Bouncer, The

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 002EE137
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
902EE134 0C0BFCEB
Infinite Bouncer Points203DC068 0001869F
Sion Barzahd Codes
Infinite Life21D89F64 0000012C
Max Life21D89F6C 0000012C
Infinite Defense21D89F70 0000012C
Max Defense21D89F78 0000012C
Max Power21D89F7C 0000012C
Have All Extra Skills21D89F80 000000FF
Rank Modifier21D89F84 000000??
Max Bouncer Points21D89FC0 0001869F
Volt Krueger Codes
Infinite Life21D89FF4 0000012C
Max Life21D89FFC 0000012C
Infinite Defense21D8A000 0000012C
Max Defense21D8A008 0000012C
Max Power21D8A00C 0000012C
Have All Extra Skills21D8A010 000000FF
Rank Modifier21D8A014 000000??
Max Bouncer Points21D8A050 0001869F
Kou Leifoh Codes
Infinite Life21D8A084 0000012C
Max Life21D8A08C 0000012C
Infinite Defense21D8A090 0000012C
Max Defense21D8A098 0000012C
Max Power21D8A09C 0000012C
Have All Extra Skills21D8A0A0 000000FF
Rank Modifier21D8A0A4 000000??
Max Bouncer Points21D8A0E0 0001869F
End Of Stage Codes
Always Gain Extra Skill 120346FCC 00000001
Always Gain Extra Skill 220346FD0 00000001
Always Gain Extra Skill 320346FD4 00000001
Always Gain Extra Skill 420346FD8 00000001
Always Gain Extra Skill 520346FDC 00000001
Always Gain Extra Skill 620346FE0 00000001
Always Gain Extra Skill 720346FE4 00000001
Max Life Up20346FC0 00000007
Max Power Up20346FC4 00000007
Max Defense Up20346FC8 00000007
Have All Characters (VS. Mode)21D8CB40 FFFFFFFF
Rank Modifier Codes
Echidna01D8A1A3 000000??
Dauragon01D8A1A4 000000??
Dauragon 201D8A1A5 000000??
Dauragon 301D8A1A6 000000??
Dauragon 401D8A1A7 000000??
Mugetsu01D8A1A8 000000??
Mugetsu 201D8A1A9 000000??
PD-401D8A1AA 000000??
Dominique01D8A1AB 000000??
Kaldea01D8A1AC 000000??
Wong01D8A1AD 000000??
Leann01D8A1AE 000000??