American Chopper

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)9011E470 0C0A8236
Idiot AI-Cars20230680 03E00008
20230684 00000000
Cars Always Should Avoid You202D2F10 03E00008
202D2F14 24020001
Cars Should Never Break To Avoid Collisions202D3B00 03E00008
202D3B04 24020000
Cars Should Never Break Before Crossroads202D31C0 03E00008
202D31C4 24020000
Infinite Style Points10A6EC8C 0000FFFF
Max Style Points20A6EC8C 0098967F
Access All Bikes202B9180 03E00008
202B9184 24020001
Access All Chapters2034CEBC 24020001
Statistics Codes
Max Total Mission Points20A45628 0098967F
No Total Mission Points20A45628 00000000
Max Time Played20A457A4 0000EA5F
No Time Played20A457A4 00000000
Max Distance Traveled20A457E4 0098967F
No Distance Traveled20A457E4 00000000
Penalties Codes
Max Friendly Bikers Down20A45864 0098967F
No Friendly Bikers Down20A45864 00000000
Max Traffic Hits20A458A4 0098967F
No Traffic Hits20A458A4 00000000
Max Falls20A458E4 0098967F
No Falls20A458E4 00000000
Max Pedestrians Down20A45924 0098967F
No Pedestrians Down20A45924 00000000
Max Police Chases Lost20A45964 0098967F
No Police Chases Lost20A45964 00000000
Collectables Codes
Max Fuel Canisters20A459E4 0098967F
No Fuel Canisters20A459E4 00000000
Max Repairs Kits20A45A24 0098967F
No Repairs Kits20A45A24 00000000
Bonuses Codes
Max Enemy Bikers Down20A45AA4 0098967F
No Enemy Bikers Down20A45AA4 00000000
Max Pedestrians Scared20A45AE4 0098967F
No Pedestrians Scared20A45AE4 00000000
Max Clean Driving20A45B24 0000EA5F
No Clean Driving20A45B24 00000000
Max Max Speed20A45B64 0000EA5F
No Max Speed20A45B64 00000000
Max Near Misses20A45BA4 0098967F
No Near Misses20A45BA4 00000000
Max Near Miss Chain x220A45BE4 0098967F
No Near Miss Chain x220A45BE4 00000000
Max Near Miss Chain x320A45C24 0098967F
No Near Miss Chain x320A45C24 00000000
Max Near Miss Chain x420A45C64 0098967F
No Near Miss Chain x420A45C64 00000000
Max Near Miss Ultimate Chain20A45CA4 0098967F
No Near Miss Ultimate Chain20A45CA4 00000000
Max Police Evasions20A45CE4 0098967F
No Police Evasions20A45CE4 00000000