Cabela's Outdoor Adventures

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)9012B2BC 0C041264
Infinite Health202E597C C62101D0
202E5980 E621017C
Infinite Stamina2049ED04 00000000
Infinite Stealth Meter2049E450 00000000
Never Hungry2049E7B0 AC600314
Never Thirsty2049EA90 AC600318
Never Tired2049E894 ACA0031C
Health Doesnt Decrease Over Time2049E6DC 00000000
Never Reload204C7914 00000000
Mini Map Always Off205DC534 00000000
Mini Map Always On205DC534 00000001
Auto Claim Always Off205DC538 00000000
Auto Claim Always On205DC538 00000001
Show HUD Always Off205DC53C 00000000
Show HUD Always On205DC53C 00000001
Bullet Camera Always Off205DC540 00000000
Bullet Camera Always On205DC540 00000001
Lock On ALways Off205DC544 00000000
Lock On ALways On205DC544 00000001
Steady Aim Always Off205DC548 00000000
Steady Aim Always On205DC548 00000001
Always Light Outside200C0220 3C020000
200C0224 AE220018
200C0228 03E00008
200C022C C6210018
204BDBAC 0C030088
Always Dark Outside200C0220 3C023F80
200C0224 AE220018
200C0228 03E00008
200C022C C6210018
204BDBAC 0C030088
Always Really Dark Outside200C0220 3C023FC0
200C0224 AE220018
200C0228 03E00008
200C022C C6210018
204BDBAC 0C030088
Always Pitch Black200C0220 3C023FD0
200C0224 AE220018
200C0228 03E00008
200C022C C6210018
204BDBAC 0C030088
P1 Press L1+Select To Enable No ClippingD05B7D42 0000FBFE
205BB780 00000001
P1 Press L2+Select To Disble No ClippingD05B7D42 0000FEFE
205BB780 00000000
God Mode205BB788 00000001
Adventure Mode Codes
Infinite Cash10B2D7C0 0000FFFF
Max Cash20B2D7C0 05F5E0FF
Have All Items204EFDBC 00430821
204EFDC0 24020001
204EFDC4 03E00008
204EFDC8 A0221BCF
Have All Items In Pack204EFD9C 00430821
204EFDA0 24020001
204EFDA4 03E00008
204EFDA8 A0221BD0
Unlock All Items204EE01C 24010001
104EE022 00001000
204EE024 AC410470
204EE030 02300821
204EE034 A021ACCF
204EE038 24020000
Cash Doesnt Change When Buying/Selling Items204F92C4 00000000
Unlock Mission Codes
Mission 100B2D8F4 00000001
Mission 200B2D8F5 00000001
Mission 300B2D8F6 00000001
Mission 400B2D8F7 00000001
Mission 500B2D8F8 00000001
Mission 600B2D8F9 00000001
Mission 700B2D8FA 00000001
Mission 800B2D8FB 00000001
Mission 900B2D8FC 00000001
Mission 1000B2D8FD 00000001
Mission 1100B2D8FE 00000001
Mission 1200B2D8FF 00000001
Mission 1300B2D900 00000001
Mission 1400B2D901 00000001
Mission 1500B2D902 00000001
Mission 1600B2D903 00000001
Mission 1700B2D904 00000001
Mission 1800B2D905 00000001
Mission 1900B2D906 00000001
Mission 2000B2D907 00000001
Mission 2100B2D908 00000001
Mission 2200B2D909 00000001
All Missions40B2D8F4 00050001
10B2D908 00000101
Unlock Contest Codes
Contest 100B2D90A 00000001
Contest 200B2D90B 00000001
Contest 300B2D90C 00000001
Contest 400B2D90D 00000001
Contest 500B2D90E 00000001
Contest 600B2D90F 00000001
Contest 700B2D910 00000001
Contest 800B2D911 00000001
Contest 900B2D912 00000001
Contest 1000B2D913 00000001
Contest 1100B2D914 00000001
All Contests10B2D90A 00000101
20B2D90C 01010101
20B2D910 01010101
00B2D914 00000001