Perfect Dark

Credit: Crocc, Zap2, Ryan Toluchanian, Code Master, Maverick, Hack Master, Gray Vader, Quantum Rift

Enable Code (Must Be On)
(Low-Resolution Mode)
EE000000 0000
Enable Code (Must Be On)
(Hi-Resolution Mode-GS 3.0-3.21)
F1000204 27BD
F1000206 FFE4
F1000208 AFA8
F100020A 0014
F100020C AFA9
F100020E 0018
F1000210 3C1A
F1000212 A075
F1000214 375A
F1000216 C000
F1000218 3C08
F100021A A07C
F100021C 3508
F100021E 5C00
F1000220 241B
F1000222 0180
F1000224 8D09
F1000226 0000
F1000228 237B
F100022A FFFF
F100022C AF49
F100022E 0000
F1000230 2108
F1000232 0004
F1000234 1F60
F1000236 FFFB
F1000238 235A
F100023A 0004
F100023C 8FA9
F100023E 0018
F1000240 8FA8
F1000242 0014
F1000244 27BD
F1000246 001C
F1000248 3C1A
F100024A A075
F100024C 375A
F100024E C000
F1000250 0340
F1000252 0008
F1000254 2400
81000204 3C1A
81000206 A075
81000208 375A
8100020A C000
8100020C 0340
8100020E 0008
81000210 2400
Enable Code (Must Be On)
(Hi-Resolution Mode-GS 3.3 Only)
FF75C000 0000
Low Resolution Codes
Enable Weapon Codes
Farsight Xr-20800ACCC9 0001
Enable Tranquilizer Setup800ACCCA 0001
Superdragon800ACCCB 0001
Slayer800ACCCC 0001
Falcon 2 (Silenced)800ACCCD 0001
Falcon 2 (Scope)800ACCCE 0001
Mauler800ACCCF 0001
Phoenix800ACCD0 0001
Dy357-Lx800ACCD1 0001
Callisto Ntg800ACCD2 0001
Laptop Gun800ACCD3 0001
K7 Avenger800ACCD4 0001
Rc-P120800ACCD5 0001
Shotgun800ACCD6 0001
Reaper800ACCD7 0001
Devastator800ACCD8 0001
Crossbow800ACCD9 0001
N-Bomb800ACCDA 0001
Proximity Mine800ACCDB 0001
Remote Mine800ACCDC 0001
X-Ray Scanner800ACCDD 0001
Shield800ACCDE 0001
Cloaking Device800ACCDF 0001
Combat Boost800ACCE0 0001
Enable All Weapons (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50001801 0000
800ACCC9 0001
Misc. Codes
Activator 1 P1D009C7E4 00??
Activator 2 P1D009C7E5 00??
Dual Activator P1D109C7E4 ????
Activator 1 P2D009C7EC 00??
Activator 2 P2D009C7ED 00??
Dual Activator P2D109C7EC ????
Activator 1 P3D009C7F4 00??
Activator 2 P3D009C7F5 00??
Dual Activator P3D109C7F4 ????
Activator 1 P4D009C7FC 00??
Activator 2 P4D009C7FD 00??
Dual Activator P4D109C7FC ????
All Challenges Finished/Enabled (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50001E1A 0000
800884BC 0101
50001E1A 0000
810884BE 0101
50001E1A 0000
800884C0 0001
All Missions Complete (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50004002 0000
810A2218 0001
Combat Simulator Character Stats Modifier Codes
Kills Modifier810AC80E ????
Deaths Modifier800AC812 ????
Accuracy Modifier810AC82A ????
Head Shots Modifier810AC836 ????
Ammo Used Modifier810AC83A ????
Damage Dealt Modifier810AC82E ????
Pain Received Modifier810AC832 ????
Medals: Accuracy Modifier810AC83E ????
Medals: Head Shot Modifier810AC842 ????
Medals: Kill Master Modifier810AC846 ????
Medals: Survivor Modifier810AC84A ????
Title 3 Modifier800AC84C 0014
No Hands800702DF 0000
Triangle On Mauler8020E91A 00??
