Call Of Duty 3

🇺🇸 • Credit: Lajos Szalay, Code Master

Single-Player Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On)903F0300 00832021
Press Select To Skip FMVD051B302 0000FFFE
203F34C8 24020001
D051B302 0000FFFF
203F34C8 8C620000
God ModeE006902D 00101CD0
200C0220 8E410268
200C0224 34210001
200C0228 AE410268
200C022C 03E00008
200C0230 8E530200
20101CF0 0C030088
P1 Press L1+Up God Mode OnD051B302 0000FBEF
2010B8F0 24020001
P1 Press L1+Down God Mode OffD051B302 0000FBBF
2010B8F0 8E0205AC
Unlock All Chapters/Bonus MaterialsD0100238 0000F7F7
2049C944 0000000E
Infinite HealthE002902D 00101CD0
20101D04 8E6202FC
20101D08 AE4202F8
Infinite AmmoD0229714 00001821
20229720 00000000
Extra AmmoD0229714 00001821
202297AC 00521021
Max Infinite AmmoD0229714 00001821
2022971C 240203E7
Never Reload/Infinite GrenadesD0229774 0000802D
202297AC 00000000
Never Reload With Max Clip/GrenadesD0229774 0000802D
202297A4 24020063
P1 Press R3+Select For Full Bright OnD051B302 0000FFFA
20519BF4 00000001
P1 Press L3+Select For Full Bright OffD051B302 0000FFFC
20519BF4 00000000
Activate Cheat Codes
Activation Code (Must Be On)E006902D 00101CD0
200C0220 8E410268
100C0226 00003421
200C0228 AE410268
200C022C 03E00008
200C0230 8E530200
20101CF0 0C030088
God Mode On700C0224 00000001
P1 Press L1+Up For No Target OnD051B302 0000FBEF
700C0224 00000002
P1 Press L1+Down For No Target OffD051B302 0000FBBF
700C0224 00000000
P1 Press R3+Up For No Clipping Mode OnD051B302 0000FFEB
2010436C 24020001
P1 Press R3+Down For No Clipping Mode OffD051B302 0000FFBB
2010436C 8E4205AC
P1 Press R3+Left For Ufo Mode OnD051B302 0000FF7B
20104378 24020001
P1 Press R3+Right For Ufo Mode OffD051B302 0000FFDB
20104378 8E4205B0
Multi-Player Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On)904FBE18 00832021
Infinite HealthE002982D 00101C40
20101C74 8E62034C
20101C78 AE620350
Infinite AmmoD023DBB0 00001821
2023DBBC 00000000
Extra AmmoD023DBB0 00001821
2023DBB8 00521021
Max Infinite AmmoD023DBB0 00001821
2023DBB8 240203E7
Never Reload/Infinite GrenadesD023DC10 0000802D
2023DC48 00000000
Never Reload With Max Clip/GrenadesD023DC10 0000802D
2023DC40 24020063