Battlefield 2-Modern Combat

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Enable Code (Must Be On)9027E5C0 0C139F25
Other Codes
Challenges Codes
Hotswap Challenge-The Ruins Codes
Enable Level71CD8848 00000008
Max Stars21CD8858 00000003
Max Score21CD886C 05F5E0FF
Race Challenge-Hmmwv Humvee Codes
Enable Level71CD89B8 00000008
Max Stars21CD89C8 00000003
Max Score21CD89DC 05F5E0FF
Weapon Challenge-Assault Rifle Codes
Enable Level71CD8B28 00000008
Max Stars21CD8B38 00000003
Max Score21CD8B4C 05F5E0FF
Hotswap Challenge-The Oil Platform Codes
Enable Level71CD8C98 00000008
Max Stars21CD8CA8 00000003
Max Score21CD8CBC 05F5E0FF
Race Challenge-Light Patrol Boat Codes
Enable Level71CD8E08 00000008
Max Stars21CD8E18 00000003
Max Score21CD8E2C 05F5E0FF
Weapon Challenge-RPG Codes
Enable Level71CD8F78 00000008
Max Stars21CD8F88 00000003
Max Score21CD8F9C 05F5E0FF
Hotswap Challenge-The Factory Codes
Enable Level71CD90E8 00000008
Max Stars21CD90F8 00000003
Max Score21CD910C 05F5E0FF
Race Challenge-Eagle Military Tactical Vehicle Codes
Enable Level71CD9258 00000008
Max Stars21CD9268 00000003
Max Score21CD927C 05F5E0FF
Weapon Challenge-Sniper Rifle Codes
Enable Level71CD93C8 00000008
Max Stars21CD93D8 00000003
Max Score21CD93EC 05F5E0FF
Hotswap Challenge-The North Docks Codes
Enable Level71CD9538 00000008
Max Stars21CD9548 00000003
Max Score21CD955C 05F5E0FF
Race Challenge-BK 1990-Mobile Artillery Codes
Enable Level71CD96A8 00000008
Max Stars21CD96B8 00000003
Max Score21CD96CC 05F5E0FF
Weapon Challenge-Frag Grenade Codes
Enable Level71CD9818 00000008
Max Stars21CD9828 00000003
Max Score21CD983C 05F5E0FF
Hotswap Challenge-The Plaza Codes
Enable Level71CD9988 00000008
Max Stars21CD9998 00000003
Max Score21CD99AC 05F5E0FF
Race Challenge-Apache Attack Helicopter Codes
Enable Level71CD9AF8 00000008
Max Stars21CD9B08 00000003
Max Score21CD9B1C 05F5E0FF
Weapon Challenge-Shotgun Codes
Enable Level71CD9C68 00000008
Max Stars21CD9C78 00000003
Max Score21CD9C8C 05F5E0FF
Hotswap Challenge-The Village Codes
Enable Level71CD9DD8 00000008
Max Stars21CD9DE8 00000003
Max Score21CD9DFC 05F5E0FF
Race Challenge-Fast Attack Vehicle Codes
Enable Level71CD9F48 00000008
Max Stars21CD9F58 00000003
Max Score21CD9F6C 05F5E0FF
Weapon Challenge-Machinge Gun Codes
Enable Level71CDA0B8 00000008
Max Stars21CDA0C8 00000003
Max Score21CDA0DC 05F5E0FF
Have Equipment Codes
Assault-Enfield L85A2 Assault Rifle0075D011 00000001
Assault-M203 Grenade Launcher0075D012 00000001
Assault-G-17 Pistol0075D013 00000001
Assault-M61 Frag Grenade0075D014 00000001
Assault-AN-M8 Smoke Grenade0075D015 00000001
Engineer-B-M3 Shotgun0075D016 00000001
Engineer-C-V M3 Rocket Launcher0075D017 00000001
Engineer-G-17 Pistol0075D018 00000001
Engineer-Vehicle Mines0075D019 00000001
Engineer-Blowtorch Repair Kit0075D01A 00000001
Sniper-D-SVU Sniper Rifle0075D01B 00000001
Sniper-Laser Target Designator0075D01C 00000001
Sniper-G-17 Pistol0075D01D 00000001
Sniper-M61 Frag Grenade0075D01E 00000001
Sniper-Forward Observer0075D01F 00000001
Special Ops-HK UMP45 Submachine Gun0075D020 00000001
Special Ops-C4 Explosive0075D021 00000001
Special Ops-G-17 Pistol0075D022 00000001
Special Ops-XM84 Stun Grenade0075D023 00000001
