Capcom Fighting Evolution

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)901282D8 0C0484B4
Unlock Everything2033BA10 FFFFFFFF
Infinite Time1035C28C 00000063
Infinite Health P120340D98 00003C00
20340D94 3C003C00
75% Health P120340D98 00003C00
D0320D94 00302D00
20340D94 2D002D00
50% Health P120340D98 00003C00
D0320D94 00301E00
20340D94 1E001E00
25% Health P120340D98 00003C00
D0320D94 00300F00
20340D94 0F000F00
1-Hit Death P120340D98 00003C00
D0320D94 00300001
20340D94 00010001
No Health P120340D98 00003C00
20340D94 00000000
Max Special P120340EA0 0000270F
No Special P120340EA0 00000000
Quick Score Gain P110341118 0000FFFF
Max Score P120341118 05F5E0FF
No Score P120341118 00000000
P1 Needs 1 Win To WinD0341726 00010000
00341726 00000001
P1 Never Wins00341726 00000000
Infinite Health P120341358 00003C00
20341354 3C003C00
75% Health P120341358 00003C00
D0341354 00302D00
20341354 2D002D00
50% Health P120341358 00003C00
D0341354 00301E00
20341354 1E001E00
25% Health P120341358 00003C00
D0341354 00300F00
20341354 0F000F00
1-Hit Death P120341358 00003C00
D0341354 00300001
20341354 00010001
No Health P120341358 00003C00
20341354 00000000
Max Special P220341460 0000270F
No Special P220341460 00000000
Quick Score Gain P2103416D8 0000FFFF
Max Score P2203416D8 05F5E0FF
No Score P2203416D8 00000000
P2 Needs 1 Win To WinD0341164 00010000
00341164 00000001
P2 Never Wins00341164 00000000