Cabela's Alaskan Adventures

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)9012A9BC 0C041188
Infinite Health2058C4AC 3C0142C8
2058C4B4 AC81017C
Infinite Stamina2058CC64 00000000
2058CC8C 00000000
2058CCAC 00000000
Never Reload20599BF0 00000000
20599C24 00000000
20599C3C 00000000
Can Zoom Ultra Close105B234C 00000000
205B28C0 3C0142C8
205B28C8 AC41007C
Invert Axis Always Off2072FD80 00000000
Invert Axis Always On2072FD80 00000001
Vibrations Always Off2072FD84 00000000
Vibrations Always On2072FD84 00000001
Always Max Sensitivity2072FD88 42C80000
HUD Always Off2072FD8C 00000000
HUD Always On2072FD8C 00000001
Subtitles Always Off2072FD90 00000000
Subtitles Always On2072FD90 00000001
Bullet Cam Always Off2072FD94 00000000
Bullet Cam Always On2072FD94 00000001
Tip-Up Timer Always Off2072FD98 00000000
Tip-Up Timer Always On2072FD98 00000001
Animal Radar Always Off2072FD9C 00000000
Animal Radar Always On2072FD9C 00000001
Aim Help Always Off2072FDA0 00000000
Aim Help Always On2072FDA0 00000001
Autoclaim Always Off2072FDA4 00000000
Autoclaim Always On2072FDA4 00000001
P1 Press L1+Select To Enable No ClippingD07069C2 0000FBFE
2070B710 00000001
P1 Press L2+Select To Disble No ClippingD07069C2 0000FEFE
2070B710 00000000
God Mode2070B718 00000001
Adventure Mode Codes
Infinite Credits10730F78 0000FFFF
Max Credits20730F78 05F5E0FF
Buying Items Doesnt Decrease Credits2052D044 00000000
Buying Items Increases Credits2052D040 00641821
Profile Codes
Western Arctic Codes
Have All Hunts10730F12 00000003
Have All Special Hunts10730F22 00000003
Have All Fishing10730F32 00000002
Have All Contests10730F42 00000002
Interior Alaska Codes
Have All Hunts10730F14 00000003
Have All Special Hunts10730F24 00000003
Have All Fishing10730F34 00000002
Have All Contests10730F44 00000002
South Central Alaska Codes
Have All Hunts10730F16 00000003
Have All Special Hunts10730F26 00000006
Have All Fishing10730F36 00000002
Have All Contests10730F46 00000002
Southeastern Alaska Codes
Have All Hunts10730F18 00000003
Have All Special Hunts10730F28 00000006
Have All Fishing10730F38 00000002
Have All Contests10730F48 00000002