Bard's Tale, The

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Pyriel

Enable Code (Must Be On)9016305C 0C05A216
Quick Experience Gain105FBF6C 0000FFFF
Max Experience205FBF6C 05F5E0FF
Infinite Silver105FBF7C 0000FFFF
Max Silver205FBF7C 05F5E0FF
Infinite HP (In Battle)201C426C 3C030060
201C4270 8464C026
201C4274 44840000
201C4278 46800020
201C427C E6000068
Infinite Mana Usage201B7978 00000000
Infinite HP105FC024 0000270F
Max HP (Doesnt Show In Stats)105FC026 0000270F
Level 99105FC028 00000063
Max Adderstones105FC02A 0000270F
Infinite Mana105FC02C 0000270F
Max Mana105FC06C 0000270F
Max Strength005FC0AD 00000063
Max Vitality005FC0AE 00000063
Max Luck005FC0AF 00000063
Max Dexterity005FC0B0 00000063
Max Charisma005FC0B1 00000063
Max Rhythm005FC0B2 00000063
Infinite Bonus Points005FC0B3 00000063
Have All Tokens005FC1CB 000000FF
Have All Tunes205FC1D0 FFFFFFFF
Have All Talents205FC1D4 FFFFFFFF
Start New Game With 50 Bonus Points2019BA14 24030032
Start New Game With 100 Bonus Points2019BA14 24030064
Start New Game With 150 Bonus Points2019BA14 24030096
Start New Game With 200 Bonus Points2019BA14 240300C8
Start New Game With 250 Bonus Points2019BA14 240300FA
Can Choose New Talent On Each Level Up2019E338 24020001
Quick Exp Gain201DE848 248403E7
Super Quick Exp Gain201DE848 2484270F
Hella Quick Exp Gain201DE848 24847FFF
Max Level After 1 Kill201DE848 3C040050
Have Sword Modifier Codes
Sword005FC0C2 00000001
Broadsword005FC0C2 00000002
Caladbolg005FC0C2 00000003
Quicksilver Broadsword005FC0C2 00000004
Casgair005FC0C2 00000005
Ravensteel Broadsword005FC0C2 00000006
Have Flail Modifier Codes
Flail005FC0C3 00000001
Crannderg005FC0C3 00000002
Granite Flai005FC0C3 00000003
Onyx Flail005FC0C3 00000004
Balor's Eye005FC0C3 00000005
Have Dirk Modifier Codes
Dirk005FC0C4 00000001
Silver Dirk005FC0C4 00000002
Vipersteel Dirk005FC0C4 00000003
Basluath005FC0C4 00000004
Have 2-Handed Sword Modifier Codes
Claymore005FC0C4 00000001
Claidbeamh Soluis005FC0C4 00000002
Lochaber Axe005FC0C4 00000003
Frecraid005FC0C4 00000004
Have Bow Modifier Codes
Longbow005FC0C5 00000001
Great Bow005FC0C5 00000002
Glaisne005FC0C5 00000003
Elderwood Bow005FC0C5 00000004
Blackthorn Bow005FC0C5 00000005
Blackthorn Great Bow005FC0C5 00000006
Bow Of Bile Dathi005FC0C5 00000007
Ddraig Goch005FC0C5 00000008
Have Armor Modifier Codes
Padden Armor005FC0C6 00000001
Leather Armor005FC0C6 00000002
Studded Leather005FC0C6 00000003
Oak Leaf Armor005FC0C6 00000004
Chainmail005FC0C6 00000005
Scalemail005FC0C6 00000006
Scathach's Mail005FC0C6 00000007
White Bronze Chain Mail005FC0C6 00000008
White Bronze Scale Mail005FC0C6 00000009
Armor Of Lhr005FC0C6 0000000A
Have Flute Modifier Codes
Lute005FC0C7 00000001
Harp005FC0C7 00000002
Ornate Lute005FC0C7 00000003
Jeweled Flute005FC0C7 00000004
Silver Harp005FC0C7 00000005
Shadow Axe005FC0C7 00000006
Finn's Lute005FC0C7 00000007
Ancient Flute005FC0C7 00000008
Ego Sword005FC0C7 00000009
Harp Of Ages005FC0C7 0000000A
Gnimb's Flute005FC0C7 0000000B
Ossian's Lute005FC0C7 0000000C