Super Mario 64

Credit: Damon Barwin,,, Code Master, EWA Fiasco,,,,, The Shadow, Chris, AkumaPan, XRanmaX, Kevin Carden,, CaRnAgE X4,, GSC, DKREGSCC, Cordt845, Cain, ta007, Shabazz678, King K. Rool, Matt115311, Hangtime, GSD, Brett Boylen, & Joseph Rard

Regular Codes Below
Activator 1 P1D033AFA0 00??
Activator 2 P1D033AFA1 00??
Dual Activator P1D133AFA0 ????
GS Button For 99 Coins8933B218 0063
Infinite Lives8033B21D 0064
Infinite Energy/Breath8133B21E 08FF
Level SelectA032D58C 0001
Debug ModeA032D598 0001
Sound DisplayA032D594 0001
Infinite Hat Usage8133B226 FFFF
No Power Display803325F4 0001
Invisible Mario8033B220 0020
Half Mario8033B221 0000
Limbo Mario8033B3BC 00C0
Mario Runs Backwards8033B3BC 0080
Walk Up HillsA1253DAC 0000
A1253DAE 0000
A1253DB0 0000
A1253DB2 0000
Remove Mario's CapA1254A30 0000
A1254A32 0000
Monsters Don't Hurt MarioA125460C 240B
A125460E FFFF
A1254610 A54B
A1254612 0026
A1254614 1000
A1254616 000C
Super Fast GameA1248154 0000
A1248156 0000
Super-Big Right Hand8033B3BB 0010
Super-Big Right Foot8033B3BB 0090
Growing/Shrinking Left Fist8033B3BB 0050
Mario Runs Bent over8033B3BC 0050
Strobe Mario8133B054 0095
Rubber Walls & Weird Voices8133B174 1111
Mario Missing Foot8033B3BB 00B0
Die Instantly8033B222 0020
Heavy/Short Mario (Can't Hardly Jump)8033B224 00A0
Mario Opens & Closes His Right Hand8033B3B6 0020
Don't Lose Energy As Fast8033B222 0000
Only Have a Little Energy After You Die Once8033B223 0000
Flashing MarioA1254612 0000
Down-Right-Backwards Looking Mario When Running803303BE 0090
Mario Faces Left & Sideways When Running8033B3BE 0050
Mario Faces Right When Running8033B3BE 00B0
Upside Down Torso8033B3BC 0080
Ostrich Mario8033B3BC 0070
Down-Left-Backwards Looking Mario When Running8033B3BE 0070
Backwards Ostrich Mario8033B3BC 0090
See Mario's Breath8133B178 0002
Mega Jump8133B1BC 0010
Hover Mario8133B1BC 0000
Super Mega Jump8133B1BC FFFF
Rocket Man8133B1C4 FFFF
Easier to Control Rocket Man8133B1C4 FFDD
The slider (Pull Back on The Control Stick to Slide)8133B1C4 00F0
Flashing Invincible8133B196 0070
Forces Act on Mario8133B1B6 0030
Bumpy Flight (Must Have Flying Cap)8133B1A2 FFFF
Mario Always Goes Forward8133B19E FFFF
Hard Turning in Water8133B1A4 0070
Mario Swims in a Straight Line8133B1A4 0000
When Flying Can Not go Down or Up8133B19C FFFF
Go Nowhere Mario8133B1C4 0010
Impervious to All Falls8033B22C 0001
Mario Can Only Swim & Fly in One Direction8133B1A4 FFFF
Cap Modifier8133B176 00??
Star Glitter8133B17A 0008
Stops Controller Use8933AFA8 0070
GS Button to Keep Mario Running Towrds Upper Right Hand Corner8933AFAA 0070
Rubber Walls8133B174 FFFF
Crazy Camera8133AFA2 0095
Jumping Hurts8033B22C 0078
Can't Enter Doors8133B18E 0001
Doors Enter Opposites8133B18E 5555
All Doors Lead to Back to Where You Started8133B18E FFFF
Falling Does Not Hurt Mario8033B22C 00E8
8133B178 FFFF
Smoking MarioA1254A30 0000
8133B176 FFFF
All Cap PowersA1254A30 0000
Strange SoundsA132D51C 00D1
Long JumpingA1256BA6 0000
Bring Back Water From The Drained Moat8133B1E2 0000
Seniro Change8133B426 0070
Level Modifier8133B424 00??
