Rush 2-Extreme Racing USA

Credit: Code Master,, Robb,

Activator 1 P1D00D0192 00??
Activator 2 P1D00D0193 00??
Dual Activator P1D10D0192 ????
Always Place 1st80112589 0000
Extra Cars810C1DBC FFFF
Las Vegas (Normal) Track Statistics Codes
Average Lap-Time Modifier810C1DD8 ????
Average Lap-Laps Modifier810C1DDA ????
Races Modifier810C1DDC ????
First Place Modifier810C1DDE ????
Second Place Modifier810C1DE0 ????
Third Place Modifier810C1DE2 ????
Crashes Modifier810C1DE4 ????
Death Races Attempted Modifier810C1DE6 ????
Death Races Completed Modifier810C1DE8 ????
Have All Keys Found810C1DBC FFFF
New York-Downtown (Normal) Track Statistics Codes
Average Lap-Time Modifier810C1DF8 ????
Average Lap-Laps Modifier810C1DFA ????
Races Modifier810C1DFC ????
First Place Modifier810C1DFE ????
Second Place Modifier810C1E00 ????
Third Place Modifier810C1E02 ????
Crashes Modifier810C1E04 ????
Death Races Attempted Modifier810C1E06 ????
Death Races Completed Modifier810C1E08 ????
Have All Keys Found810C1DBE FFFF
Hawaii (Normal) Track Statistics Codes
Average Lap-Time Modifier810C1E18 ????
Average Lap-Laps Modifier810C1E1A ????
Races Modifier810C1E1C ????
First Place Modifier810C1E1E ????
Second Place Modifier810C1E20 ????
Third Place Modifier810C1E22 ????
Crashes Modifier810C1E24 ????
Death Races Attempted Modifier810C1E26 ????
Death Races Completed Modifier810C1E28 ????
Have All Keys Found810C1DC0 FFFF
New York-Uptown (Normal) Track Statistics Codes
Average Lap-Time Modifier810C1E38 ????
Average Lap-Laps Modifier810C1E3A ????
Races Modifier810C1E3C ????
First Place Modifier810C1E3E ????
Second Place Modifier810C1E40 ????
Third Place Modifier810C1E42 ????
Crashes Modifier810C1E44 ????
Death Races Attempted Modifier810C1E46 ????
Death Races Completed Modifier810C1E48 ????
Have All Keys Found810C1DC2 FFFF
Alcatraz (Normal) Track Statistics Codes
Average Lap-Time Modifier810C1E58 ????
Average Lap-Laps Modifier810C1E5A ????
Races Modifier810C1E5C ????
First Place Modifier810C1E5E ????
Second Place Modifier810C1E60 ????
Third Place Modifier810C1E62 ????
Crashes Modifier810C1E64 ????
Death Races Attempted Modifier810C1E66 ????
Death Races Completed Modifier810C1E68 ????
Have All Keys Found810C1DC4 FFFF
Los Angeles (Normal) Track Statistics Codes
Average Lap-Time Modifier810C1E78 ????
Average Lap-Laps Modifier810C1E7A ????
Races Modifier810C1E7C ????
First Place Modifier810C1E7E ????
Second Place Modifier810C1E80 ????
Third Place Modifier810C1E82 ????
Crashes Modifier810C1E84 ????
Death Races Attempted Modifier810C1E86 ????
Death Races Completed Modifier810C1E88 ????
Have All Keys Found810C1DC6 FFFF
Seattle (Normal) Track Statistics Codes
Average Lap-Time Modifier810C1E98 ????
Average Lap-Laps Modifier810C1E9A ????
Races Modifier810C1E9C ????
First Place Modifier810C1E9E ????
Second Place Modifier810C1EA0 ????
Third Place Modifier810C1EA2 ????
Crashes Modifier810C1EA4 ????
Death Races Attempted Modifier810C1EA6 ????
Death Races Completed Modifier810C1EA8 ????
