Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2005 Adventures

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)9012B0BC 0C0411AA
Infinite Stamina206A3D3C 3F800000
Infinite Health-Head206A3D50 3F800000
Infinite Health-Right Arm206A3D54 3F800000
Infinite Health-Left Arm206A3D58 3F800000
Infinite Health-Right Leg206A3D5C 3F800000
Infinite Health-Left Leg206A3D60 3F800000
Infinite Stealth206A3D7C 3F800000
Never Reload20498D38 00000000
Infinite Money106A3D08 0000FFFF
Max Money206A3D08 05F5E0FF
Buying Items Doesnt Decrease Money203C2FB0 00000000
Buying Items Increases Money203C2FAC 00701821
Infinite Creation Points206A3D80 3F800000
Disable HUD2052F3F0 00000000
God Mode On205AF068 00000001
P1 Press L1+Select To Activate No Clipping ModeD05AAEC2 0000FBFE
205AF060 00000001
P1 Press L2+Select To Deactivate No Clipping ModeD05AAEC2 0000FEFE
205AF060 00000000
Disable AI Think205AD590 00000001
Disable AI Actions205AD598 00000001
Access All Subregions206A3F2C 00000001
Unlock All Subregions206A3D00 00000011
Vibration Always Off205C9868 00000000
Vibration Always On205C9868 00000001
Trophy Beacon Always Off205C986C 00000000
Trophy Beacon Always On205C986C 00000001
Auto Claim Always Off205C9870 00000000
Auto Claim Always On205C9870 00000001
Show HUD Always Off205C9874 00000000
Show HUD Always On205C9874 00000001
Bullet Camera Always Off205C9878 00000000
Bullet Camera Always On205C9878 00000001
Animal Info Always Off205C987C 00000000
Animal Info Always On205C987C 00000001
Status Codes
Max Shots Fired206A3E3C 05F5E0FF
Always Low Shots Fired206A3E3C 00000001
Always No Shots Fired206A3E3C 00000000
Max Hit Percentage206A3E40 00000064
Max Clean Shots206A3E44 05F5E0FF
Always Low Clean Shots206A3E44 00000001
Always No Clean Shots206A3E44 00000000
Max Longest Shot206A3E4C 461C3C00