Special Ops-Randall Model 1 Knife0075D024 00000001
Support-M249 Machine Gun0075D025 00000001
Support-Mortal Strike0075D026 00000001
Support-G-17 Pistol0075D027 00000001
Support-M61 Frag Grenade0075D028 00000001
Support-Auto Injector0075D029 00000001
All Equipment0075D011 00000001
1075D012 00000101
4075D014 00050001
01010101 00000000
1075D028 00000101
Have Field Tasks Completed Codes
Water Towers1075CDCC 00000303
Burning Barrels1075CDD4 00000505
Ammo Huts1075CDDC 00000505
Signs1075CDE4 00001A1A
Aerials1075CDEC 00001F1F
Buoys1075CDF4 00000505
Mines1075CDFC 00000A0A
Speakers1075CE04 00000B0B
Bells1075CE0C 00000303
Billboards1075CE14 00001111
Oil Wells1075CE1C 00000303
Statues1075CE24 00000202
Flags1075CE2C 00000303
Max Equipment Upgrade Codes
G-17 Pistol2075CFA4 FFFFFFFF
Enfield L85A2 Assault Rifle2075CFA8 FFFFFFFF
M249 Machine Gun2075CFB0 FFFFFFFF
M203 Grenade Launcher2075CFB4 FFFFFFFF
C-V M3 Rocket Launcher2075CFB8 FFFFFFFF
HK UMP45 Submachine Gun2075CFC0 FFFFFFFF
Laser Target Designator2075CFC4 FFFFFFFF
C4 Explosive2075CFD0 FFFFFFFF
M61 Frag Grenade2075CFD4 FFFFFFFF
Forward Observer2075CFD8 FFFFFFFF
Mortal Strike2075CFDC FFFFFFFF
XM84 Stun Grenade2075CFE0 FFFFFFFF
AN-M8 Smoke Grenade2075CFE4 FFFFFFFF
Blowtorch Repair Kit2075CFE8 FFFFFFFF
Auto Injector2075CFEC FFFFFFFF
Vehicle Mines2075CFF4 FFFFFFFF
All Equipment Upgrades4075CFA4 00150001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Misc. Codes
Infinite Health20146278 3C01447A
20146280 AC810000
Infinite Ammo203F332C 00000000
Max Infinite Ammo203F3328 240203E7
Extra Ammo203F3328 00511021
Never Reload203F34D8 00000000
Max Score200C0220 3C13000F
200C0224 3673423F
200C0228 0813A60C
200C022C AE9305B0
20329DA8 0C030088
Have All Medals2075C084 0000004E
20331250 24100001
20331258 A0700000
Missions Codes
In And Out Codes
Have Level Completed71CD6B88 00000001
Max Stars21CD6B98 0000000A
Max Score21CD6BAC 05F5E0FF
Lowest Finish Time21CD6BB0 00000001
Best Style21CD6BB4 40800000
Max Accuracy21CD6BB8 00000064
No Losses21CD6BBC 00000000
Radio Silence Codes
Have Level Completed71CD6CF8 00000001
Max Stars21CD6D08 0000000A
Max Score21CD6D1C 05F5E0FF
Lowest Finish Time21CD6D20 00000001
Best Style21CD6D24 40800000
Max Accuracy21CD6D28 00000064
No Losses21CD6D2C 00000000
Headshot Codes
Have Level Completed71CD6E68 00000001
Max Stars21CD6E78 0000000A
Max Score21CD6E8C 05F5E0FF
Lowest Finish Time21CD6E90 00000001
Best Style21CD6E94 40800000
Max Accuracy21CD6E98 00000064
No Losses21CD6E9C 00000000
Submerged Codes
Have Level Completed71CD6FD8 00000001
Max Stars21CD6FE8 0000000A
Max Score21CD6FFC 05F5E0FF
Lowest Finish Time21CD7000 00000001
Best Style21CD7004 40800000
Max Accuracy21CD7008 00000064
No Losses21CD700C 00000000
Metal Island Codes
Have Level Completed71CD7148 00000001
Max Stars21CD7158 0000000A
Max Score21CD716C 05F5E0FF
Lowest Finish Time21CD7170 00000001
Best Style21CD7174 40800000
Max Accuracy21CD7178 00000064
No Losses21CD717C 00000000
Heavy Tonnage Codes
Have Level Completed71CD72B8 00000001
Max Stars21CD72C8 0000000A
Max Score21CD72DC 05F5E0FF
Lowest Finish Time21CD72E0 00000001
Best Style21CD72E4 40800000
Max Accuracy21CD72E8 00000064
No Losses21CD72EC 00000000
Air Traffic Control Codes
Have Level Completed71CD7428 00000001