Have All Keys Found810C1DC8 FFFF
Half Pipe (Normal) Track Statistics Codes
Average Lap-Time Modifier810C1EB8 ????
Average Lap-Laps Modifier810C1EBA ????
Races Modifier810C1EBC ????
First Place Modifier810C1EBE ????
Second Place Modifier810C1EC0 ????
Third Place Modifier810C1EC2 ????
Crashes Modifier810C1EC4 ????
Death Races Attempted Modifier810C1EC6 ????
Death Races Completed Modifier810C1EC8 ????
Have All Keys Found810C1DCA FFFF
Crash (Normal) Track Statistics Codes
Average Lap-Time Modifier810C1ED8 ????
Average Lap-Laps Modifier810C1EDA ????
Races Modifier810C1EDC ????
First Place Modifier810C1EDE ????
Second Place Modifier810C1EE0 ????
Third Place Modifier810C1EE2 ????
Crashes Modifier810C1EE4 ????
Death Races Attempted Modifier810C1EE6 ????
Death Races Completed Modifier810C1EE8 ????
Have All Keys Found810C1DCC FFFF
Las Vegas (Reverse) Track Statistics Codes
Average Lap-Time Modifier810C1F58 ????
Average Lap-Laps Modifier810C1F5A ????
Races Modifier810C1F5C ????
First Place Modifier810C1F5E ????
Second Place Modifier810C1F60 ????
Third Place Modifier810C1F62 ????
Crashes Modifier810C1F64 ????
Death Races Attempted Modifier810C1F66 ????
Death Races Completed Modifier810C1F68 ????
New York-Downtown (Reverse) Track Statistics Codes
Average Lap-Time Modifier810C1F78 ????
Average Lap-Laps Modifier810C1F7A ????
Races Modifier810C1F7C ????
First Place Modifier810C1F7E ????
Second Place Modifier810C1F80 ????
Third Place Modifier810C1F82 ????
Crashes Modifier810C1F84 ????
Death Races Attempted Modifier810C1F86 ????
Death Races Completed Modifier810C1F88 ????
Hawaii (Reverse) Track Statistics Codes
Average Lap-Time Modifier810C1F98 ????
Average Lap-Laps Modifier810C1F9A ????
Races Modifier810C1F9C ????
First Place Modifier810C1F9E ????
Second Place Modifier810C1FA0 ????
Third Place Modifier810C1FA2 ????
Crashes Modifier810C1FA4 ????
Death Races Attempted Modifier810C1FA6 ????
Death Races Completed Modifier810C1FA8 ????
New York-Uptown (Reverse) Track Statistics Codes
Average Lap-Time Modifier810C1FB8 ????
Average Lap-Laps Modifier810C1FBA ????
Races Modifier810C1FBC ????
First Place Modifier810C1FBE ????
Second Place Modifier810C1FC0 ????
Third Place Modifier810C1FC2 ????
Crashes Modifier810C1FC4 ????
Death Races Attempted Modifier810C1FC6 ????
Death Races Completed Modifier810C1FC8 ????
Alcatraz (Reverse) Track Statistics Codes
Average Lap-Time Modifier810C1FD8 ????
Average Lap-Laps Modifier810C1FDA ????
Races Modifier810C1FDC ????
First Place Modifier810C1FDE ????
Second Place Modifier810C1FE0 ????
Third Place Modifier810C1FE2 ????
Crashes Modifier810C1FE4 ????
Death Races Attempted Modifier810C1FE6 ????
Death Races Completed Modifier810C1FE8 ????
Los Angeles (Reverse) Track Statistics Codes
Average Lap-Time Modifier810C1FF8 ????
Average Lap-Laps Modifier810C1FFA ????
Races Modifier810C1FFC ????
First Place Modifier810C1FFE ????
Second Place Modifier810C2000 ????
Third Place Modifier810C2002 ????
Crashes Modifier810C2004 ????
Death Races Attempted Modifier810C2006 ????
Death Races Completed Modifier810C2008 ????
