007 From Russia With Love

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Lajos Szalay

Enable Code (Must Be On)902F74B8 00832021
Infinite Research Points10A82218 0000FFFF
Max Research Points20A82218 05F5E0FF
Upgrading Weapons Doesnt Decrease Research Points201C6ACC 00000000
Upgrading Weapons Increases Research Points201C6AC4 00C71021
Infinite Skill Points10A82860 0000FFFF
Max Skill Points20A82860 05F5E0FF
Buying Extras Doesnt Decrease Skill Points201C7548 00000000
Buying Extras Increases Skill Points201C7540 00661821
Unlock All Characters20A7D358 FFFFFFFF
Have All Weapons Upgrades20A821A0 FFFFFFFF
Have All Gadgets Upgrades20A821A4 FFFFFFFF
Unlock All Media/Concept20A82864 FFFFFFFF
Score Codes
Always Low Game Time20AB5854 00000000
Max Disables20AB595C 461C3C00
Max Combo Hits20AB59B4 4479C000
Max Stealth20AB5A0C 4479C000
Max Focus Shots20AB5A64 4479C000
Unlock Level Codes
London20A82250 00000000
Hedgemaze20A822A0 00000000
Istanbul Pt. 120A822F0 00000000
Station T20A82340 00000000
Istanbul Pt. 220A82390 00000000
Underground20A823E0 00000000
Gypsy Camp20A82430 00000000
Sniper Alley20A82480 00000000
Consulate20A824D0 00000000
Istanbul Pt. 320A82520 00000000
Train20A82570 00000000
Factory20A825C0 00000000
Border20A82610 00000000
Octopus Base20A82660 00000000
Tunnels20A826B0 00000000
Ruins20A82700 00000000
Plaza20A82750 00000000
Airport20A827A0 00000000
All Levels40A82250 00120014
00000000 00000000
Have Awards Codes
London20A82254 FFFFFFFF
Hedgemaze20A822A4 FFFFFFFF
Istanbul Pt. 120A822F4 FFFFFFFF
Station T20A82344 FFFFFFFF
Istanbul Pt. 220A82394 FFFFFFFF
Underground20A823E4 FFFFFFFF
Gypsy Camp20A82434 FFFFFFFF
Sniper Alley20A82484 FFFFFFFF
Consulate20A824D4 FFFFFFFF
Istanbul Pt. 320A82524 FFFFFFFF
Train20A82574 FFFFFFFF
Factory20A825C4 FFFFFFFF
Border20A82614 FFFFFFFF
Octopus Base20A82664 FFFFFFFF
Tunnels20A826B4 FFFFFFFF
Ruins20A82704 FFFFFFFF
Plaza20A82754 FFFFFFFF
Airport20A827A4 FFFFFFFF
All Levels40A82254 00120014
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Have All Schematics Codes
London00A821A8 00000001
Hedgemaze00A821A9 0000000F
Istanbul Pt. 100A821AA 00000003
Station T00A821AB 0000000F
Istanbul Pt. 200A821AC 0000000F
Underground00A821AD 00000007
Gypsy Camp00A821AE 0000000F
Sniper Alley00A821AF 00000003
Consulate00A821B0 0000000F
Train00A821B2 0000000F
Factory00A821B3 0000000F
Border00A821B4 00000003
Octopus Base00A821B5 0000000F
Tunnels00A821B6 00000001
Ruins00A821B7 00000001
Airport00A821B9 00000001
All Schematics20A821A8 0F030F01
20A821AC 030F070F
20A821B0 0F0F000F
20A821B4 01010F03
10A821B8 00000100
Action Codes
Infinite Health200C0220 8C410008
200C0224 0807AF0C
200C0228 AC410000
201DC1F0 0C030088
Infinite Armor200C0230 8C410014
200C0234 0807AF0E
200C0238 AC41000C
201DC208 0C03008C
Infinite Ammo2017CB9C 00000000
Max Infinite Ammo2017CB94 240B0063
Extra Ammo2017CB94 01665821
Never Reload2017F284 00000000
Never Reload/Max Clip2017F27C 24020063
Driving Codes
Infinite Health200C0240 8C8104F4
200C0244 00600008
200C0248 AC8104F8
202193A8 0C030090
Infinite Ammo2021D2BC 00000000
Max Infinite Ammo2021D2B8 240203E7
Extra Ammo1021D2B8 00000001
Need For Speed-Most Wanted Demo Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On)9044D1EC 0C1178CA
Access All Race Modes2028E1D4 24020001
Infinite Time To Play (Nice Try EA, You Cant Stop CMX)002F2A40 00000000
102F3A32 00001000