Have All 7 Stars Codes
Bomb-Omb Battlefield8020770C 00FF
Whomp's Fortress8020770D 00FF
Jolly Roger Bay8020770E 00FF
Cool, Cool Mountain8020770F 00FF
Big Boo's Haunt80207710 00FF
Hazy Maze Cave80207711 00FF
Lethal Lava Land80207712 00FF
Shifting Sand Land80207713 00FF
Dire, Dire Docks80207714 00FF
Snowman's Land80207715 00FF
Wet-Dry World80207716 00FF
Tall, Tall Mountain80207717 00FF
Tiny-Huge Island80207718 00FF
Tick Tock Clock80207719 00FF
Rainbow Ride8020771A 00FF
1st 7 Castle Secret Stars8020771B 00FF
2nd 7 Castle Secret Stars8020771C 00FF
3rd 7 Castle Secret Stars8020771D 00FF
4th 7 Castle Secret Stars8020771E 00FF
5th 7 Castle Secret Stars8020771F 00FF
6th 7 Castle Secret Stars80207720 00FF
7th 7 Castle Secret Stars80207721 00FF
8th 7 Castle Secret Stars80207722 00FF
9th 7 Castle Secret Stars80207723 00FF
10th 7 Castle Secret Stars80207724 00FF
Have All 175 Stars (Above Codes Combined)8120770C FFFF
8120770E FFFF
81207710 FFFF
81207712 FFFF
81207714 FFFF
81207716 FFFF
81207718 FFFF
8120771A FFFF
8120771C FFFF
8120771E FFFF
81207720 FFFF
81207722 FFFF
81207724 FFFF
Maxed Out Coin Records Saved Per Stage Codes
Bomb-Omb Battlefield80207725 00FF
Whomp's Fortress80207726 00FF
Jolly Roger Bay80207727 00FF
Cool, Cool Mountain80207728 00FF
Big Boo's Haunt80207729 00FF
Hazy Maze Cave8020772A 00FF
Lethal Lava Land8020772B 00FF
Shifting Sand Land8020772C 00FF
Dire, Dire Docks8020772D 00FF
Snowman's Land8020772E 00FF
Wet-Dry World8020772F 00FF
Tall, Tall Mountain80207730 00FF
Tiny-Huge Island80207731 00FF
Tick Tock Clock80207732 00FF
Rainbow Ride80207733 00FF
Have All Maxed Out Coin Records (Above Codes Combined)80207725 00FF
81207726 FFFF
81207728 FFFF
8120772A FFFF
8120772C FFFF
8120772E FFFF
81207730 FFFF
81207732 FFFF
Mario & Yoshi's Colors Become Like Wario & BoshiA432C55B BBBB
Leaf Glitter8133B17A 2000
Play as Luigi (Sort of)A032C55B 00BB
Pegleg Mario8033B3BB 00BB
Dancing Mario8133AFA2 0095
8133B054 0095
A132C55A 2564
L Button For Moon JumpD033AFA1 0020
8133B1BC 4220
D033B1BD 0020
8133B17C 0300
D033B1BD 0020
8133B17E 0880
All Coins Worth Modifier8124DB50 25E8
8124DB52 00??
Extra Lives81259CA6 0001
Intro Codes
Mario Has Only One EyeA03254AF 0000
Mario Has A Really Screwed-Up Eye/Slight ZoomA032541F 0000
Mario Has Screwed-Up Left EyeA03254A0 0000
Shattered MarioA032C559 6669
Mario's Features FlashA032C598 FFFF
Really Blurred Mario #2/Super Wide & Big MarioA032C598 DDDD
Mario Missing Triangles From His Face With A HoleA032C598 BBBB
Mario Has Many Lines Going From Him & Through Him/Missing Left Foot & Hole In HeadA032C597 FFFF
Mario Has A Huge-Brimmed HatA032C597 EEEE
Mario Has Lines Coming Out of HimA032C597 DDDD
Holey-Mario/Pole-Tall MarioA032C596 FFFF
Cool Orange & Red Flashing Mario With Flashing Background/Black Cannon Views/Missing Graphics & Flashing Graphics In-GameA032C1B1 1111
Blue-Black Mario/Black Mario In-GameA032C545 1111
Flashing Green Mario & WorldA032C59F 2222
Dirty/Slightly Colored MarioA032C59F 1111
Multi-Colored/Fuzzy/Changes Color Mario/Multi-Colored In-GameA032C0EE 1111
Multi-Colored Mario/Really Cool Mario & Surroundings In-Game #6A032C0ED 1111
Multi-Colored Mario/Really Cool Mario & Surroundings In-Game #5A032C0EC 1111
