Backyard NBA Basketball

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100008 001DF8A7
Home Team Score Modifier (000-3E7)200C0220 03E00008
200C0224 AC820510
20199A00 0C030088
20199A04 24020???
Away Team Score Modifier (000-3E7)200C0230 03E00008
200C0234 AC820510
201999F8 0C03008C
201999FC 24020???
Home Team 2-Pointer's Score Modifier1019D744 000000??
Home Team 3-Pointer's Score Modifier1019D8D4 000000??
Away Team 2-Pointer's Score Modifier1019D738 000000??
Away Team 3-Pointer's Score Modifier1019D8C4 000000??
Home Team Never Scores1019D744 00000000
1019D8D4 00000000
Away Team Never Scores1019D738 00000000
1019D8C4 00000000
All 2-Pointer's Score For Home Team1019D72E 00001000
All 2-Pointer's Score For Away Team2019D72C 00000000
All 3-Pointer's Score For Home Team1019D8BA 00001000
All 3-Pointer's Score For Away Team2019D8B8 00000000
Infinite Time-Outs (Both Teams)2015685C 00000000
Only 1 Time-Out Allowed (Both Teams)2015685C AC600000
Infinite Shot Clock20459A10 00000000
P1 Press L1+Select To Stop TimerD0E5A502 0000FBFE
20459A30 00000000
P1 Press L2+Select To Start TimerD0E5A502 0000FEFE
20459A30 0C055624
P2 Press L1+Select To Stop TimerD0E5B302 0000FBFE
20459A30 00000000
P2 Press L2+Select To Start TimerD0E5B302 0000FEFE
20459A30 0C055624
P3 Press L1+Select To Stop TimerD0E5B502 0000FBFE
20459A30 00000000
P3 Press L2+Select To Start TimerD0E5B502 0000FEFE
20459A30 0C055624
P4 Press L1+Select To Stop TimerD0E5B6C2 0000FBFE
20459A30 00000000
P4 Press L2+Select To Start TimerD0E5B6C2 0000FEFE
20459A30 0C055624
P5 Press L1+Select To Stop TimerD0E5B8C2 0000FBFE
20459A30 00000000
P5 Press L2+Select To Start TimerD0E5B8C2 0000FEFE
20459A30 0C055624