ATV-Offroad Fury (Version 1.1)

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

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Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 002BBE0B
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
902BBE08 0C0AB864
Have Ravage 1000104EF8D4 00000001
Unlock Track Codes
Badlands10D286C0 00000001
Manitoba Mills10D28740 00000001
Kodiak Pipeline10D287C0 00000001
Salem's Backlot10D28840 00000001
Red Rocks10D288C0 00000001
Somer's Raceway10D28940 00000001
Tamarac Ranch10D289C0 00000001
Syracuse10D28B40 00000001
Latrobe10D28BC0 00000001
Tupelo10D28C40 00000001
Santa Fe10D28CC0 00000001
Menifee10D28D40 00000001
All Tracks40D286C0 000E0020
00000001 00000000
Saved Slot 1 Codes (Pro Career)
Max Race Points104EEA2C 000003E7
No Race Points104EEA2C 000003E7
Opponent 1-Max Race Points104EEA4C 000003E7
Opponent 1-No Race Points104EEA4C 00000000
Opponent 2-Max Race Points104EEA70 000003E7
Opponent 2-No Race Points104EEA70 00000000
Opponent 3-Max Race Points104EEA94 000003E7
Opponent 3-No Race Points104EEA94 00000000
Opponent 4-Max Race Points104EEAB8 000003E7
Opponent 4-No Race Points104EEAB8 00000000
Saved Slot 2 Codes (Pro Career)
Max Race Points104EEC8C 000003E7
No Race Points104EEC8C 000003E7
Opponent 1-Max Race Points104EECAC 000003E7
Opponent 1-No Race Points104EECAC 00000000
Opponent 2-Max Race Points104EECD0 000003E7
Opponent 2-No Race Points104EECD0 00000000
Opponent 3-Max Race Points104EECF4 000003E7
Opponent 3-No Race Points104EECF4 00000000
Opponent 4-Max Race Points104EED18 000003E7
Opponent 4-No Race Points104EED18 00000000
Saved Slot 3 Codes (Pro Career)
Max Race Points104EEEEC 000003E7
No Race Points104EEEEC 000003E7
Opponent 1-Max Race Points104EEF0C 000003E7
Opponent 1-No Race Points104EEF0C 00000000
Opponent 2-Max Race Points104EEF30 000003E7
Opponent 2-No Race Points104EEF30 00000000
Opponent 3-Max Race Points104EEF54 000003E7
Opponent 3-No Race Points104EEF54 00000000
Opponent 4-Max Race Points104EEF78 000003E7
Opponent 4-No Race Points104EEF78 00000000
Saved Slot 4 Codes (Pro Career)
Max Race Points104EF14C 000003E7
No Race Points104EF14C 000003E7
Opponent 1-Max Race Points104EF16C 000003E7
Opponent 1-No Race Points104EF16C 00000000
Opponent 2-Max Race Points104EF190 000003E7
Opponent 2-No Race Points104EF190 00000000
Opponent 3-Max Race Points104EF1B4 000003E7
Opponent 3-No Race Points104EF1B4 00000000
Opponent 4-Max Race Points104EF1D8 000003E7
Opponent 4-No Race Points104EF1D8 00000000
Saved Slot 5 Codes (Pro Career)
Max Race Points104EF3AC 000003E7
No Race Points104EF3AC 000003E7
Opponent 1-Max Race Points104EF3CC 000003E7
Opponent 1-No Race Points104EF3CC 00000000
Opponent 2-Max Race Points104EF3F0 000003E7
Opponent 2-No Race Points104EF3F0 00000000
Opponent 3-Max Race Points104EF414 000003E7
Opponent 3-No Race Points104EF414 00000000
Opponent 4-Max Race Points104EF438 000003E7
Opponent 4-No Race Points104EF438 00000000
Saved Slot 6 Codes (Pro Career)
Max Race Points104EF60C 000003E7
No Race Points104EF60C 000003E7
Opponent 1-Max Race Points104EF62C 000003E7
Opponent 1-No Race Points104EF62C 00000000
Opponent 2-Max Race Points104EF650 000003E7
Opponent 2-No Race Points104EF650 00000000
Opponent 3-Max Race Points104EF674 000003E7
Opponent 3-No Race Points104EF674 00000000
Opponent 4-Max Race Points104EF698 000003E7
Opponent 4-No Race Points104EF698 00000000