Multi-Colored Mario/Really Cool Mario & Surroundings In-Game #4A032C0EF 1111
Multi-Colored Mario/Really Cool Mario & Surroundings In-Game #3A032C0D6 1111
Multi-Colored Mario/Really Cool Mario & Surroundings In-Game #2A032C0D9 1111
Blue Background/Some Disco Graphics Inside & Outside CastleA032C0CF 1111
Almost Clean-Shaven Mario #2/Lego-Like Mario/Hardly Any Polygons Anywhere/Cool View In Any CannonA032C0A4 1111
White Background/Slightly Colored WallsA032C0A3 1111
Red/Purplish Background/Slightly Colored WallsA032C0A2 1111
Clown Mario/Fuzzy/Hand At "Select File" Is A Line/Clown-Eyed Mario With Stripey SurroundingsA032C0A1 1111
Mario Missing Hat & Eyes [May Freeze]A032C0A0 AAAA
Fuzzy Title Screen/Mario/TV Mode In-GameA032C095 1111
Almost Clean-Shaven Mario/Flashing Black & White Title ScreenA032C08F 1111
(In Intro/Game) Clown/I-Need-A-Dentist-Mario/Missing GraphicsA032C076 1111
Clown Mario/Missing A Lot Of Graphics + Clown MarioA032C070 1111
Crystalized/Speckled Mario/Darkened Mario & Surroundings In-GameA032C554 1111
Darkened + Lined Mario/Mario & Surroundings Are Missing Graphics/DarkenedA032C555 1111
Crystalized/Flashy/Darkened Surroundings & Wrinkled Mario In-GameA032C556 1111
Crystalized/Flashy/Dim Mario Shaded Surroundings & Wrinkled Mario In-GameA032C557 1111
Dirty/Disco Mario/Dirty & Disco Mario & Surroundings In-GameA032C55A 1111
"Green Giant" Mario/Green Mario In A Green WorldA032C55B 1111
Less Multi-Colored Shiny/Flashy Mario/Wicked-Looking Mario In-Game With Disco SurroundingsA032C55E 1111
Multi-Colored Shiny/Flashy Mario/Wicked-Looking Mario In-Game With Disco Surroundings #2A032C55F 2222
Multi-Colored Shiny/Flashy Mario/Wicked-Looking Mario In-Game With Disco SurroundingsA032C55F 1111
Warp Speed Logo Plus MarioA132C110 00FF
Mario Is Missing Some Of His Mustache/64 Sign Missing BitsA132C220 00FF
Strange Effects/Ground Is Infested With Insects In-GameA032C491 000F
64 Sign Has Been "Metaled" Out (May Freeze)A032C4D1 FFFF
Mario Can't Control Himself #2A032C57B 0002
Mario Can't Control Himself/Big + Uncontrollable Mario In-GameA032C57B 2222
Really Flashy/Lightning/Crystalized Mario/Flashy + Crystalized Mario With SurroundingsA032C57B FFFF
Tanned/Untanned Mario/Mario In The Dark In-GameA032C64D AAAA
I-Just-Got-Beaten-Up-And-Look-At-My-Nose-Mario/Interesting Looking MarioA032C64B 1111
I-Just-Got-Beaten-Up-Mario/Interesting Looking Mario In-GameA032C64B 0001
Blue/Grandpa Mario/Blue/Yellow/Purple/Black MarioA032C59B 0002
Green/Radioactive Mario/Green/Yellow/Pink/Cyan Mario In-GameA032C59B 0001
Strange Graphics/Move Around In-Game To See Weird Land EffectsA032C400 9999
Strange Graphics #2/Look Around In-Game For Multiplied GraphicsA032C40F 9999
Strange Graphics/Look Around In-Game For A 'Displaced' WorldA032C49F 9999
Funky-Looking Mario/Flashy & Funky-Looking Mario In-GameA032C59F 9999
Strange Disease/Crystalized Mario & Some SurroundingsA032C59F 8888
Radioactive/Crystalized Mario & Some Surroundings/Surroundings Also A Bit BlackA032C59F 6666
Radioactive Red & Purple Mario [With Some Surroundings]A032C59F 5555
Radioactive/Crystalized/Flashy Mario & SurroundingsA032C59F 4444
