46D0 00000000
Portals Automatically Activated2027D1D8 24020001
2027D1DC A222004D
Invulnerability Cheat Activated2044F20C 00000001
Quick Max Spell Upgrades201C26DC 24060014
201C27A4 24060014
201D3480 24060014
P1 Press L3 When Viewing Stats For No Weight200C0220 8C830000
200C0224 08040F82
200C0228 AC600008
D07CB142 0000FFFD
201B642C 0C030088
D07CB142 0000FFFF
201B642C 0C040F82
P1 Press R3 When Viewing Stats for Max Attack200C0230 24037FFF
200C0234 A443000E
200C0238 A4430010
200C023C A443001A
200C0240 03E00008
200C0244 8442000E
20104140 0C03008C
Ability Points In-Game Codes
P1 Press L1+Select For More Ability Points P1D07CB142 0000FBFE
204D8BDC 00000063
P1 Press L2+Select For No Ability Points P1D07CB142 0000FEFE
204D8BDC 00010000
Always No Weight Carried204D8C10 00000000
Ability Points Are Worth 50101C25D0 00000032
Ability Points Are Worth 20101C25D0 00000014
Ability Points Are Worth 10101C25D0 0000000A
Ability Points Are Worth 5101C25D0 0000000A
Ability Points Are Worth 4101C25D0 00000004
Ability Points Are Worth 3101C25D0 00000003
Ability Points Are Worth 2101C25D0 0000000A
Upgrade Spell Codes
Spells Gain 5 Levels101C27A4 00000005
101C26DC 00000005
Spells Gain 4 Levels101C27A4 00000004
101C26DC 00000004
Spells Gain 3 Levels101C27A4 00000003
101C26DC 00000003
Spells Gain 2 Levels101C27A4 00000002
101C26DC 00000002
Create A New Character Codes
Infinite Points Remaining10227B7E 00001000
208E2BB0 000003E7
Ability Points Art Worth 1010227D30 0000000A
Ability Points Art Worth 510227D30 00000005
Ability Points Art Worth 410227D30 00000004
Ability Points Art Worth 310227D30 00000003
Ability Points Art Worth 210227D30 00000002
Remove Ability Points To Get More10227E34 00000002
P1 Codes
Max Level204D8B48 00005050
Quick Exp Gain104D8B4C 0000FFFF
Max Exp204D8B4C 0098967E
Max Strength204D8B68 000003E7
Max Intelligence204D8B6C 000003E7
Max Dexterity204D8B70 000003E7
Max Stamina204D8B74 000003E7
Infinite Health204D8B9C 461C3C00
Max Health204D8BA0 461C3C00
Infinite Mana204D8BB0 461C3C00
Max Mana204D8BB4 461C3C00
Infinite Gold104D8BD4 0000FFFF
Max Gold204D8BD4 05F5E0FF
Infinite Points Remaining204D8BD8 00000063
P2 Codes
Max Level204DD778 00005050
Quick Exp Gain104DD77C 0000FFFF
Max Exp204DD77C 0098967E
Max Strength204DD798 000003E7
Max Intelligence204DD79C 000003E7
Max Dexterity204DD7A0 000003E7
Max Stamina204DD7A4 000003E7
Infinite Health204DD7CC 461C3C00
Max Health204DD7D0 461C3C00
Infinite Mana204DD7E0 461C3C00
Max Mana204DD7E4 461C3C00
Infinite Gold104DD804 0000FFFF
Max Gold204DD804 05F5E0FF
Infinite Points Remaining204DD808 00000063
Always No Weight Carried204DD840 00000000
P3 Codes
Max Level204E23A8 00005050
Quick Exp Gain104E23AC 0000FFFF
Max Exp204E23AC 0098967E
Max Strength204E23C8 000003E7
Max Intelligence204E23CC 000003E7
Max Dexterity204E23D0 000003E7
Max Stamina204E23D4 000003E7
Infinite Health204E23FC 461C3C00
Max Health204E2400 461C3C00
Infinite Mana204E2410 461C3C00
Max Mana204E2414 461C3C00
Infinite Gold104E2434 0000FFFF
Max Gold204E2434 05F5E0FF
Infinite Points Remaining204E2438 00000063
Always No Weight Carried204E2470 00000000
P4 Codes
Max Level204E6FD8 00005050
Quick Exp Gain104E6FDC 0000FFFF
Max Exp204E6FDC 0098967E
Max Strength204E6FF8 000003E7
Max Intelligence204E6FFC 000003E7
Max Dexterity204E7000 000003E7
Max Stamina204E7004 000003E7
Infinite Health204E702C 461C3C00
Max Health204E7030 461C3C00
Infinite Mana204E7040 461C3C00
Max Mana204E7044 461C3C00
Infinite Gold104E7064 0000FFFF
Max Gold204E7064 05F5E0FF
Infinite Points Remaining204E7068 00000063
Always No Weight Carried204E70A0 00000000