Credit:, InterAct, Code Master, Stoner, Zap2, Antgalore, Robb,

Activator 1 P1D013A6F4 00??
Activator 2 P1D013A6F5 00??
Dual Activator P1D113A6F4 ????
Activator 1 P2D013A6FC 00??
Activator 2 P2D013A6FD 00??
Dual Activator P2D113A6FC ????
Infinite Health P18017AABB 0064
Infinite Ammo Sub Machinegun P18017AA9F 001E
Infinite Ammo Shotgun P18017AAB3 0008
Infinite Ammo Hangun P18017AAB7 0009
Have Handgun W/Silencer (With Infinite Ammo) P1801587C4 0009
Enable Max Power Mode8015D417 0001
Have All Characters8115D412 FFFF
8115D410 0003
Infinite Clips Submachine Gun P1801587C0 000C
Infinite Clips Shot Gun P1801587C1 0060
Have C4 Explosives [Slot 1] P1801587C3 0001
Have Flashlight [Slot 2] P1801587C5 0001
Sub Machinegun Enabled P1801587C6 0001
Sub Machinegun Disabled P1801587C6 0000
Shot Gun Enabled P1801587C7 0001
Shot Gun Disabled P1801587C7 0000
Have C4 Detector [Slot 3] P1801587C8 0001
Have Key [Slot 3] P1801587C9 0001
Have Card Key [Slot 3] P1801587CA 0001
Have Rocket Launcher (With Infinite Ammo) P1801587CB 0004
Have Max Clips (Submachine Gun & Shot Gun) P1801587CD 000C
Always Have Flashlight On P180179448 0001
Infinite Ammo Sub Machinegun P28017C41F 001E
Time is Always 00:00:008110DD62 0000
Gun Modifier P18017AAA8 00??
Size Modifier P18017AAAA 00??
Infinite Ammo Handgun P28017C437 0009
Infinite Ammo Shotgun P28017C433 0008
Gun Modifier P28017C428 00??
Size Modifier P28017C42A 00??
Infinite Health P38017DDBB 0064
Infinite Ammo Handgun P38017DDB7 0009
Infinite Ammo Submachinegun P38017DD9F 001E
Infinite Ammo Shotgun P38017DDB3 0008
Gun Modifier P38017DDA8 00??
Size Modifier P38017DDAA 00??
Infinite Health P48017F73B 0064
Infinite Ammo Handgun P48017F737 0009
Infinite Ammo Submachine Gun P48017F71F 001E
Infinite Ammo Shotgun P48017F733 0008
Gun Modifier P48017F728 00??
Size Modifier P48017F72A 00??
All Bosses 1-Hit Deaths811BE482 0000
Always Have Flashlight Off P180179448 0000
Infinite Health P28017C43B 0064
4P Multi-Player Codes
Level Modifier8016A499 00??
Play Match Modifier8016A497 00??
Point Match Codes
Instant Win P18113A0CA C350
Instant Win P28113A0CE C350
Instant Win P38113A0D2 C350
Instant Win P48113A0D6 C350
Press Z Button for Turbo/Walk Thru WallsD013A6F4 0020
8117A17C 43C8
Have Trial Mode Unlocked8110DCEE 0004
P1 Versus Mode Character Modifier8111FCDA 00??
P2 Versus Mode Character Modifier8111FCDE 00??
P3 Vs. Mode Character Modifier8111FCE2 00??
P4 Vs. Mode Character Modifier8111FCE6 00??