Seattle (Reverse) Track Statistics Codes
Average Lap-Time Modifier810C2018 ????
Average Lap-Laps Modifier810C201A ????
Races Modifier810C201C ????
First Place Modifier810C201E ????
Second Place Modifier810C2020 ????
Third Place Modifier810C2022 ????
Crashes Modifier810C2024 ????
Death Races Attempted Modifier810C2026 ????
Death Races Completed Modifier810C2028 ????
Half Pipe (Reverse) Track Statistics Codes
Average Lap-Time Modifier810C2038 ????
Average Lap-Laps Modifier810C203A ????
Races Modifier810C203C ????
First Place Modifier810C203E ????
Second Place Modifier810C2040 ????
Third Place Modifier810C2042 ????
Crashes Modifier810C2044 ????
Death Races Attempted Modifier810C2046 ????
Death Races Completed Modifier810C2048 ????
Crash (Reverse) Track Statistics Codes
Average Lap-Time Modifier810C2058 ????
Average Lap-Laps Modifier810C205A ????
Races Modifier810C205C ????
First Place Modifier810C205E ????
Second Place Modifier810C2060 ????
Third Place Modifier810C2062 ????
Crashes Modifier810C2064 ????
Death Races Attempted Modifier810C2066 ????
Death Races Completed Modifier810C2068 ????
More Misc. Codes
Game Timer Off800D9E88 0001
Auto Abort Disable8010C168 0001
Resurrect In Place8010C210 0001
Have Midway Track800E7D19 0001
New York Cabs800D9E89 0001
Car Collisions Off8011249A 0001
Cone Mines On8010C166 0001
Car Mines On8010C167 0001
Super Speed80111950 0001
Damage Off8011CDB0 0001
Light Gravity800E7D22 0000
Heavy Gravity800E7D22 0002
Jovian Gravity800E7D22 0003
Brakes Off80125C64 0001
Heavy Mass8010C179 0001
Massive Mass8010C179 0002
Invincible80119634 0001
Invisible Cars8010C170 0001
Invisible Tracks8010C178 0001
Large Frame8010C43C 0003
Killer Rats On8010C17C 0001
Inside-Out Car On801174E0 0001
Upside Down Mode800D0171 0001
Stunts All Tracks8010C200 0001
Fog Color Modifier8010C440 00??
Suicide Mode On80119628 0001
Suicide Mode Humans On80119628 0002
Levitation8010C254 0001
Super Tires8010D3A6 0002
Press R For Nitrous BoostD00D0193 0010
810F58DC 44CB
D00D0193 0010
810F5938 44CB
All Keys & Cans (Midway Track)810C1DD0 FFFF
All Keys & Cans (Stunt Track)810C1DD2 FFFF
Tag Mode While Playing 2-Player In Pratice Mode8010C169 0001
Front Pickup Tire Size Modifier P1800C0AC5 00??
Rear Pickup Tire Size Modifier P1800C0BCD 00??
Mt. Dew Front Tire Size Modifier P1800C0B19 00??
Mt. Dew Rear Tire Size Modifier P1800C0 C2100??
Rocket Front Tire Size Modifier P1800C0B15 00??
Rocket Rear Tire Size Modifier P1800C0C1D 00??
Prototype Front Tire Size Modifier P1800C0B11 00??
Prototype Rear Tire Size Modifier P1800C0C19 00??
Formula Front Tire Size Modifier P1800C0B0D 00??
Formula Rear Tire Size Modifier P1800C0C15 00??
Hot Rod Front Tire Size Modifier P1800C0B09 00??
Hot Rod Rear Tire Size Modifier P1800C0C11 00??
Cruiser Front Tire Size Modifier P1800C0AF9 00??
Cruiser Rear Tire Size Modifier P1800C0C01 00??
Van Front Tire Size Modifier P1800C0AE5 00??
Van Rear Tire Size Modifier P1800C0BED 00??
Pickup Front Tire Size Modifier P2800C0B1D 00??
Rear Tire Size Modifier P2800C0C25 00??