Bad Boys-Miami Takedown

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Lajos Szalay

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Enable Code (Must Be On)903A83FC 0C0ED5BD
Infinite Health202210C8 24030064
202210D4 A4430060
Infinite Armor2022C4E8 24030064
2022C4EC A4430062
Never Reload2019BE54 00000000
Infinite Ammo2019BDEC 00000000
2019BE2C 00000000
Max Infinite Ammo2019BDE8 240303E7
2019BE20 240203E7
Extra Ammo1019BDE8 00000001
1019BE20 00000001
Max Infinite Grenades200C0220 24050063
200C0224 0807B212
200C0228 AE250AC0
202210B8 0C030088
Infinite Grenades20223DC4 00000000
Quick Money Gain10451828 0000FFFF
Max Money20451828 05F5E0FF
Unlock All Acts/Levels20451A94 00000011
Press Select For HELLA Kix Ass Debug Windows-Like Menu2052E66C 00000001
Press L1+L2+R1+R2 To End Current LevelD04C3A02 0000F0FF
203E4180 00000001
Super Weapon Modifier Code200C0004 3C01004C
200C0008 94213A02
200C000C 3404FFFF
200C0010 50240013
200C0014 24040000
200C0018 3404FDFF
200C001C 50240006
200C0020 24420001
200C0024 3404FEFF
200C0028 50240003
200C002C 2442FFFF
200C0030 1000000D
200C0034 00000000
200C0038 3C01000C
200C003C 8C210000
200C0040 14200009
200C0044 2404000D
200C0048 50440003
200C004C 24020000
200C0050 04420001
200C0054 2402000C
200C0058 AC62001C
200C005C 24040001
200C0060 3C01000C
200C0064 AC240000
200C0068 03E00008
200C006C 24040060
2022B4A4 0C030001
2019BDE8 240303E7
2019BE20 240203E7
2019BE54 00000000
Always Have Weapon Modifier Codes
Colt200C0230 24020000
200C0234 AC62001C
200C0238 03E00008
200C023C 24040060
2022B4A4 0C03008C
Sig200C0230 24020001
200C0234 AC62001C
200C0238 03E00008
200C023C 24040060
2022B4A4 0C03008C
9mm200C0230 24020002
200C0234 AC62001C
200C0238 03E00008
200C023C 24040060
2022B4A4 0C03008C
9mm Silenced200C0230 24020003
200C0234 AC62001C
200C0238 03E00008
200C023C 24040060
2022B4A4 0C03008C
Enforcer200C0230 24020004
200C0234 AC62001C
200C0238 03E00008
200C023C 24040060
2022B4A4 0C03008C
12 Gauge200C0230 24020005
200C0234 AC62001C
200C0238 03E00008
200C023C 24040060
2022B4A4 0C03008C
Spaz200C0230 24020006
200C0234 AC62001C
200C0238 03E00008
200C023C 24040060
2022B4A4 0C03008C
MP5200C0230 24020007
200C0234 AC62001C
200C0238 03E00008
200C023C 24040060
2022B4A4 0C03008C
Uzi200C0230 24020008
200C0234 AC62001C
200C0238 03E00008
200C023C 24040060
2022B4A4 0C03008C
Tac Sub200C0230 24020009
200C0234 AC62001C
200C0238 03E00008
200C023C 24040060
2022B4A4 0C03008C
AK 47200C0230 2402000A
200C0234 AC62001C
200C0238 03E00008
200C023C 24040060
2022B4A4 0C03008C
M4200C0230 2402000B
200C0234 AC62001C
200C0238 03E00008
200C023C 24040060
2022B4A4 0C03008C
Steyr200C0230 2402000C
200C0234 AC62001C
200C0238 03E00008
200C023C 24040060
2022B4A4 0C03008C
Evidence Codes
Have All Mug Shots20451AD4 FFFFFFFF
Have All Weapons Found20451AD8 FFFFFFFF
Have All Clues Found20451ADC FFFFFFFF
Display Char Idents Always On203E5628 00000001
Display Char Idents Always Off203E5628 00000000
Auto Reload Always On203E7520 00000001
Auto Reload Always Off203E7520 00000000
Draw Conditions Always On203E7560 00000001
Draw Conditions Always Off203E7560 00000000
Show VRam Stats Always On203E76E0 00000001
Show VRam Stats Always Off203E76E0 00000000
Display Inaccuracy Always On203E7C5C 00000001
Display Inaccuracy Always Off203E7C5C 00000000
Show Player Pos Always On203E7C64 00000001
Show Player Pos Always Off203E7C64 00000000