Rainbow (Crystalized)/Flashy MarioA032C59F 3333
Radioactive/Crystalized [Also Surroundings]/Flashy MarioA032C59F 2222
Grimy/Colored Mario/Grimy + Colored Mario & SurroundingsA032C59F 1111
Crystalized/Rainbowed Mario/Crystalized + Rainbowed Mario & Colorful SurroundingsA032C59F 7777
White Lines/Crystalized/Dirty MarioA032C54C 6666
Grandpa/Radioactive Mario [Also Slightly Blueish]/Surroundings Are DarkerA032C56F 7777
Mario's Tanned A Bit/Mario & Some Surroundings Are TannedA032C56C 7777
Flashing Yellow/Black/A Bit Blue Mario/Army + Flashing Mario In-GameA032C569 7777
Alien Mario #4 [Completely Black]/Alien Mario On HomeworldA032C568 7777
Diseased/Lightning/Crystalized Mario/Slightly Diseased + Crystalized Mario In-GameA032C567 7777
Crystalized Mario/Crystalized + Light-Bulb + Flashy Mario & BackgroundsA032C564 7777
Light-Bulb/Tanned Mario/Light Bulb + Tanned + Flashy Mario In-GameA032C563 2222
(In Intro/Main Game) Old-Fashioned MarioA032C563 1111
Blue Star/Taken Away Slices Mario/Slices Awat/Blonde Hair/RadioActive Mario Shadow When He Jumps/Lots Of Graphics MissingA032C562 FFFF
Completely Black/Alien Mario/Martian Mario On His HomeworldA032C562 EEEE
Always Changing Colors Mario/Strange Hand Effect At "Select File"/Mario Changes ColorsA032C562 BBBB
Mario Is Blue/Orange/Stretched-Out/Mario Is Stretched-Out & Connected With His SurroundingsA032C562 CCCC
Stretched-Out Mario/Stretched-Out Mario With Bad LagA032C562 AAAA
Alien Mario #3 [Blue/Black]/Alien Mario In An Alien World #3A032C562 9999
Blue/Orange/Red Mario/A Bit Of Mario Changes ColorsA032C562 8888
No MarioA032C562 7777
Alien Mario #2/Changing Color-Eyes/Turns Green & Other Colors/Alien Mario #2 On Alien World/FlashyA032C562 6666
Smurf/Orange/Shiny Mario/Left Side Of Mario Switches ColorsA032C562 5555
Smaller Screen/No Eyes/Speckled/Missing A LOT of Graphics/Changing Colors/Mario Is Invisible/A LOT Of Graphics Missing Or WarpedA032C562 4444
Smurf/Always Changing Color/Strange Eyes Mario/Arm At "Select File" Does Cool Things/Left Part of Mario's Head Changes ColorsA032C562 3333
Stretched-Out Mario/Stretched-Out Mario & SurroundingsA032C562 2222
Alien [Black/Green] Mario/Alien Mario On Alien WorldA032C562 1111
Mario Missing One Eye's Pupil/Changes Into Wicked Colors/White & Other Colored-Head/White Leg/Some Angles Make A Complete 'Snowman Mario'A032C561 EEEE
Mario Changes Into Wicked Colors/Partial Snowman MarioA032C561 CCCC
Mario's Face Is Completely White/Completely White Mario & Some SurroundingsA032C561 BBBB
Mario Is Sleightly Covered By White/Strange Colors On One Side of Him & He Is BlockyA032C561 9999
Grandfather/Smurf/Wacky Colors Mario/Mario's Ears & Right Part Of Face Change Colors/Mario's Clothes Are WhiteA032C561 6666
Mario Is Tinted White/Surroundings Slightly WhiteA032C561 5555
Mario Is Almost Completely Covered With White & Other Colors/Some Surroundings Are White/Darker/Mario Is Partially WhiteA032C561 4444
Mario has Been Eating Too Many Oreoes [White Spots On Mustache/Mouth, Etc.]/Mario Has Sleightly White Arms/Hat/PantsA032C561 2222
Mario Is A Bit WhiteA032C561 1111
Slow Mario/Strange EffectsA032B9CF 0060
