Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)9012B2BC 0C041264
Infinite Health200C0220 3C013F80
200C0224 08101490
200C0228 AC810054
204BCA54 0C030088
Infinite Ammo204E9558 00000000
Max Infinite Ammo204E9554 240303E7
Extra Ammo204E9554 00831823
Never Reload204E9640 00000000
Disable AI Sense See202D73A0 03E00008
202D73A4 24020000
Disable AI Sense Sight202D7AB0 03E00008
202D7AB4 24020000
Unlock All Missions20621F00 00000010
Max Stumps Shot20622088 0000270F
Shoot 1 Stump For All Stumps Found2052B2F4 AC471278
Eyes Never Injured206494B4 00000000
Eyes Always Injured206494B4 00000001
Body Never Injured206494B8 00000000
Body Always Injured206494B8 00000001
Boots Never Injured206494BC 00000000
Boots Always Injured206494BC 00000001
Hands Never Injured206494C0 00000000
Hands Always Injured206494C0 00000001
Unknown Injury Never Injured206494C4 00000000
Unknown Injury Always Injured206494C4 00000001
Never Have Illness206494C8 00000000
Always Have Illness206494C8 00000001
P1 Press L1+Select To Enable No ClippingD05EBBC2 0000FBFE
205EFE30 00000001
P1 Press L2+Select To Disable No ClippingD05EBBC2 0000FEFE
205EFE30 00000000
P1 Press R1+Select To Enable God ModeD05EBBC2 0000F7FE
205EFE38 00000001
P1 Press R2+Select To Disable God ModeD05EBBC2 0000FDFE
205EFE38 00000000
God Mode Always On205EFE38 00000001
P1 Press L1+Up To Enable Debug CameraD05EBBC2 0000FBEF
205EFE40 00000001
P1 Press L1+Down To Enable Debug CameraD05EBBC2 0000FBBF
205EFE40 00000000
Auto Save Always On20565BF0 00000001
Auto Save Always Off20565BF0 00000000
Vibrations Always On20567158 00000001
Vibrations Always Off20567158 00000000
Soft Lock Always On20567178 00000001
Soft Lock Always Off20567178 00000000
Show HUD Always On20567440 00000001
Show HUD Always Off20567440 00000000
Subtitles Always On20567448 00000001
Subtitles Always Off20567448 00000000
Idiot AI-Animals20600D78 00000001
P1 Press L1+Right To Enable Idiot AI-AnimalsD05EBBC2 0000FBDF
20600D78 00000001
P1 Press L1+Left To Enable Idiot AI-AnimalsD05EBBC2 0000FB7F
20600D78 00000000
Activate Cheat Codes
Infinite Ammo20621A70 00000001
Zero Gravity20621A74 00000001
Quick Regen20621A78 00000001
Double Damage20621A7C 00000001
Double Health20621A80 00000001
Slow Motion20621A84 00000001
Game Statistics Codes
Always Low Time20621D98 00000000
20621DA0 00000000
20621DA8 00000000
Max Shots Fired20621DB0 05F5E0FF
No Shots Fired20621DB0 00000000
Max Clean Shot20621DB8 05F5E0FF
No Clean Shot20621DB8 00000000
Max Fire Accuracy20621DC0 00000064
No Fire Accuracy20621DC0 00000000
Max Blows20621DC8 05F5E0FF
No Blows20621DC8 00000000
Max Hits Taken20621DE0 05F5E0FF
No Hits Taken20621DE0 00000000
Max Hits Taken By Companions20621DE8 05F5E0FF
No Hits Taken By Companions20621DE8 00000000
Max Animals Hunted20621DF0 05F5E0FF
No Animals Hunted20621DF0 00000000