Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Credit: Robb, Zap2,, Zap2

Activator 1 P1D0015364 00??
Activator 2 P1D0015365 00??
Dual Activator P1D1015364 ????
Tony Hawk Codes
Have All Tapes800DDD3C 001E
All Tapes-Warehouse800DDD40 00FF
All Tapes-School800DDD41 00FF
All Tapes-Mall New York800DDD42 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park Chicago800DDD43 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown Minneapolis800DDD44 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam Phoenix800DDD45 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Burnside Portland800DDD46 00FF
All Tapes-Streets San Francisco800DDD47 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell800DDD48 00FF
Bob Burnquist Codes
Have All Tapes800DDD50 001E
All Tapes-Warehouse800DDD54 00FF
All Tapes-School800DDD55 00FF
All Tapes-Mall New York800DDD56 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park Chicago800DDD57 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown Minneapolis800DDD58 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam Phoenix800DDD59 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Burnside Portland800DDD5A 00FF
All Tapes-Streets San Francisco800DDD5B 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell800DDD5C 00FF
Geoff Rowley Codes
Have All Tapes800DDD64 001E
All Tapes-Warehouse800DDD68 00FF
All Tapes-School800DDD69 00FF
All Tapes-Mall New York800DDD6A 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park Chicago800DDD6B 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown Minneapolis800DDD6C 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam Phoenix800DDD6D 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Burnside Portland800DDD6E 00FF
All Tapes-Streets San Francisco800DDD6F 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell800DDD70 00FF
Bucky Lasek Codes
Have All Tapes800DDD78 001E
All Tapes-Warehouse800DDD7C 00FF
All Tapes-School800DDD7D 00FF
All Tapes-Mall New York800DDD7E 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park Chicago800DDD7F 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown Minneapolis800DDD80 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam Phoenix800DDD81 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Burnside Portland800DDD82 00FF
All Tapes-Streets San Francisco800DDD83 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell800DDD84 00FF
Chad Muska Codes
Have All Tapes800DDD8C 001E
All Tapes-Warehouse800DDD90 00FF
All Tapes-School800DDD91 00FF
All Tapes-Mall New York800DDD92 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park Chicago800DDD93 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown Minneapolis800DDD94 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam Phoenix800DDD95 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Burnside Portland800DDD96 00FF
All Tapes-Streets San Francisco800DDD97 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell800DDD98 00FF
Kareem Campbell Codes
Have All Tapes800DDDA0 001E
All Tapes-Warehouse800DDDA4 00FF
All Tapes-School800DDDA5 00FF
All Tapes-Mall New York800DDDA6 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park Chicago800DDDA7 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown Minneapolis800DDDA8 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam Phoenix800DDDA9 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Burnside Portland800DDDAA 00FF
All Tapes-Streets San Francisco800DDDAB 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell800DDDAC 00FF
Andrew Reynolds Codes
Have All Tapes800DDDB4 001E
All Tapes-Warehouse800DDDB8 00FF
All Tapes-School800DDDB9 00FF
All Tapes-Mall New York800DDDBA 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park Chicago800DDDBB 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown Minneapolis800DDDBC 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam Phoenix800DDDBD 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Burnside Portland800DDDBE 00FF
All Tapes-Streets San Francisco800DDDBF 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell800DDDC0 00FF
Rune Glifberg Codes
Have All Tapes800DDDC8 001E
All Tapes-Warehouse800DDDCC 00FF
All Tapes-School800DDDCD 00FF
All Tapes-Mall New York800DDDCE 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park Chicago800DDDCF 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown Minneapolis800DDDD0 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam Phoenix800DDDD1 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Burnside Portland800DDDD2 00FF
All Tapes-Streets San Francisco800DDDD3 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell800DDDD4 00FF
Jamie Thomas Codes
Have All Tapes800DDDDC 001E
All Tapes-Warehouse800DDDE0 00FF
All Tapes-School800DDDE1 00FF
All Tapes-Mall New York800DDDE2 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park Chicago800DDDE3 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown Minneapolis800DDDE4 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam Phoenix800DDDE5 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Burnside Portland800DDDE6 00FF
All Tapes-Streets San Francisco800DDDE7 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell800DDDE8 00FF
Elissa Steamer Codes
Have All Tapes800DDDF0 001E
All Tapes-Warehouse800DDDF4 00FF
All Tapes-School800DDDF5 00FF
All Tapes-Mall New York800DDDF6 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park Chicago800DDDF7 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown Minneapolis800DDDF8 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam Phoenix800DDDF9 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Burnside Portland800DDDFA 00FF
All Tapes-Streets San Francisco800DDDFB 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell800DDDFC 00FF
Misc. Codes
Have All Video Tapes (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50000A14 0000
800DDD3C 001E
Tony Hawk-All Tapes (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
800DDD40 00FF
Bob Burnquist-All Tapes (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
800DDD54 00FF
Geoff Rowley-All Tapes (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
800DDD68 00FF
Bucky Lasek-All Tapes (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
800DDD7C 00FF
Chad Muska-All Tapes (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
800DDD90 00FF
Kareem Campbell-All Tapes (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
800DDDA4 00FF
Andrew Reynolds-All Tapes (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
800DDDB8 00FF
Rune Glifberg-All Tapes (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
Jamie Thomas-All Tapes (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
800DDDE0 00FF
Elissa Steamer-All Tapes (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
800DDDF4 00FF
Amount Of Points For Each Trick813D6D86 FFFF
Super Max Ollie P1800D561C 00FF
Super Max Speed P1800D561D 00FF
Super Max Air P1800D561E 00FF
Super Max Balance P1800D561F 00FF
Super Max Turning P1800D5620 00FF
Super Max Ollie P2800D5621 00FF
Super Max Speed P2800D5622 00FF
Super Max Air P2800D5623 00FF
Super Max Balance P2800D5624 00FF
Super Max Turning P2800D5625 00FF
SFX Modifier (00-0A)8029E29D 00??
Music Modifier (00-0A)8029E29C 00??
Trick Tips Modifier8029E293 00??
Score Display Modifier8029E292 00??
Enable 'Skip To Restart' Menu800DDB8B 0001
P1 Skater Modifier800D03D4 00??
P2 Skater Modifier800D03D5 00??
Officer Dick-All Tapes (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
800DDE08 00FF
Officer Dick Codes
Have All Tapes800DDE04 001E
All Tapes-Warehouse800DDE08 00FF
All Tapes-School800DDE09 00FF
All Tapes-Mall800DDE0A 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park800DDE0B 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown800DDE0C 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam800DDE0D 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Burnside800DDE0E 00FF
All Tapes-Streets800DDE0F 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell800DDE10 00FF
More Misc. Codes
Slow Motion800DDBA3 0001
Fast Motion800DDB7B 0001
10x Trick Multiplier800D543F 0001
Perfect Balance800DDB83 0001
Random Locations To Begin When Skipping To Restart (Career Mode)800DDB8B 0001
P1 Trick Score Modifier-The Warehouse813D6E42 ????
P1 Trick Score Modifier-The School813D4FFA ????
P1 Trick Score Modifier-The Mall813D5D62 ????
P1 Trick Score Modifier-The Skate Park Course813D84E2 ????
P1 Trick Score Modifier-Downtown813D4FCA ????
P1 Trick Score Modifier-Downhill Jam813D5F2A ????
P1 Trick Score Modifier-Burnside813D8C52 ????
P1 Trick Score Modifier-The Streets813D5602 ????
P1 Trick Score Modifier-Roswell813D6D3A ????
Board Image Modifier P1810D3B7A ????
Board Image Modifier P2810D3B92 ????