Beta Perfect Dark (Info Screen Text Modifier)8110C994 2031
8110C996 2E30
8110C998 2062
8110C99A 6574
8110C99C 6120
Enables Perfect Menu (Can't Play Solo Missions)810751FE 5674
81075206 3A5C
GS Button For Really Large Enemies8932EA70 3E30
GS Button For Enlarge Enemies8832EA71 00FF
GS Button For Shrink Enemies8832EA71 0001
GS Button For Microscopic Enemies8832EA70 003C
P1 Codes
Have All WeaponsD013EE6F 001E
8013EE70 0007
Infinite Ammo (Right Weapon)D013EE6F 001E
8013DE5B 00FF
Infinite Ammo (Left Weapon)D013EE6F 001E
8013E5FF 00FF
Infinite Ammo (On Clip) Codes
Falcon 2, Falcon 2 (Silenced), Falcon 2 (Scope), MagSec 4, Mauler, Phoenix, PP9i & CCI3D013EE6F 001E
8013EDAF 00FF
CMPI50, Cyclone, Callisto NTG, RC-PI20, Laptop Gun, KLOI3I3, ZZT (9mm), DMC & RC-P45D013EE6F 001E
8013EDB3 00FF
CrossbowD013EE6F 001E
8013EDB7 00FF
Dragon, K7 Avenger, AR34, SuperDragon, Sniper Rifle, K7 Special, AR53D013EE6F 001E
8013EDBB 00FF
ShotgunD013EE6F 001E
8013EDBF 00FF
FarSight XR-20D013EE6F 001E
8013EDC3 00FF
GrenadeD013EE6F 001E
8013EDC7 00FF
Rocket LauncherD013EE6F 001E
8013EDCB 00FF
Combat KnifeD013EE6F 001E
8013EDCF 00FF
DY357 Magnum & DY357-LXD013EE6F 001E
8013EDD3 00FF
DevastatorD013EE6F 001E
8013EED7 00FF
Remote MineD013EE6F 001E
8013EEDB 00FF
Proximinity MineD013EE6F 001E
8013EEDF 00FF
Timed MineD013EE6F 001E
8013EEE3 00FF
ReaperD013EE6F 001E
8013EEE7 00FF
N-BombD013EE6F 001E
8013EEF3 00FF
TranquilizerD013EE6F 001E
8013EEF7 00FF
Combat BoostD013EE6F 001E
8013EEFF 00FF
Psychosis GunD013EE6F 001E
8013EF03 00FF
All Guns (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)D013EE6F 001E
50001604 0000
8013EDAF 00FF
Moon JumpD009C7E4 0040
8113D680 40F2
D009C7E4 0040
8013D633 0000
P2 Codes
Have All WeaponsD0140ADF 001E
80140AE0 0007
Infinite Ammo (Right Weapon)D0140ADF 001E
8013FACB 00FF
Infinite Ammo (Left Weapon)D0140ADF 001E
8014026F 00FF
Infinite Ammo (On Clip) Codes
Falcon 2, Falcon 2 (Silenced), Falcon 2 (Scope), MagSec 4, Mauler, Phoenix, PP9i & CCI3D0140ADF 001E
80140A1F 00FF
CMPI50, Cyclone, Callisto NTG, RC-PI20, Laptop Gun, KLOI3I3, ZZT (9mm), DMC & RC-P45D0140ADF 001E
80140A23 00FF
CrossbowD0140ADF 001E
80140A27 00FF
Dragon, K7 Avenger, AR34, SuperDragon, Sniper Rifle, K7 Special, AR53D0140ADF 001E
80140A2B 00FF
ShotgunD0140ADF 001E
80140A2F 00FF
FarSight XR-20D0140ADF 001E
80140A33 00FF
GrenadeD0140ADF 001E
80140A37 00FF
Rocket LauncherD0140ADF 001E
80140A3B 00FF
Combat KnifeD0140ADF 001E
80140A3F 00FF
DY357 Magnum & DY357-LXD0140ADF 001E
80140A43 00FF
DevastatorD0140ADF 001E
80140A47 00FF
Remote MineD0140ADF 001E
80140A4B 00FF
Proximinity MineD0140ADF 001E
80140A4F 00FF
Timed MineD0140ADF 001E
80140A53 00FF
ReaperD0140ADF 001E
80140A57 00FF
N-BombD0140ADF 001E
80140A63 00FF
TranquilizerD0140ADF 001E
80140A67 00FF
Combat BoostD0140ADF 001E
80140A6F 00FF
Psychosis GunD0140ADF 001E
80140A73 00FF
All Guns (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)D0140ADF 001E
50001604 0000
80140A1F 00FF
Moon JumpD009C7EC 0040
8113F2F0 40F2