See Mario's Chin And Mouth/Mario's Head Is Constantly Turning To The Right/Buttons Don't Work8133AFAA 0078
Far Away Mario's Hat/Buttons Don't Work8133AFAA 0072
See Mario's Hat/Buttons Don't Work #28133AFAA 0050
See Mario's Hat/Mario's Head Is Constantly Turning To The Left/Buttons Don't Work8133AFAA 0042
Mario's Head Is Constantly Turning To The Right/No Buttons Work8133AFAA 0038
Mario's Head Is Constantly Turning To The Left:/Buttons Don't Work8133AFAA 0036
See Mario's Hat/Buttons Don't Work8133AFAA 0040
Glitch Codes
Press GS Button For A Camera That Is Really Far AwayA832540A A620
Press GS Button For A Camera That Is Close To MarioA8325403 FF00
Tiny "Super Mario 64" sign (1st screen)A032540A A620
Huge "Super Mario 64" sign (1st screen)A0325403 FF00
Any Movement Will Kill You8033B1B5 FFFF
Die At Beginning/Trapped Inside Invisible Walls8033B1B5 1111
Mario Occasionally Disappears8033B3B8 0055
Mario's Hat Comes On/Off8033B3B4 0055
Multi-Colored Mario/Red GlovesA032C597 0001
Mario Has Blue GlovesA032C597 0000
Create Your Own Stars8133B218 0068
Missing Head & A Bit of Left-Arm MarioA032C596 0DEE
REALLY Blurred Mario/Wide & Big MarioA032C598 CCCC
Pole/Tall Mario/See Through Some Surroundings & Can Move ThemA032C597 EFFF
Super-Huge Pants MarioA032C597 CCCC
Mario Has A Hole In His Right FootA032C597 AAAA
Stretched-Out Mario/Some SurroundingsA032C596 AAAA
Mario's Left Leg Flickers Occasionally8133BEC0 00FF
Mario's Arms & Legs Flicker Occasionally8133BCC0 00FF
Mario Occasionally Grows Even More Wider8133B2C0 00FF
Mario Is Sleightly Less Wider8133B2C0 0001
Belly-Flompin' Stompin' Mario8133B18E 00FF
Crazy Floating Mario8133B1B0 EEEE
Mario Dies/Bowser Laughs At You/Mario Freezes Outside Castle In Mid-Air8133B1B0 0000
Castle's Entrance Leads To A Dark Room8133B18E 00AA
Strange Doors8133B18E 00DD
Slightly Drunk Mario When Standing Still8133B18E 0099
Strange Doors #28133B18E 00CC
Mario Wearing Plus Holding Cap/Flickering Into Metal Mario8133B176 7171
Mario Holding Cap/Flickering Into Metal Mario8133B176 6161
Game Freezes When you Press StartA032B62F 0001
Reverse Power Meter8133B25E 0001
Locust Sound Mode #2A032D550 0001
Machine Gun Sound ModeA032D54C 0001
Locust Sound ModeA032D548 0001
Echo Sound #3A032D544 0001
Funky SoundA032D540 0001
Weird SoundA032D534 0001
Yoshi Sounds Like ClavasA032D530 0001
Echo Sound #2A032D528 0001
Chunk/Freeze OpeningA032D524 0001
Time-Bomb TickingA032D51C 0001
Static/Fuzz #4A032D518 0001
Static/Fuzz #3A032D514 0001
Static/Fuzz #2A032D510 0001
Echo SoundA032D504 0001
Freaky SoundA032D500 0001
Walk Up HillsA1253DAC 0000
Mario Leans Right Modifier8033B3C0 ????
Stripe LandA032B60F 0001
Striped ScreenA032B61B 0001
Hell On Earth/Flat Shaded MarioA032B61D 0001
Cool Red Pattern/Picasso SkyA032B61E 0001
Hell On Earth Without The FlashA032B61F 0001
Cool Power Meter8133B266 0001
Slightly Darker GameA032C62B 0001
Can't Get Coins8033B218 FFFF
Blinds/Disco/Carpet World8033B425 0002
White/Disco World8033B425 0001
Have "M13" Stars8033B21A FFFF
Sandio8033B17A 0080
Splashio8033B17A 0040
Leafio8033B17A 0020
Smokio8033B17A 0008
Snowio8033B17A 0002
Stuck-In-The-Ground Mario8033B221 0001
Mario Floats X Feet Above The Ground8033B220 00??
