Star Wars-Rogue Squadron

Credit: Code Master,,, Ryan Toluchanian,,,, Crocc,, Zap2

Activator 1 P1D0130B88 00??
Activator 2 P1D0130B89 00??
Dual Activator P1D1130B88 ????
Infinite Lives80130B10 0008
Infinite Secondary Weapons8010CA32 0008
99 Kills80130B85 0063
99 Saves80130B86 0063
Have All Levels / Ships80130B4D 007E
Infinite Health81137E7C 4316
GS Button For Gold Medals Won Codes
Ambush at Mos Eisley88130B1C 00??
Rendezvou on Bankhesh88130B1D 00??
The Search For The Noonnah88130B1E 00??
Defection At Corellia88130B1F 00??
Liberation V88130B20 00??
The Jade Moon88130B21 00??
Imperial Construction Yard88130B22 00??
Assault on Kile II88130B23 00??
Rescue on Kessel88130B24 00??
Prisons on Kessel88130B25 00??
Battle Above Taloraan88130B26 00??
Escape From Fest88130B27 00??
Blockade on Chandrila88130B28 00??
Raid on Sullust88130B29 00??
Moff Seerdon's Revenge88130B2A 00??
The Battle of Calamari88130B2B 00??
Beggar's Canyon88130B2C 00??
The Death Star Trench Run88130B2D 00??
Battle of Hoth88130B2E 00??
99 Bonus Collected80130B87 0063
Plane Modifier80130B41 00??
Atmosphere Modifier/New Level81130B72 00??
Play Level Modifier In Demo81130B40 ????
81130B52 51B0
2 Cannon X-Wing!!! (Choose X-Wing, Play Any Level)8005946C 0001
Alls Off For Sky (Try This on Talorann)80059D2A 0001
Empty Levels, Except For Ghost Enemies & Structures8103E712 0104
Indestructable/Partial Walls Off (Not Even Hitting Something Dead on Will Kill You)81130B4C 37FD
Enlarge All Buildings/Structures (Works Best on Chandrila)80059C97 0001
Enlarge Many Buildings/Structures.80059C94 0001
Pancake All Buildings/Structures (Works Best on Chandrila)80059C88 0001
Pancake Many Buildings/Structures80059C95 0001
See Full Radar.8001EBE2 0066
Maximum Visibility (Works Best on Level Nonnah)80017100 0001
Minimum Visibility80017198 0001
Sudden Death, You & Enemies Have Super Powerful Lasers8005CB00 0001
No Lasers For You & Enemies (You Can Still Use Secondary Weapons)8005CB94 0001
No Lasers For You & Other Rogues8005CB92 0001
Most Laser Fire Goes Off in The Wrong Direction8005CA46 0001
Big Lasers8005E650 0001
Shoot Through Land8005CB35 000E
Tie & Walker Lasers go Slow & Last Only Short Distance8005CB75 000E
Aircraft on Rollercoaster80019150 0003
No Background80042A20 0042
No Vertical Camera8004D7E2 0001
Camera Absolutely Stationary8004D762 0001
All Enemy Action Modifier Codes
Parallel Shock Waves From Blasts8007000F 0004
Enemies Tilt Up To 90 Degrees. (AT-ATs & WD's Look Neat )8001912E 0001
Enemies Go Backwards. (World Devastator Goes Over Hills With This Code, it Looks Neat)8001912B 0001
Enemies in Whirlwind8001912A 0066
Enemies Act Strange80019124 0040
Enemies Act Somewhat Strange8001912C 0001
Walker Action Modifier Codes
Enemies Twitchy80019126 000C
ATATs Hogtied! ATATs on There Backs & Hogtied. Doesn't Work on Levels With Mini-Walkers, Jade, Fest8001D8D0 0001
Exorcist Walkers80082A06 0001
Walkers Dance, Works on Fest8001D8D4 0001
Walkers Swat There Legs up Into The Air8001D87D 0001
Walkers Legs Messed up8001D86E 0001
Walkers Have Problems With There Hinges8001D65C 0001
Walkers Have Minor Problems With There Hinges8001D658 0001
Walkers Legs Shakey8001D9F2 0001
Walkers Shakey8001DADF 0028
See Full Level Select Picture at Level Select Screen (Looks Interesting)800212B9 0003
Face Picture Modifier at Start Screen81130B58 00??
Decapitated Skywalker Start Screen81055860 1199
Aircraft Twirl80065E36 0001
Aircraft Stretched80059BC4 0001
Pancake Many Enemies80059BD0 0001
Stretched Enemy Planes80059BDE 0001
Enemies Slanted80059B97 0001
No Laser & Other Types of Explosion Effects8000B207 0001
No Explosion Flames80026837 0001
Small Explosion Flames80026837 00FF
Blue Fumes80014647 0063
Black Fumes80014647 00FF
Dark Blue Fumes80014647 0003
Infared Vision8001E555 0001
Infarblue Vision8001E550 0001
Infargreen Vision8001E55A 0001
Multicolor Vision800254B7 0086
Shadow Vision8001513B 0003
Jelly Vision800250FF 00CF
Waffle Vision800254A7 0055
Wide Vision8011A841 0009
Specific Things Invisible8011A84D 0061
Sky oOtlined8001F86F 0003
Sky Tint Green8001F86F 0001
Sky Tint Light Green8001F86F 0002
Ground Outlined80049A72 0001
World Devastator Has no Exhaust8004044F 00FF
World Devastator Exhaust Goes South800414FF 00FF
World Devastator Has Little Exhaust8004127F 0001
Lasers Give Off Purple Light8004B831 0001
No Music Just Sound FX8008465A 0001
No Sound Except For Voice Clips800849A9 0001
Landscape Dark/no Pilot in Plane80021C88 0001
Ground Level High80067E29 0001
Neat Effect on Level Select Screen, Squish & Unsquishes Screen8001C888 0003
Erase All Saved Games, Set All Settings Back to Default80006A16 0001
Secondary Weapon Modifier8010CA30 00??
No Controller80130B56 0001
All Levels Except Bonus Levels80130B5B 0001
Director80130B62 0001
Director, Crash At Ship Select80130B6A 0001
Crash After 1st Screen80130B70 0001
Director, Crash At Level Load80130B71 0001
Level Picture Flashes800CDAC2 ????