Alfa Romeo-Racing Italiano

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90492E28 0C0F353A
Unlock All Skills204452D0 24020000
204452D4 03E00008
204452D8 AC82031C
Infinite Skill Points204461DC 00000000
Extra Skill Points104461D8 00000001
Max Infinite Skill Points204461D8 2402270F
Press L1+Select To Rest Race TimerD05A5C9C 0000FBFE
202B063C AC600008
D05A5C9C 0000FFFF
202B063C E4600008
No Car Damage From Collisions202E6E48 00000000
No Car Damage From Driving Offroad202E77E8 00000000
Infinite Tiger Effect102E7866 00001000
Always Best Driver Condition102E789E 00001000