Max Stars21CD7438 0000000A
Max Score21CD744C 05F5E0FF
Lowest Finish Time21CD7450 00000001
Best Style21CD7454 40800000
Max Accuracy21CD7458 00000064
No Losses21CD745C 00000000
Catching Flak Codes
Have Level Completed71CD7598 00000001
Max Stars21CD75A8 0000000A
Max Score21CD75BC 05F5E0FF
Lowest Finish Time21CD75C0 00000001
Best Style21CD75C4 40800000
Max Accuracy21CD75C8 00000064
No Losses21CD75CC 00000000
Rolling Thunder Codes
Have Level Completed71CD7708 00000001
Max Stars21CD7718 0000000A
Max Score21CD772C 05F5E0FF
Lowest Finish Time21CD7730 00000001
Best Style21CD7734 40800000
Max Accuracy21CD7738 00000064
No Losses21CD773C 00000000
Burning Bridges Codes
Have Level Completed71CD7878 00000001
Max Stars21CD7888 0000000A
Max Score21CD789C 05F5E0FF
Lowest Finish Time21CD78A0 00000001
Best Style21CD78A4 40800000
Max Accuracy21CD78A8 00000064
No Losses21CD78AC 00000000
Beach Party Codes
Have Level Completed71CD79E8 00000001
Max Stars21CD79F8 0000000A
Max Score21CD7A0C 05F5E0FF
Lowest Finish Time21CD7A10 00000001
Best Style21CD7A14 40800000
Max Accuracy21CD7A18 00000064
No Losses21CD7A1C 00000000
Big Bang Codes
Have Level Completed71CD7B58 00000001
Max Stars21CD7B68 0000000A
Max Score21CD7B7C 05F5E0FF
Lowest Finish Time21CD7B80 00000001
Best Style21CD7B84 40800000
Max Accuracy21CD7B88 00000064
No Losses21CD7B8C 00000000
Hotel Alpha Codes
Have Level Completed71CD7CB8 00000001
Max Stars21CD7CD8 0000000A
Max Score21CD7CEC 05F5E0FF
Lowest Finish Time21CD7CF0 00000001
Best Style21CD7CF4 40800000
Max Accuracy21CD7CF8 00000064
No Losses21CD7CFC 00000000
Top Man Codes
Have Level Completed71CD7E38 00000001
Max Stars21CD7E48 0000000A
Max Score21CD7E5C 05F5E0FF
Lowest Finish Time21CD7E60 00000001
Best Style21CD7E64 40800000
Max Accuracy21CD7E68 00000064
No Losses21CD7E6C 00000000
DMZ Codes
Have Level Completed71CD7FA8 00000001
Max Stars21CD7FB8 0000000A
Max Score21CD7FCC 05F5E0FF
Lowest Finish Time21CD7FD0 00000001
Best Style21CD7FD4 40800000
Max Accuracy21CD7FD8 00000064
No Losses21CD7FDC 00000000
End Of The Line Codes
Have Level Completed71CD8118 00000001
Max Stars21CD8128 0000000A
Max Score21CD813C 05F5E0FF
Lowest Finish Time21CD8140 00000001
Best Style21CD8144 40800000
Max Accuracy21CD8148 00000064
No Losses21CD814C 00000000
End Game (China) Codes
Have Level Completed71CD8288 00000001
Max Stars21CD8298 0000000A
Max Score21CD82AC 05F5E0FF
Lowest Finish Time21CD82B0 00000001
Best Style21CD82B4 40800000
Max Accuracy21CD82B8 00000064
No Losses21CD82BC 00000000
Flying The Flag (China) Codes
Have Level Completed71CD83F8 00000001
Max Stars21CD8408 0000000A
Max Score21CD841C 05F5E0FF
Lowest Finish Time21CD8420 00000001
Best Style21CD8424 40800000
Max Accuracy21CD8428 00000064
No Losses21CD842C 00000000
End Game (Nato) Codes
Have Level Completed71CD8568 00000001
Max Stars21CD8578 0000000A
Max Score21CD858C 05F5E0FF
Lowest Finish Time21CD8590 00000001
Best Style21CD8594 40800000
Max Accuracy21CD8598 00000064
No Losses21CD859C 00000000
Flying The Flag (Nato) Codes
Have Level Completed71CD86D8 00000001
Max Stars21CD86E8 0000000A
Max Score21CD86FC 05F5E0FF
Lowest Finish Time21CD8700 00000001
Best Style21CD8704 40800000
Max Accuracy21CD8708 00000064
No Losses21CD870C 00000000