D009C7EC 0040
8013F2A3 0000
Unlock Arena Codes
Car Park800ACCEB 0001
Complex800ACCEC 0001
Warehouse800ACCED 0001
Ravine800ACCEE 0001
Temple800ACCEF 0001
G5 Building800ACCF0 0001
Grid800ACCF1 0001
Felicity800ACCF2 0001
Villa800ACCF3 0001
Sewers800ACCF4 0001
Ruins800ACCF5 0001
Base800ACCF6 0001
Fortress800ACCF8 0001
All Arenas Unlocked (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50000E01 0000
800ACCEB 0001
Combat Simulator (Multi) Codes
Challenge Level 1st Star Completed Codes
Level 1800884BD 0001
Level 2800884D7 0001
Level 3800884F1 0001
Level 48008850B 0001
Level 580088525 0001
Level 68008853F 0001
Level 780088559 0001
Level 880088573 0001
Level 98008858D 0001
Level 10800885A7 0001
Level 11800885C1 0001
Level 12800885DB 0001
Level 13800885F5 0001
Level 148008860F 0001
Level 1580088629 0001
Level 1680088643 0001
Level 178008865D 0001
Level 1880088677 0001
Level 1980088691 0001
Level 20800886AB 0001
Level 21800886C5 0001
Level 22800886DF 0001
Level 23800886F9 0001
Level 2480088713 0001
Level 258008872D 0001
Level 2680088747 0001
Level 2780088761 0001
Level 288008877B 0001
Level 2980088795 0001
Level 30800887AF 0001
All Levels (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50001E1A 0000
800884BD 0001
Challenge Level 2nd Star Completed Codes
Level 1800884BE 0001
Level 2800884D8 0001
Level 3800884F2 0001
Level 48008850C 0001
Level 580088526 0001
Level 680088540 0001
Level 78008855A 0001
Level 880088574 0001
Level 98008858E 0001
Level 10800885A8 0001
Level 11800885C2 0001
Level 12800885DC 0001
Level 13800885F6 0001
Level 1480088610 0001
Level 158008862A 0001
Level 1680088644 0001
Level 178008865E 0001
Level 1880088678 0001
Level 1980088692 0001
Level 20800886AC 0001
Level 21800886C6 0001
Level 22800886E0 0001
Level 23800886FA 0001
Level 2480088714 0001
Level 258008872E 0001
Level 2680088748 0001
Level 2780088762 0001
Level 288008877C 0001
Level 2980088796 0001
Level 30800887B0 0001
All Levels (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50001E1A 0000
800884BE 0001
Challenge Level 3rd Star Completed Codes
Level 1800884BF 0001
Level 2800884D9 0001
Level 3800884F3 0001
Level 48008850D 0001
Level 580088527 0001
Level 680088541 0001
Level 78008855B 0001
Level 880088575 0001
Level 98008858F 0001
Level 10800885A9 0001
Level 11800885C3 0001
Level 12800885DD 0001
Level 13800885F7 0001
Level 1480088611 0001
Level 158008862B 0001
Level 1680088645 0001
Level 178008865F 0001
Level 1880088679 0001
Level 1980088693 0001
Level 20800886AD 0001
Level 21800886C7 0001
Level 22800886E1 0001
Level 23800886FB 0001
Level 2480088715 0001
Level 258008872F 0001
Level 2680088749 0001
Level 2780088763 0001
Level 288008877D 0001
Level 2980088797 0001
Level 30800887B1 0001
All Levels (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50001E1A 0000
800884BF 0001
Challenge Level 4th Star Completed Codes
Level 1800884C0 0001
Level 2800884DA 0001
Level 3800884F4 0001
Level 48008850E 0001
Level 580088528 0001
Level 680088542 0001
Level 78008855C 0001
