Rocket-Robot On Wheels

Credit: Code Master's Trio, Robb

Activator 1 P1D00BD444 00??
Activator 2 P1D00BD445 00??
Dual Activator P1D10BD444 ????
Max Health8109F706 000C
Infinite Health8109F702 000C
Max Tinker Toys810A599E 0064
Press L For Colored Tinker Toys ModifierD00BD445 0020
810A599A 00??
Max Ticket Switches810A59A2 00C8
Have All Machine Parts810A5960 FFFF
Have All Vechicles810A5968 FFFF
Whoopie World Codes
Max Tickets810A58F0 FFFF
810A58F2 FFFF
810A58F4 FFFF
810A58F6 FFFF
810A58F8 FFFF
Time Modifier810A58FE ????
Clowney Island Codes
Max Tickets810A5900 FFFF
810A5902 FFFF
810A5904 FFFF
810A5906 FFFF
810A5908 FFFF
810A590A FFFF
810A590C FFFF
Time Modifier810A590E ????
Paint Misbehaving' Codes
Max Tickets810A5910 FFFF
810A5912 FFFF
810A5914 FFFF
810A5916 FFFF
810A5918 FFFF
810A591A FFFF
810A591C FFFF
Time Modifier810A591E ????
Mine Blowing Codes
Max Tickets810A5920 FFFF
810A5922 FFFF
810A5924 FFFF
810A5926 FFFF
810A5928 FFFF
810A592A FFFF
810A592C FFFF
Time Modifier810A592E ????
Arabian Flights Codes
Max Tickets810A5930 FFFF
810A5932 FFFF
810A5934 FFFF
810A5936 FFFF
810A5938 FFFF
810A593A FFFF
810A593C FFFF
Time Modifier810A593E ????
Pyramid Scheme Codes
Max Tickets810A5940 FFFF
810A5942 FFFF
810A5944 FFFF
810A5946 FFFF
810A5948 FFFF
810A594A FFFF
810A594C FFFF
Time Modifier810A594E ????
Food Fright Codes
Max Tickets810A5950 FFFF
810A5952 FFFF
810A5954 FFFF
810A5956 FFFF
810A5958 FFFF
810A595A FFFF
810A595C FFFF
Time Modifier810A595E ????
Activate Cheat Modifier810A63C6 ????