Infinite Health/Occasional Power Sounds8033B21E 0009
Always Tired/Die Hard Mario8033B21E 0001
Mario Can Barely Do Anything8033B224 FFFF
Short/Low Jumping Mario8033B224 0001
Mario Goes Very Slow/Don't Jump8133B1C4 0001
Distortovision - The Castle Is Falling ApartA032C518 00FF
Distortovision - Undecided CastleA032C142 6003
Distortovision - LegoLandA032C16E FFFF
203577BA BAAE
20361550 8888
2032C640 0407
Distortovision - Moving GroundA032C42D FFFF
Game Freezes When You Get Into Cannons8133B1F0 0010
Shaky Shadows8033B3B8 00FF
Funky Hat8033B3B4 00FF
Funky Hands8033B3B0 00FF
Occasional Small Line Across Screen8133B208 0001
Camera Stays In Weird Places8133B204 0001
Star-Glitter Effect8133B17A 0008
Flashing Invincible Mario8133B196 0070
Sliding Mario8133B1C4 FFFF
Go Nowhere Fast8133B1C4 0010
Slower Rocket Mario8133B1C4 FFDD
Rocket Mario8133B1C4 FFEE
Hover Mario8133B1BC 0000
Super Mega Jump8133B1BC FFFF
Mega Jump8133B1BC 0010
Lego/Bloated Mario8032C1D1 1111
Really, Really, Tiny Title Screen (May Freeze)A032C1F1 1111
Lots Of Graphics Missing/Changed View In Cannons Are Completely Black/Cool Trees/Messed-Up Text & Lifebar8032C1A1 1111
Bloated/Stretched Mario & Surroundings8032C1E1 1111
Mario Keeps Turning To The Left In Water Or Air8133B1A4 FFFF
Mario Can Walk/Slide/Float On Some HillsA1253DAC 00FF
A1253DAE 00FF
A1253DB0 00FF
A1253DB2 00FF
Press GS Button To Give Mario Full Life8833B21E 0063
Press GS Button To Kill Mario8833B21E FFFF
"Super Man" MarioA11C050C 0001
Gain Access To CannonA11C050A 0001
Even More Multi-Colored & Flashing Mario + SurroundingsA032C0EF 1111
Multi-Colored & Flashing Mario + SurroundingsA032C0EE 2222
Even Wackier Sounds/MusicA031C1BF DDDD
Mario & Some Sound Effects Sound Wacky/May Have Some Music Changed [Instruments Sound DifferentA031C1BA DDDD
No MusicA031D1AF DDDD
"Alien" Sounds/MusicA031C1AF DDDD
Mario 64 Title Scrunched TogetherA032C7A6 DDDD
Almost Everything Moves When You DoA032C1DF DDDD
Really Strange Graphics/EffectsA032C1DD DDDD
Lots Of Missing Polygons/People Have Abandoned Mushroom KingdomA032C1AD AAAA
(In-Game) "It's Me...Mario!"A032C1CD AAAA
Mario Gets Cap BackA1254A42 0000
A1254A40 0000
Multi-Colored Flashing MarioA032C59F 3333
80's Mode/Missing Some Trees/Invincible Mario (?)A032C0CA 1111
Fuzzy Mode #3 [Doesn't Revert Back To Normal]A032C0C5 1111
Fuzzy/Rainbow Mode #2 [May Revert To Normal]:A032C0C7 1111
Some Graphics Twitch/Some Text MissingA032C0C3 1111
70's Mode Turns Into Normal GameA032C0B7 1111
Stripey/Transparent/Missing Graphics ModeA032C0B8 1111
Clown Mario/Stripey/Transparent/Missing Graphics ModeA032C0B9 1111
Cool Intro/Text Missing Here & ThereA032C0B2 1111
Different 70's MarioA032C0B6 1111
70's Mode #3A032C0B4 1111
70's Mode #2A032C0AE 1111
70's ModeA032C0B5 1111
Cross-Eyed MarioA032C0AC 1111
I-Can't-Stay-Together Mario/Mario Plus Other Graphics Have Been Moved Downwards & DuplicatedA032C0A0 1111
Insane Mario & SurroundingsA032C055 BBBB
Disco Effect Between Screens/Slightly Disco WorldA032C09F 1111
Clown Mario #3/Missing GraphicsA032C072 1111
Interesting Title ScreenA032C07A 1111
Some Graphics Disappear/ReappearA0320040 1111
Messed-Up World With Mario In LoveA032C004 1111
Strange Graphics With Devil MarioA032C054 1111
Flashing/Missing GraphicsA032C254 1111
Mario Is Missing Some Graphics [No Eyes] & Surroundings Also Flashy/DiscoA032C559 1111
Really Cool-Looking Mario & SurroundingsA032C55C 1111
Really Cool-Looking MarioA032C55D 1111
Making Mario Say Something Will Stop The Music & SoundsA031FF61 1111
Mario Being Played On The PCA032C173 00FF
Some Trees Are Missing In Bob-omb BattlefieldA11C0B10 FFFF
Game Freezes When You Try To Enter A LevelA11C0C12 FFFF
Weird Slide Attack #28333B19C 8088
Weird Slide Attack8333B19C 4044
Press GS Button For 104 Coins [After Every Two Blue Coins You Get One More Coin]8980A798 B910
Reverse Power Display/Always 1 Life When Paused8133B260 0001
Reverse Power Display/Always 1 Coin8133B262 0001
Reverse Power Display/One Star When Paused8133B264 0001
Splotch Modifier Codes8133B268 000?