Level 880088576 0001
Level 980088590 0001
Level 10800885AA 0001
Level 11800885C4 0001
Level 12800885DE 0001
Level 13800885F8 0001
Level 1480088612 0001
Level 158008862C 0001
Level 1680088646 0001
Level 1780088660 0001
Level 188008867A 0001
Level 1980088694 0001
Level 20800886AE 0001
Level 21800886C8 0001
Level 22800886E2 0001
Level 23800886FC 0001
Level 2480088716 0001
Level 2580088730 0001
Level 268008874A 0001
Level 2780088764 0001
Level 288008877E 0001
Level 2980088798 0001
Level 30800887B2 0001
All Levels (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50001E1A 0000
800884C0 0001
Challenge Level Enabled Codes
Level 1800884BC 0001
Level 2800884D6 0001
Level 3800884F0 0001
Level 48008850A 0001
Level 580088524 0001
Level 68008853E 0001
Level 780088558 0001
Level 880088572 0001
Level 98008858C 0001
Level 10800885A6 0001
Level 11800885C0 0001
Level 12800885DA 0001
Level 13800885F4 0001
Level 148008860E 0001
Level 1580088628 0001
Level 1680088642 0001
Level 178008865C 0001
Level 1880088676 0001
Level 1980088690 0001
Level 20800886AA 0001
Level 21800886C4 0001
Level 22800886DE 0001
Level 23800886F8 0001
Level 2480088712 0001
Level 258008872C 0001
Level 2680088746 0001
Level 2780088760 0001
Level 288008877A 0001
Level 2980088794 0001
Level 30800887AE 0001
All Levels (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50001E1A 0000
800884BC 0001
Hi Resolution Codes
Misc. Codes
Stare Down Enemies8025FE88 0001
Enemies Don't Bleed on Themselves80246988 0001
Joanna Barf (Menu Sequence Intro)8023F488 0001
Able To Go Through Most Doors8022E5FC 0001
Able To Go Through Some Other Different Doors8022E608 0001
Able To Go Through Some Other Doors8022E5F8 0001
Bullet Fire X6! (Every Bullet Now Counts As Six Bullets!)80282918 0001
Almost No Collisions80285798 0001
Enemies Confused (When They Chase After You)80264DE8 0001
Have X-Ray Scope For All Weapons (Press L/R)802C6D6B 0001
Have X-Ray Scope Just When Unarmed802C6D63 0001
Always Punching/Attempting To Attack802C8F5C 0001
Lights Don't Give Off Glare802D23F0 0020
All Doors Short Circuit802AEF8C 0020
Able To Use & Take Weapons Out Of The Firing Range802C92C4 0020
Prop To Prop Almost No Collisions8028AA4C 0020
Turn Off/Remove Props8029E314 0020
Stationary Gravity80283464 0001
No Props/Other Varying Effects80285FB0 0020
Shiny Ammo Bar (Ammo Part)802CB834 0020
Dark Blue Ammo Bar (Ammo Part)802CB830 0020
Dark Blue Ammo Bar (Empty Part)802CB82C 0020
Red Ammo Bar (Empty Part)802CB838 0020
Almost Perfect, Walk through Walls8002804B 0001
80028053 0001
80028057 0021
8002805B 0001
8002805F 0001
8002806B 00A1
8002806F 0001
80028073 0021
80028077 0001
Fast Jo8001AC0F 0000
8001AC1F 0080
8001AC4B 0081
8001AC5B 0001
8001AC6B 0081
8001AC7B 0001
8001AC8B 0081
8001AC9B 0001
8001ACAB 0081
8001ACB7 0001
Slippery Floor For Some Items (Grenades Now Slip On Floor)80026C0F 003B
No Blood/Other Effects Go Away Fast8035EC87 0020
Dragon Capacity Modifier8107039A ????
Dragon Clip Capacity Modifier8106C98C ????
