Pokmon Snap

Credit: Code Master, Zap2, Zuut Suit Ryan, Kamek, Zelda9782@aol.com, GSHQ, AntGalore

Requires Diddy Kong Keycode
Activator 1 P1D00489E0 00??
Activator 2 P1D00489E1 00??
Dual Activator P1D10489E0 ????
Press L For Fake Points Modifier For SizeD00489E1 0020
81232E52 ????
Press L For Fake Score ModifierD00489E1 0020
81232E6A ????
Press L For Fake Report Score ModifierD00489E1 0020
81232F60 00??
D00489E1 0020
81232F62 ????
Have All Levels810C2212 0006
Have Apple803AE51F 0001
Have Apple & Bomb803AE51F 0002
Have Apple, Bomb & Flute803AE51F 0004
Press Start To Start Moving Again Codes
Press L To Stop On Beach LevelD00489E1 0020
802020F5 0001
Press L To Stop On Tunnel LevelD00489E1 0020
801DDC55 0001
Press L To Stop On Volcano LevelD00489E1 0020
801FC5C5 0001
Press L To Stop On River LevelD00489E1 0020
801EF96D 0001
Press L To Stop On Cave LevelD00489E1 0020
80202225 0001
Press L To Stop On Valley LevelD00489E1 0020
801D9ABD 0001
Press L Button To Pull Mew Closer To CameraD00489E1 0020
8118C890 4300
Always Have Score Modifier When Multiplying Types Of Pokmon For The Score 48024A1DB FFFF
Rapid-Fire Apples & PesterBalls80382CB7 0000
Hide First Digit In Roll Of Film80388F5A 009D
See Entire Introduction Fully & Various In-Game Effects81049C7E 025A
Missing Polygons81049C7C FCF6
Can't See Some Pokmon8120A2AC 453F
Dizzy World Modifier81040CFA ????
Sound Modifier800E8375 00??
Control Stick Modifier800E8396 00??
Z-Button Switch Modifier800E8395 00??