Reverse Power Meter/? Health When Paused Modifier Codes8133B266 000?
Bob-omb's "Cap" Is Now A Even Bigger CapA11C0134 1111
Bob-omb's "Cap" Is Now A Party HatA11C0144 1111
Bob-omb's "Cap" Is Now A SpikeA11C0124 1111
Bob-ombs Lack A Body/Eyes/Have Stretchy Feet/Missing A Bit Of Their "Cap"A11C0060 1111
Bob-ombs Lack A Body & EyesA11C0070 1111
Bob-ombs Have Stretched-Sideways FeetA11C0104 1111
"Martian" TreesA11C0552 FFFF
Invisible TreesA11C055E FFFF
Termites Have Been Eating The Trees Away/Invisible Walls #2A11C053C 1111
Termites Have Been Eating The Trees Away/Invisible WallsA11C052C 1111
Trees Have Been Eaten Away By Caterpillers #2 (Game May Freeze If You Go Into A LevelA11C051C 1111
Impossible To Get Inside Castle/Mario Can Go Into Some Parts Of The GrassA11C090C 1111
Press GS Button For A Very Close CameraA832540A 0001
Trees Have Been Eaten Away By Caterpillers/Difficult Invisible Walls To Pass In Bob-omb BattlefieldA11C050C 1111
(Outside Castle) Brownish "Alien" Trees/New Stone Texture Infront Of Door/No Trees/Invisible Walls In Bob-omb BattlefieldA11C0590 1111
(Outside Castle) Mario Can Clip Through Some Trees & Land/Strange Things Happen Close To The Exit Of Moat When Running/Invisible Walls/Invisible Walls + Cool New Texture On Some Walls + Bob-omb Guy's Right Foot Pops Out Place Occasionally In Bob-omb BattlefieldA11C0290 1111
Mario & Music Sounds Like 80's Sound EffectsA132CAAA 00FF
Everything Is Very Up-Close To YouA032B7BD 0060
Title Screen Is Flipped + Metal/Intro Has 'Mario From Hell'/In-Game Everything Is Upside-Down & Mario Walks In ReverseA032B7BC 0060
Blurred World [Game Might Freeze]A032B7BB 0060
More Flashing Body Mario Digits8033B3B8 00??
Blurred/Stretchy/Shaded/Discoed ModeA032C4D1 000F
Bob-ombs Have A Rectangular Foot/Mario Can Clip Sleightly Against The Stones/Huge Invisible WallsA11C0110 FFFF
Rainbow WorldA032C4E4 000E
Black Object Comes Out Of The Side Of The Castle [Can See Only From Some Views]A1101144 000F
Mario Is Up To His Torso Into The Ground8033B220 FFFF
Mario Floats Above The Ground8033B220 0001
Mario Is Above The Ground Slightly8033B221 EEEE
Mario's Shoes Go Through The Ground8033B221 7771
Torso & Feet Go Into The Ground Even More8033B221 0001
Super-Walk Mario8133B1C4 FFFF
Even Faster Super Fast GameA1248156 1111
A1248154 1111
Sinking Jump8133B1BC 0005
Mario Can't Use Hats8133B226 0001
Old-Fashioned Mario/Some SurroundingsA032C551 9999
Shiny/Surroundings Flashy When You MoveA032C54D 1111
Really Flashy Intro/GameA032C54E 1111
(In Intro) Mario is Dirty/Blocky/Slightly Dirty/Blocky Mario (With Multi-Colored Shoes) & SurroundingsA032C54C 1111
(In Intro) Mario is Dirty/Blocky/Slightly Dirty/Blocky Mario & SurroundingsA032C54B 9999
Mario's On Drugs ModeA032C49D 9999
Mario Flashes A Bit/Moving Camera Around Can Change Day Into NightA032C69D 9999
Rainbow Mario/SurroundingsA032C59D 9999
Static Sound8132CCDE FFBA
Earthquake8133B032 56AB
Dying World/Can't Read8132C054 8AAE
Worst Cutted World8132C044 FAA9
Cutted World8132C012 3455
Strange Sky8132C458 9662
Press GS Button To Stop Mario Moving Temporarily8833B189 0005