Show Buddy Pos Always On203E7C68 00000001
Show Buddy Pos Always Off203E7C68 00000000
Debug Info Always On203E8260 00000001
Debug Info Always Off203E8260 00000000
Invincible Mode Always On203E82A4 00000001
Invincible Mode Always Off203E82A4 00000000
Display AV Debug Always On203E9808 00000001
Display AV Debug Always Off203E9808 00000000
Always Play Videos203E9ADC 00000001
Never Play Videos203E9ADC 00000000
Graph Always On20451E50 00000001
Graph Always Off20451E50 00000000
Vibration Always On20516220 00000001
Vibration Always Off20516220 00000000
Invert-Y Axis Always On20516228 00000001
Invert-Y Axis Always Off20516228 00000000
Auto Levelling Always On2051622C 00000001
Auto Levelling Always Off2051622C 00000000
Swap Aim/Move Control Always On20516230 00000001
Swap Aim/Move Control Always Off20516230 00000000
Unlock Cheat Codes
Decapitation70451AE0 00000002
Infinite Grenades70451AE4 00000002
No Reloads70451AE8 00000002
Molotovs70451AEC 00000002
Infinite Ammo70451AF0 00000002
Walking Enemies (Non-Sniper Levels)70451AF4 00000002
Extreme Gore70451AF8 00000002
Drug Effect70451AFC 00000002
Super Shotgun70451B00 00000002
Exploding Enemies70451B04 00000002
Activate Cheat Codes
Decapitation70451AE0 00000001
Infinite Grenades70451AE4 00000001
No Reloads70451AE8 00000001
Molotovs70451AEC 00000001
Infinite Ammo70451AF0 00000001
Walking Enemies (Non-Sniper Levels)70451AF4 00000001
Extreme Gore70451AF8 00000001
Drug Effect70451AFC 00000001
Super Shotgun70451B00 00000001
Exploding Enemies70451B04 00000001
Weapon Stats Codes
Colt-Max Clip Size203E6C80 00000063
Colt-Max Damage Amount203E6C84 0000270F
Colt-Max Fire Rate (Sec)203E6C88 4479C000
Colt-Max Kick Back203E6C8C 4479C000
Colt-Max Kick Back (Action Mode)203E6C90 4479C000
Colt-Max Weapon Range203E6C94 497423F0
Colt-Lowest Weapon Inaccuracy Inc.203E6CD4 00000000
Colt-Lowest Maximum Inaccuracy203E6CD8 00000000
Colt-Max Inaccuracy Reducer203E6CDC 4479C000
Sig-Max Clip Size203E6CE0 00000063
Sig-Max Damage Amount203E6CE4 0000270F
Sig-Max Fire Rate (Sec)203E6CE8 4479C000
Sig-Max Kick Back203E6CEC 4479C000
Sig-Max Kick Back (Action Mode)203E6CF0 4479C000
Sig-Max Weapon Range203E6CF4 497423F0
Sig-Lowest Weapon Inaccuracy Inc.203E6D34 00000000
Sig-Lowest Maximum Inaccuracy203E6D38 00000000
Sig-Max Inaccuracy Reducer203E6D3C 4479C000
9mm-Max Clip Size203E6D40 00000063
9mm-Max Damage Amount203E6D44 0000270F
9mm-Max Fire Rate (Sec)203E6D48 4479C000
9mm-Max Kick Back203E6D4C 4479C000
9mm-Max Kick Back (Action Mode)203E6D50 4479C000
9mm-Max Weapon Range203E6D54 497423F0
9mm-Lowest Weapon Inaccuracy Inc.203E6D94 00000000
9mm-Lowest Maximum Inaccuracy203E6D98 00000000
9mm-Max Inaccuracy Reducer203E6D9C 4479C000
9mm Silenced-Max Clip Size203E6DA0 00000063
9mm Silenced-Max Damage Amount203E6DA4 0000270F
9mm Silenced-Max Fire Rate (Sec)203E6DA8 4479C000
9mm Silenced-Max Kick Back203E6DAC 4479C000
9mm Silenced-Max Kick Back (Action Mode)203E6DB0 4479C000
9mm Silenced-Max Weapon Range203E6DB4 497423F0
9mm Silenced-Lowest Weapon Inaccuracy Inc.203E6DF4 00000000
9mm Silenced-Lowest Maximum Inaccuracy203E6DF8 00000000
9mm Silenced-Max Inaccuracy Reducer203E6DFC 4479C000
Enforcer-Max Clip Size203E6E00 00000063
Enforcer-Max Damage Amount203E6E04 0000270F
Enforcer-Max Fire Rate (Sec)203E6E08 4479C000
Enforcer-Max Kick Back203E6E0C 4479C000
Enforcer-Max Kick Back (Action Mode)203E6E10 4479C000