Able To Kill Carrington Institute Personnel (Cinema Menu Gives Alt. Effect)8022EE80 0020
802C92C4 0020
Power Outage (Lights Off)8022169C 0020
Dim Lights802214E0 0020
Most Lights Are Blown Out80221690 0020
Lights Always On802216A0 0020
All Lights On At Full Brightness (Overrides Light Switch)80223D24 0020
Play When Its Dark Out80223D24 0028
Perfect Darkness Cheat, But Still Light (Enemies Think Its Dark)80220C38 0020
Neon Fruity Color Vision80224C20 0020
Neon Pink Vision80224C20 0028
Neon Blue Vision80224C28 0020
Neon Gold Vision80224C28 0028
Enhance Reflective Detail80224C30 0020
No Reflective Detail80224C30 0028
Most Enemies Rapid-Fire Weapons Are In Single-Shot Mode80251700 0020
Most Enemies Single-Shot Weapons Are In Rapid-Fire Mode80251704 0020
Enemies Dont Attack You8026E138 0020
Enemies Immune To Gunfire8028153C 0020
De-atomizer Ammo (Dont Use Crossbow)80244420 0028
Change Placement Of Pick Up Items8022D1D8 0020
Firing Range Encased Weapons Out Of Cases8022D1E4 0020
Move Main Props Elsewhere8022D204 0020
Move Main Props Elsewhere Different8022D210 0020
Super Pushing Power, Push A Hovercrate802A2EEC 0020
Kill A Enemy And They Throw Their Gun Up High802B6550 0020
Enlarge Plants (Datadyne Building Type)8022D2C0 0020
Debug Test Setting? (Game Crashes A Lot)8022BC80 0020
Stop Clean Bots8029DEA4 0020
Play The Carrington Institute Intro Level In Counter-Operative8009DFE9 0026
8009DFEB 0040
802C92C4 0020
Play The Carrington Institute Intro Level In Co-Operative8009DFE9 0026
8009DFEB 0080
802C92C4 0020
Play The The Duel In Counter-Operative8009DFE9 004F
8009DFEB 0040
80285798 0001
Play The The Duel In Co-Operative8009DFE9 004F
8009DFEB 0080
80285798 0001
Smart Enemies (All Enemies Can Now Use Grenades, Other Actions)80273E30 0020
Gernade Enemies (Enemies Attack With Grenades)80273E50 0020
More Aggressive Enemies80273E44 0020
Chickenshit Enemies (Enemies Give Up Easy)80273E2C 0020
Chickenshit/Hand-To-Hand Combat Enemies80273E24 0020
Enemies Don't Go On Patrol80273E4C 0020
Enemies Don't Attack80273E00 0020
Shield Penetrating Bullets (Able To Kill Chicago Level Bot, Etc.)80255108 0020
Light Shine812246D6 0100
8027F24C 0020
Varying Multicolor Vision802246D8 0028
Varying Multicolor Vision #2802246D8 0030
All Elevators Don't Work8029E71C 0020
Immune To Enemy Gunfire In Solo8026AC10 0020
Invisible To Some Enemies8024E1D4 0020
See Initial Character Placement8023E698 0020
Enemy Mind Switch8023E590 0020
Enemy Mind Switch #28023E59C 0020
Enemy Mind Switch #38023E59C 0028
Enemies Stretch Out Their Arms A Lot8026F714 0020
Enemies Stretch/Can't Get Their Guns To Work8026F700 0020
Enemies Mostly Inactive8026F6FC 0020
P1 Codes (Solo/Co-op)
Have All Weapons80207F10 0007
801EEF10 0007
801D5F10 0007
Infinite Ammo (Right Weapon)80206EFB 00FF
801D4EFB 00FF
Infinite Ammo (Left Weapon)8020769F 00FF
801EE69F 00FF
801D569F 00FF
Infinite Ammo (On Clip) Codes
Falcon 2, Falcon 2 (Silenced), Falcon 2 (Scope), MagSec 4, Mauler, Phoenix, PP9i & CCI380207E4F 00FF
