ATV-Offroad Fury (Version 1.0)

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

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Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100008 002BA94B
Have Ravage 1000104EE2D4 00000001
Unlock Track Codes
Badlands10D27100 00000001
Manitoba Mills10D27180 00000001
Kodiak Pipeline10D27200 00000001
Salem's Backlot10D27280 00000001
Red Rocks10D27300 00000001
Somer's Raceway10D27380 00000001
Tamarac Ranch10D27400 00000001
Syracuse10D27580 00000001
Latrobe10D27600 00000001
Tupelo10D27680 00000001
Santa Fe10D27700 00000001
Menifee10D27780 00000001
All Tracks40D27100 000E0020
00000001 00000000
Saved Slot 1 Codes (Pro Career)
Max Race Points104E7E7C 000003E7
No Race Points104E7E7C 000003E7
Opponent 1-Max Race Points104E7E9C 000003E7
Opponent 1-No Race Points104E7E9C 00000000
Opponent 2-Max Race Points104E7EC0 000003E7
Opponent 2-No Race Points104E7EC0 00000000
Opponent 3-Max Race Points104E7EE4 000003E7
Opponent 3-No Race Points104E7EE4 00000000
Opponent 4-Max Race Points104E7F08 000003E7
Opponent 4-No Race Points104E7F08 00000000
Saved Slot 2 Codes (Pro Career)
Max Race Points104E80DC 000003E7
No Race Points104E80DC 000003E7
Opponent 1-Max Race Points104E80FC 000003E7
Opponent 1-No Race Points104E80FC 00000000
Opponent 2-Max Race Points104E8120 000003E7
Opponent 2-No Race Points104E8120 00000000
Opponent 3-Max Race Points104E8144 000003E7
Opponent 3-No Race Points104E8144 00000000
Opponent 4-Max Race Points104E8168 000003E7
Opponent 4-No Race Points104E8168 00000000
Saved Slot 3 Codes (Pro Career)
Max Race Points104E833C 000003E7
No Race Points104E833C 000003E7
Opponent 1-Max Race Points104E835C 000003E7
Opponent 1-No Race Points104E835C 00000000
Opponent 2-Max Race Points104E8380 000003E7
Opponent 2-No Race Points104E8380 00000000
Opponent 3-Max Race Points104E83A4 000003E7
Opponent 3-No Race Points104E83A4 00000000
Opponent 4-Max Race Points104E83C8 000003E7
Opponent 4-No Race Points104E83C8 00000000
Saved Slot 4 Codes (Pro Career)
Max Race Points104E859C 000003E7
No Race Points104E859C 000003E7
Opponent 1-Max Race Points104E85BC 000003E7
Opponent 1-No Race Points104E85BC 00000000
Opponent 2-Max Race Points104E85E0 000003E7
Opponent 2-No Race Points104E85E0 00000000
Opponent 3-Max Race Points104E8604 000003E7
Opponent 3-No Race Points104E8604 00000000
Opponent 4-Max Race Points104E8628 000003E7
Opponent 4-No Race Points104E8628 00000000
Saved Slot 5 Codes (Pro Career)
Max Race Points104E87FC 000003E7
No Race Points104E87FC 000003E7
Opponent 1-Max Race Points104E881C 000003E7
Opponent 1-No Race Points104E881C 00000000
Opponent 2-Max Race Points104E8840 000003E7
Opponent 2-No Race Points104E8840 00000000
Opponent 3-Max Race Points104E8864 000003E7
Opponent 3-No Race Points104E8864 00000000
Opponent 4-Max Race Points104E8888 000003E7
Opponent 4-No Race Points104E8888 00000000
Saved Slot 6 Codes (Pro Career)
Max Race Points104E8A5C 000003E7
No Race Points104E8A5C 000003E7
Opponent 1-Max Race Points104E8A7C 000003E7
Opponent 1-No Race Points104E8A7C 00000000
Opponent 2-Max Race Points104E8AA0 000003E7
Opponent 2-No Race Points104E8AA0 00000000
Opponent 3-Max Race Points104E8AC4 000003E7
Opponent 3-No Race Points104E8AC4 00000000
Opponent 4-Max Race Points104E8AE8 000003E7
Opponent 4-No Race Points104E8AE8 00000000