Enforcer-Max Weapon Range203E6E14 497423F0
Enforcer-Lowest Weapon Inaccuracy Inc.203E6E54 00000000
Enforcer-Lowest Maximum Inaccuracy203E6E58 00000000
Enforcer-Max Inaccuracy Reducer203E6E5C 4479C000
12 Gauge-Max Clip Size203E6E60 00000063
12 Gauge-Max Damage Amount203E6E64 0000270F
12 Gauge-Max Fire Rate (Sec)203E6E68 4479C000
12 Gauge-Max Kick Back203E6E6C 4479C000
12 Gauge-Max Kick Back (Action Mode)203E6E70 4479C000
12 Gauge-Max Weapon Range203E6E74 497423F0
12 Gauge-Lowest Weapon Inaccuracy Inc.203E6EB4 00000000
12 Gauge-Lowest Maximum Inaccuracy203E6EB8 00000000
12 Gauge-Max Inaccuracy Reducer203E6EBC 4479C000
Spaz-Max Clip Size203E6EC0 00000063
Spaz-Max Damage Amount203E6EC4 0000270F
Spaz-Max Fire Rate (Sec)203E6EC8 4479C000
Spaz-Max Kick Back203E6ECC 4479C000
Spaz-Max Kick Back (Action Mode)203E6ED0 4479C000
Spaz-Max Weapon Range203E6ED4 497423F0
Spaz-Lowest Weapon Inaccuracy Inc.203E6F14 00000000
Spaz-Lowest Maximum Inaccuracy203E6F18 00000000
Spaz-Max Inaccuracy Reducer203E6F1C 4479C000
MP5-Max Clip Size203E6F20 00000063
MP5-Max Damage Amount203E6F24 0000270F
MP5-Max Fire Rate (Sec)203E6F28 4479C000
MP5-Max Kick Back203E6F2C 4479C000
MP5-Max Kick Back (Action Mode)203E6F30 4479C000
MP5-Max Weapon Range203E6F34 497423F0
MP5-Lowest Weapon Inaccuracy Inc.203E6F74 00000000
MP5-Lowest Maximum Inaccuracy203E6F78 00000000
MP5-Max Inaccuracy Reducer203E6F7C 4479C000
Uzi-Max Clip Size203E6F80 00000063
Uzi-Max Damage Amount203E6F84 0000270F
Uzi-Max Fire Rate (Sec)203E6F88 4479C000
Uzi-Max Kick Back203E6F8C 4479C000
Uzi-Max Kick Back (Action Mode)203E6F90 4479C000
Uzi-Max Weapon Range203E6F94 497423F0
Uzi-Lowest Weapon Inaccuracy Inc.203E6FD4 00000000
Uzi-Lowest Maximum Inaccuracy203E6FD8 00000000
Uzi-Max Inaccuracy Reducer203E6FDC 4479C000
Tac Sub-Max Clip Size203E6FE0 00000063
Tac Sub-Max Damage Amount203E6FE4 0000270F
Tac Sub-Max Fire Rate (Sec)203E6FE8 4479C000
Tac Sub-Max Kick Back203E6FEC 4479C000
Tac Sub-Max Kick Back (Action Mode)203E6FF0 4479C000
Tac Sub-Max Weapon Range203E6FF4 497423F0
Tac Sub-Lowest Weapon Inaccuracy Inc.203E7034 00000000
Tac Sub-Lowest Maximum Inaccuracy203E7038 00000000
Tac Sub-Max Inaccuracy Reducer203E703C 4479C000
AK 47-Max Clip Size203E7040 00000063
AK 47-Max Damage Amount203E7044 0000270F
AK 47-Max Fire Rate (Sec)203E7048 4479C000
AK 47-Max Kick Back203E704C 4479C000
AK 47-Max Kick Back (Action Mode)203E7050 4479C000
AK 47-Max Weapon Range203E7054 497423F0
AK 47-Lowest Weapon Inaccuracy Inc.203E7094 00000000
AK 47-Lowest Maximum Inaccuracy203E7098 00000000
AK 47-Max Inaccuracy Reducer203E709C 4479C000
M4-Max Clip Size203E70A0 00000063
M4-Max Damage Amount203E70A4 0000270F
M4-Max Fire Rate (Sec)203E70A8 4479C000
M4-Max Kick Back203E70AC 4479C000
M4-Max Kick Back (Action Mode)203E70B0 4479C000
M4-Max Weapon Range203E70B4 497423F0
M4-Lowest Weapon Inaccuracy Inc.203E70F4 00000000
M4-Lowest Maximum Inaccuracy203E70F8 00000000
M4-Max Inaccuracy Reducer203E70FC 4479C000
Steyr-Max Clip Size203E7100 00000063
Steyr-Max Damage Amount203E7104 0000270F
Steyr-Max Fire Rate (Sec)203E7108 4479C000
Steyr-Max Kick Back203E710C 4479C000
Steyr-Max Kick Back (Action Mode)203E7110 4479C000
Steyr-Max Weapon Range203E7114 497423F0
Steyr-Lowest Weapon Inaccuracy Inc.203E7154 00000000
Steyr-Lowest Maximum Inaccuracy203E7158 00000000
Steyr-Max Inaccuracy Reducer203E715C 4479C000