801EEE4F 00FF
801D5E4F 00FF
CMPI50, Cyclone, Callisto NTG, RC-PI20, Laptop Gun, KLOI3I3, ZZT (9mm), DMC & RC-P4580207E53 00FF
801EEE53 00FF
801D5E53 00FF
Crossbow80207E57 00FF
801EEE57 00FF
801D5E57 00FF
Dragon, K7 Avenger, AR34, SuperDragon, Sniper Rifle, K7 Special, AR5380207E5B 00FF
801EEE5B 00FF
801D5E5B 00FF
Shotgun80207E5F 00FF
801EEE5F 00FF
801D5E5F 00FF
FarSight XR-2080207E63 00FF
801EEE63 00FF
801D5E63 00FF
Grenade80207E67 00FF
801EEE67 00FF
801D5E67 00FF
Rocket Launcher80207E6B 00FF
801EEE6B 00FF
801D5E6B 00FF
Combat Knife80207E6F 00FF
801EEE6F 00FF
801D5E6F 00FF
DY357 Magnum & DY357-LX80207E73 00FF
801EEE73 00FF
801D5E73 00FF
Devastator80207E77 00FF
801EEE77 00FF
801D5E77 00FF
Remote Mine80207E7B 00FF
801EEE7B 00FF
801D5E7B 00FF
Proximinity Mine80207E7F 00FF
801EEE7F 00FF
801D5E7F 00FF
Timed Mine80207E83 00FF
801EEE83 00FF
801D5E83 00FF
Reaper80207E87 00FF
801EEE87 00FF
801D5E87 00FF
N-Bomb80207E93 00FF
801EEE93 00FF
801D5E93 00FF
Tranquilizer80207E97 00FF
801EEE97 00FF
801D5E97 00FF
Combat Boost80207E9F 00FF
801EEE9F 00FF
801D5E9F 00FF
Psychosis Gun80207EA3 00FF
801EEEA3 00FF
801D5EA3 00FF
All Guns (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50001604 0000
80207E4F 00FF
50001604 0000
801EEE4F 00FF
50001604 0000
801D5E4F 00FF
Moon Jump (Press B)D009C7E4 0040
81206720 40F2
D009C7E4 0040
802066D3 0000
D009C7E4 0040
811ED720 40F2
D009C7E4 0040
801ED6D3 0000
D009C7E4 0040
811D4720 40F2
D009C7E4 0040
801D46D3 0000
P2 Codes (Solo/Co-op)
Have All Weapons80209B80 0007
801F0B80 0007
801D7B80 0007
Infinite Ammo (Right Gun)80208B6B 00FF
801EFB6B 00FF
801D6B6B 00FF
Infinite Ammo (Left Gun)8020930F 00FF
801F030F 00FF
801D730F 00FF
Infinite Ammo (On Clip) Codes
Falcon 2, Falcon 2 (Silenced), Falcon 2 (Scope), MagSec 4, Mauler, Phoenix, PP9i & CCI380209ABF 00FF
801F0ABF 00FF
801D7ABF 00FF
CMPI50, Cyclone, Callisto NTG, RC-PI20, Laptop Gun, KLOI3I3, ZZT (9mm), DMC & RC-P4580209AC3 00FF
801F0AC3 00FF
801D7AC3 00FF
Crossbow80209AC7 00FF
801F0AC7 00FF
801D7AC7 00FF
Dragon, K7 Avenger, AR34, SuperDragon, Sniper Rifle, K7 Special, AR5380209ACB 00FF
801F0ACB 00FF
801D7ACB 00FF
Shotgun80209ACF 00FF
801F0ACF 00FF
801D7ACF 00FF
FarSight XR-2080209AD3 00FF
801F0AD3 00FF
801D7AD3 00FF
Grenade80209AD7 00FF
801F0AD7 00FF
801D7AD7 00FF
Rocket Launcher80209ADB 00FF
801F0ADB 00FF
801D7ADB 00FF
Combat Knife80209ADF 00FF
801F0ADF 00FF
801D7ADF 00FF
DY357 Magnum & DY357-LX80209AE3 00FF
801F0AE3 00FF
801D7AE3 00FF
Devastator80209AE7 00FF
801F0AE7 00FF
801D7AE7 00FF
Remote Mine80209AEB 00FF
801F0AEB 00FF
801D7AEB 00FF
Proximinity Mine80209AEF 00FF
801F0AEF 00FF
801D7AEF 00FF
Timed Mine80209AF3 00FF
801F0AF3 00FF
801D7AF3 00FF
Reaper80209AF7 00FF
801F0AF7 00FF
801D7AF7 00FF
N-Bomb80209B03 00FF
801F0B03 00FF
801D7B03 00FF
Tranquilizer80209B07 00FF
801F0B07 00FF
801D7B07 00FF
Combat Boost80209B0F 00FF
801F0B0F 00FF
801D7B0F 00FF
Psychosis Gun80209B13 00FF
801F0B13 00FF
