Champions Of Norrath-Realms Of Everquest

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Here we go again, online games again with codes. Our mission here at is to hack codes to help people in the offline mode, we have not tested these codes online, nor plan to. If they work online, its not our intention!
Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 002D3B87
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
902D3B84 0C0C07FF
Display Pause Menu Coordinates/Debug Menu20485AAC 00000001
Noone Is Ever An Enemy2010B4A8 03E00008
2010B4AC 24020000
Creatures Are Never Enemies2010B5DC 24020000
2010B700 24020000
2010B8C8 24020000
Demons Are Never Enemies201EB46C 24020000
Wraiths Are Never Enemies20205144 24020000
2020516C 03E00008
Skeletons Are Never Enemies20247180 24020000
Exp Worth Modifier (0000-7FFF)201BDF54 2442????
1 Kill = 1 Level Up201BDF60 00000000
Debug Menu Only2017FA04 00000000
Raise Skill Once For Max Skill201AEB94 24060014
201AEC18 24060014
201AEC5C 24060014
201BE220 24060014
Drop Item For Max Quantity201B099C 24020063
Item Duplication201B09A8 00000000
Create A New Character Codes
Infinite Creation Points20486D20 00000014
1027C54E 00001000
P1 Codes
Level 9920408658 00006363
Quick Exp Gain1040865C 0000FFFF
Max Exp2040865C 05F5E0FF
Max Strength20408678 000003E7
Max Intelligence2040867C 000003E7
Max Dexterity20408680 000003E7
Max Stamina20408684 000003E7
Infinite Health204086AC 461C3C00
Max Health204086B0 461C3C00
Infinite Mana204086C4 461C3C00
Max Mana204086C8 461C3C00
Infinite Gold104086E8 0000FFFF
Max Gold204086E8 05F5E0FF
Infinite Points Remaining204086EC 00000063
Always No Weight Carried20408734 00000000
P2 Codes
Level 992040E408 00006363
Quick Exp Gain1040E40C 0000FFFF
Max Exp2040E40C 05F5E0FF
Max Strength2040E428 000003E7
Max Intelligence2040E42C 000003E7
Max Dexterity2040E430 000003E7
Max Stamina2040E434 000003E7
Infinite Health2040E45C 461C3C00
Max Health2040E460 461C3C00
Infinite Mana2040E474 461C3C00
Max Mana2040E478 461C3C00
Infinite Gold1040E498 0000FFFF
Max Gold2040E498 05F5E0FF
Infinite Points Remaining2040E49C 00000063
Always No Weight Carried2040E4E4 00000000
P3 Codes
Level 99204141B8 00006363
Quick Exp Gain104141BC 0000FFFF
Max Exp204141BC 05F5E0FF
Max Strength204141D8 000003E7
Max Intelligence204141DC 000003E7
Max Dexterity204141E0 000003E7
Max Stamina204141E4 000003E7
Infinite Health2041420C 461C3C00
Max Health20414210 461C3C00
Infinite Mana20414224 461C3C00
Max Mana20414228 461C3C00
Infinite Gold10414248 0000FFFF
Max Gold20414248 05F5E0FF
Infinite Points Remaining2041424C 00000063
Always No Weight Carried20414294 00000000
P4 Codes
Level 9920419F68 00006363
Quick Exp Gain10419F6C 0000FFFF
Max Exp20419F6C 05F5E0FF
Max Strength20419F88 000003E7
Max Intelligence20419F8C 000003E7
Max Dexterity20419F90 000003E7
Max Stamina20419F94 000003E7
Infinite Health20419FBC 461C3C00
Max Health20419FC0 461C3C00
Infinite Mana20419FD4 461C3C00
Max Mana20419FD8 461C3C00
Infinite Gold10419FF8 0000FFFF
Max Gold20419FF8 05F5E0FF
Infinite Points Remaining20419FFC 00000063
Always No Weight Carried2041A044 00000000
Skills Use No Mana Codes
Shock2028D960 44800000
Ground Pound20290AE8 44800000
Charge202920F8 44800000
Disease Bolt20293898 44800000
Disease Trail20295560 44800000
Disease Shield202968D0 44800000
Darkness20298328 44800000
Convert Enemy20298CC8 44800000
Convert Undead20299720 44800000
Cyclone2029A9C0 44800000
Harm Touch2029AF60 44800000
Fire Storm2029D260 44800000
Fire Arrow2029E558 44800000
Cold Arrow2029FDE8 44800000
Poison Arrow202A0D20 44800000
Multi Fire202A1D80 44800000
Explode Arrow202A2918 44800000
Archery202A2C40 44800000
Fire Flares202A499C 44800000
Bash202A5F28 44800000
Blessed202A7030 44800000
Minor Healing202A7468 44800000
Ancestral Call202A8550 44800000
Summon Skeleton202A91A4 44800000
Lightning Weapons202A9E7C 44800000
Fire Weapons202AB4EC 44800000
Cold Weapons202AC494 44800000
Root202AD038 44800000
Critical Hit202ADD98 44800000
Holy Shield202AE578 44800000
Dodge202AE7C0 44800000
Healing202AF350 44800000
Cone Of Frost202AFEE8 44800000
Undead Shield202B1400 44800000
Holy Strike202B2E44 44800000
Shock Of Fire202B3278 44800000
Frost Storm202B36E8 44800000
Hammer Of Wrath202B583C 44800000
Cone Of Fire202B6B28 44800000
Wizard Beam202B94A8 44800000
Blinding Light202BA1A8 44800000
Repulse Undead202BA764 44800000
Dismiss Undead202BBD50 44800000
Shock Of Frost202BE188 44800000
Life Tap202BE328 44800000
Poison Rain202BF264 44800000
Cleric Root202C6300 44800000
Entangle202C6F78 44800000
Ranger Critical Hit202C7D40 44800000
Shield Bash202C8B78 44800000
Misc. Spells20313264 44800000