Press GS Button To Reset Mario's Movements8833B189 0001
Strobe Light ModeA032C62B 0666
Fast Butt Stomp8033B189 0002
Press GS Button For Mario To Fall Asleep8833B189 0003
Hard To See/Slow Motion8132C290 4444
All Sorts Of Colors8132C552 0009
Funny-Sounding Voices8032CC64 0004
Chime Sounds8032C8A6 000E
Flashing Rainbow Colors8032C4F6 0001
Color-Changing Land8032C4F6 0004
Screws Sound/Different-Sounding Mario803159A6 0000
Hell on EarthA032B61F FFFA
Wierd ColorsA032B61F FFFA
A032C5E1 0005
Everyone Disco ModeA032C59F 3333
Invisible TreesA11C0572 1111
Wierd Trees, Can Walk ThroughA11C0554 5555
Wierd Trees, Can Walk Through 2A11C0594 EEEE
Blue Rod Comes Off Of TreesA11C0516 BBBB
Clumsy MarioA11C05CA 0000
Walk Through HillsA11C051A FFFF
Power Meter Runs Backwards8133B266 0022
Muscle Spasms In Right Hand8033B3B6 0006
Tired Mario8033B189 0003
Blinking Mario8133B196 FFFF
Sometimes You Hear Cracking Sounds80315964 0001
Even Worse Cracking Sounds80315964 0002
No Sound81335006 6464
Screws Sound/Robot Sounding Mario8131595A 0000
Upside-Down/4 Windows ModeA032B7BF 0060
Multi-Colored Mario/Everything Is GreenA032C5E1 0005
White MarioA032C5E1 CADE
'Super Mario 64' Title Comes Out From A White Circle803C3C33 C333
Mario Sounds Like That Robot From SW:ROTJ & YodaA032CCDD 00FF
Mario Sounds Like That Robot From Star Wars: Return of The JediA032CCDD 0010
Mario Sounds Like YodaA032CCDD 0060
Clumped-Together GraphicsA032B1BF 0060
No Buttons Work8133AFAA 0030
Most Glitchiest CodeA032C587 AAAA
Colored WorldA032C55F EECD
Night WorldA032C66A BFFF
Pointy MarioA032C553 2367
Flying Mario/ Messed up WorldA032C559 0001
Star Like World8133B424 450C
Black Spark MarioA132C55A 2376
Zero G MarioA132C4C4 FFFF
Spark WorldA032C556 5FED
Rainbow, Deformed MarioA032C559 5FED
Mario will say "Press start to play" instead of "Hello!"A132D5D4 0001
Flat Head MarioA13255DA 0001
Geek MarioA13255D6 0001
Frame by Frame animationA132D5D8 0001
Earthquake WorldA032C16E 1B1B
A032C16B B1B1
Sketched WorldA032C16E AECA
Rainbow MarioA132C55A B111
Better looking "Luigi" with red Yoshi812C11FE 0080
Greenish MarioA032C563 BBBB
Polygon MarioA032C566 BBBB
Picture's of Bowser and other people inside of castle8133B424 9910
Mario looks like WarioA032C55B BBBA
Mario laying on ground with a beard8133B17C AAAA
Power Meter World8133B424 B10D
Melting MarioA032C596 AAAA
Neon MarioA032C55B BBB0
American WorldA032B77F BBEF
Rainbow MarioA032C55A FFDC
White Yoshi and White MarioA032C561 BBBB
Razzle Dazzle World8132C55A ACE3
Access Cannon without 120 StarsD033AFA1 0020
A11C051C 00FE
D033AFA1 0020
A11C050C 00FE
Cool-Looking Mario #6A032C562 BBBB
Garden MarioA032C56F 0011
Muddy MarioA032C59F 0010
Sparkling Paint ModeA032C59F 0022
Walking BlinkersA032C617 BBBB
Half + HalfA032C607 BBBB
Lite + Dark MarioA032C575 FFFF
Bright MarioA032C575 BBBB
Bloody MarioA032C59F 1060
New Improved LuigiA032C58F 1080
Multi-Colored Mario / Blue GlovesA032C597 0004
Multi-Colored Mario / Purple GlovesA032C597 0005
Blue Mario / Yellow GlovesA032C597 0006
Tie-Died MarioA032C55A BBBB
Tie-Died Mario #2A032C58F 000A
Frozen MarioA032C55B 0001
Super Mega Jump With Hover Fall8133B1BC FEDC