801D7B13 00FF
All Guns (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50001604 0000
80209ABF 00FF
50001604 0000
801F0ABF 00FF
50001604 0000
801D7ABF 00FF
Moon Jump (Press B)D009C7EC 0040
81208390 40F2
D009C7EC 0040
80208343 0000
D009C7EC 0040
811EF390 40F2
D009C7EC 0040
801EF343 0000
D009C7EC 0040
811D6390 40F2
D009C7EC 0040
801D6343 0000
Combat Simulator (Multi) Codes
P1 (Multi) Codes
Infinite HealthD01BCF0F 001E
811BB78C 3F80
D01BCF0F 001E
811BB77C 3F80
Have All WeaponsD01BCF0F 001E
801BCF10 0007
Infinite Ammo (Right Weapon)D01BCF0F 001E
Infinite Ammo (Left Weapon)D01BCF0F 001E
801BC69F 00FF
Moon Jump (Press B)D009C7E4 0040
811BB720 40F2
D009C7E4 0040
801BB6D3 0000
Infinite Ammo (On Clip) Codes
Falcon 2, Falcon 2 (Silenced), Falcon 2 (Scope), MagSec 4, Mauler, Phoenix, PP9i & CCI3D01BCF0F 001E
801BCE4F 00FF
CMPI50, Cyclone, Callisto NTG, RC-PI20, Laptop Gun, KLOI3I3, ZZT (9mm), DMC & RC-P45D01BCF0F 001E
801BCE53 00FF
CrossbowD01BCF0F 001E
801BCE57 00FF
Dragon, K7 Avenger, AR34, SuperDragon, Sniper Rifle, K7 Special, AR53D01BCF0F 001E
801BCE5B 00FF
ShotgunD01BCF0F 001E
801BCE5F 00FF
FarSight XR-20D01BCF0F 001E
801BCE63 00FF
GrenadeD01BCF0F 001E
801BCE67 00FF
Rocket LauncherD01BCF0F 001E
801BCE6B 00FF
Combat KnifeD01BCF0F 001E
801BCE6F 00FF
DY357 Magnum & DY357-LXD01BCF0F 001E
801BCE73 00FF
DevastatorD01BCF0F 001E
801BCE77 00FF
Remote MineD01BCF0F 001E
801BCE7B 00FF
Proximinity MineD01BCF0F 001E
801BCE7F 00FF
Timed MineD01BCF0F 001E
801BCE83 00FF
ReaperD01BCF0F 001E
801BCE87 00FF
N-BombD01BCF0F 001E
801BCE93 00FF
TranquilizerD01BCF0F 001E
801BCE97 00FF
Combat BoostD01BCF0F 001E
801BCE9F 00FF
Psychosis GunD01BCF0F 001E
801BCEA3 00FF
All Guns (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)D01BCF0F 001E
50001604 0000
801BCE4F 00FF
P2 (Multi) Codes
Infinite HealthD01BEB7F 001E
811BD3FC 3F80
D01BEB7F 001E
811BD3EC 3F80
Have All WeaponsD01BEB7F 001E
801BEB80 0007
Infinite Ammo (Right Weapon)D01BEB7F 001E
801BDB6B 00FF
Infinite Ammo (Left Weapon)D01BEB7F 001E
801BE30F 00FF
Moon Jump (Press B)D009C7EC 0040
811BD390 40F2
D009C7EC 0040
801BD343 0000
Infinite Ammo (On Clip) Codes
Falcon 2, Falcon 2 (Silenced), Falcon 2 (Scope), MagSec 4, Mauler, Phoenix, PP9i & CCI3D01BEB7F 001E
CMPI50, Cyclone, Callisto NTG, RC-PI20, Laptop Gun, KLOI3I3, ZZT (9mm), DMC & RC-P45D01BEB7F 001E
801BEAC3 00FF
CrossbowD01BEB7F 001E
801BEAC7 00FF
Dragon, K7 Avenger, AR34, SuperDragon, Sniper Rifle, K7 Special, AR53D01BEB7F 001E
ShotgunD01BEB7F 001E
FarSight XR-20D01BEB7F 001E
801BEAD3 00FF
GrenadeD01BEB7F 001E
801BEAD7 00FF
Rocket LauncherD01BEB7F 001E
Combat KnifeD01BEB7F 001E
DY357 Magnum & DY357-LXD01BEB7F 001E
801BEAE3 00FF
DevastatorD01BEB7F 001E
801BEAE7 00FF
Remote MineD01BEB7F 001E
Proximinity MineD01BEB7F 001E
Timed MineD01BEB7F 001E
801BEAF3 00FF
ReaperD01BEB7F 001E
801BEAF7 00FF
N-BombD01BEB7F 001E
801BEB03 00FF
TranquilizerD01BEB7F 001E
801BEB07 00FF
Combat BoostD01BEB7F 001E
801BEB0F 00FF
