American Chopper 2-Full Throttle

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)9011E8C0 00832021
200C022C 24010001
200C0298 0807AAC6
200C029C 00000000
201EAB08 08030088
Idiot AI-Cars20214E10 03E00008
20214E14 00000000
Upon Loading Game Save Codes
Max Fabrication Points Available200C0220 3C0105F5
200C0224 3421E0FF
200C0228 AE210030
Have Gold Medal Codes
Paul Sr-Race 1200C0230 A2210014
Paul Sr-Race 2200C0234 A2210015
Paul Sr-Race 3200C0238 A2210016
Paul Sr-Race 4200C023C A2210017
Paul Sr-Race 5200C0240 A2210018
Paul Sr-Race 6200C0244 A2210019
Paul Jr-Race 1200C0248 A221001B
Paul Jr-Race 2200C024C A221001C
Paul Jr-Race 3200C0250 A221001D
Paul Jr-Race 4200C0254 A221001E
Paul Jr-Race 5200C0258 A221001F
Paul Jr-Race 6200C025C A2210020
Mikey-Race 1200C0260 A2210022
Mikey-Race 2200C0264 A2210023
Mikey-Race 3200C0268 A2210024
Mikey-Race 4200C026C A2210025
Mikey-Race 5200C0270 A2210026
Mikey-Race 6200C0274 A2210027
Vinnie-Race 1200C0278 A2210029
Vinnie-Race 2200C027C A221002A
Vinnie-Race 3200C0280 A221002B
Vinnie-Race 4200C0284 A221002C
Vinnie-Race 5200C0288 A221002D
Vinnie-Race 6200C028C A221002E