Star Wars-Episode 1-Racer

Credit: Code Master, Thunder2,, Zap2, Crocc,, Gray Vader

Activator 1 P1D0281250 00??
Activator 2 P1D0281251 00??
Dual Activator P1D1281250 ????
Unlock All Amateur Tracks80113E68 00FF
Unlock All Semi-Pro Tracks80113E69 00FF
Unlock All Galactic Tracks80113E6A 00FF
Unlock All Invitational Tracks80113E6B 00FF
Have All Tracks81113E68 FFFF
81113E6A FFFF
All Amateur Tracks Completed81113E6C 3FFF
All Semi-Pro Tracks Completed81113E6E 3FFF
All Galactic Tracks Completed81113E70 3FFF
All Invitational Tracks Completed81113E72 00FF
Have All Characters81113E74 007D
81113E76 FFFF
Infinite Trugets81113E78 7FFF
81113E7A FFFF
Always Place 1st P180118FED 0001
Low Timer P181119004 3F80
Start On Lap Modifier P1D011900B 0000
8111900A 00??
Always On Lap Modifier P18111900A 00??
Always Place 1st P280119075 0001
Low Timer P28111908C 3F80
Start On Lap Modifier P2D0119093 0000
81119092 00??
Always On Lap Modifier P281119092 00??
Enable Cheat Menu8009B7D7 0001
Enable All Cheat Options8109B7DA FFFF
Invincibility800A52D7 0001
Total Lap Modifier (01-06)8017881B 00??
Debug Level Modifier (00-06)8009B7D3 00??
Max Part Condition Codes
Traction P180113E84 00FF
Turning P180113E85 00FF
Acceleration P180113E86 00FF
Top Speed P180113E87 00FF
Air Brake P180113E88 00FF
Cooling P180113E89 00FF
Repair P180113E8A 00FF
Pod Modifier P1801788AA 00??
How Many Laps Modifier (Free Play & Time Trial Only) (00-04)801788C6 00??
2-Player Co-op Mode801788A8 0002
Never Use This Code8011371F 0000
Clear All Data8014C53F 0000
Spline Markers On800A52D3 0001
All Items Free810D6CCE 0000
Max Trade In810D6CCA FFFF
Multiple Function Modifier8011A273 00??
Race The Boonta Classic Again For Money 108811A273 0004
Super Air Brakes80119819 00FF
Super Traction80119859 00FF
Random Powers P281217BEC 4120
8121F78C 4120
81217BF0 44FA
8121B9C0 44FA
81223560 44FA
81217BF4 447A
81217BF8 447A
8121F794 447A
8121F798 447A