Psychosis GunD01BEB7F 001E
801BEB13 00FF
All Guns (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)D01BEB7F 001E
50001604 0000
P3 (Multi) Codes
Infinite HealthD01C07EF 001E
811BF06C 3F80
D01C07EF 001E
811BF05C 3F80
Have All WeaponsD01C07EF 001E
801C07F0 0007
Infinite Ammo (Right Weapon)D01C07EF 001E
801BF7DB 00FF
Infinite Ammo (Left Weapon)D01C07EF 001E
801BFF7F 00FF
Moon Jump (Press B)D009C7F4 0040
811BF000 40F2
D009C7F4 0040
801BEFB3 0000
Infinite Ammo (On Clip) Codes
Falcon 2, Falcon 2 (Silenced), Falcon 2 (Scope), MagSec 4, Mauler, Phoenix, PP9i & CCI3D01C07EF 001E
801C072F 00FF
CMPI50, Cyclone, Callisto NTG, RC-PI20, Laptop Gun, KLOI3I3, ZZT (9mm), DMC & RC-P45D01C07EF 001E
801C0733 00FF
CrossbowD01C07EF 001E
801C0737 00FF
Dragon, K7 Avenger, AR34, SuperDragon, Sniper Rifle, K7 Special, AR53D01C07EF 001E
801C073B 00FF
ShotgunD01C07EF 001E
801C073F 00FF
FarSight XR-20D01C07EF 001E
801C0743 00FF
GrenadeD01C07EF 001E
801C0747 00FF
Rocket LauncherD01C07EF 001E
801C074B 00FF
Combat KnifeD01C07EF 001E
801C074F 00FF
DY357 Magnum & DY357-LXD01C07EF 001E
801C0753 00FF
DevastatorD01C07EF 001E
801C0757 00FF
Remote MineD01C07EF 001E
801C075B 00FF
Proximinity MineD01C07EF 001E
801C075F 00FF
Timed MineD01C07EF 001E
801C0763 00FF
ReaperD01C07EF 001E
801C0767 00FF
N-BombD01C07EF 001E
801C0773 00FF
TranquilizerD01C07EF 001E
801C0777 00FF
Combat BoostD01C07EF 001E
801C077F 00FF
Psychosis GunD01C07EF 001E
801C0783 00FF
All Guns (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)D01C07EF 001E
50001604 0000
801C072F 00FF
P4 (Multi) Codes
Infinite HealthD01C245F 001E
811C0CDC 3F80
D01C245F 001E
811C0CCC 3F80
Have All WeaponsD01C245F 001E
801C2460 0007
Infinite Ammo (Right Weapon)D01C245F 001E
801C144B 00FF
Infinite Ammo (Left Weapon)D01C245F 001E
801C1BEF 00FF
Moon Jump (Press B)D009C7FC 0040
811C0C70 40F2
D009C7FC 0040
801C0C23 0000
Infinite Ammo (On Clip) Codes
Falcon 2, Falcon 2 (Silenced), Falcon 2 (Scope), MagSec 4, Mauler, Phoenix, PP9i & CCI3D01C245F 001E
801C239F 00FF
CMPI50, Cyclone, Callisto NTG, RC-PI20, Laptop Gun, KLOI3I3, ZZT (9mm), DMC & RC-P45D01C245F 001E
801C23A3 00FF
CrossbowD01C245F 001E
801C23A7 00FF
Dragon, K7 Avenger, AR34, SuperDragon, Sniper Rifle, K7 Special, AR53D01C245F 001E
801C23AB 00FF
ShotgunD01C245F 001E
801C23AF 00FF
FarSight XR-20D01C245F 001E
801C23B3 00FF
GrenadeD01C245F 001E
801C23B7 00FF
Rocket LauncherD01C245F 001E
801C23BB 00FF
Combat KnifeD01C245F 001E
801C23BF 00FF
DY357 Magnum & DY357-LXD01C245F 001E
801C23C3 00FF
DevastatorD01C245F 001E
801C23C7 00FF
Remote MineD01C245F 001E
801C23CB 00FF
Proximinity MineD01C245F 001E
801C23CF 00FF
Timed MineD01C245F 001E
801C23D3 00FF
ReaperD01C245F 001E
801C23D7 00FF
N-BombD01C245F 001E
801C23E3 00FF
TranquilizerD01C245F 001E
801C23E7 00FF
Combat BoostD01C245F 001E
801C23EF 00FF
Psychosis GunD01C245F 001E
801C23F3 00FF
All Guns (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)D01C245F 001E
50001604 0000
801C239F 00FF