Mario Tennis

Credit: Code Master, Kamek, Mintryfresh, Captain Chronic, Zap2, GameDr4

Activator 1 P1D0066984 00??
Activator 2 P1D0066985 00??
Dual Activator P1D1066984 ????
Score Modifier P18015344A 00??
Score Modifier P28015344B 00??
Start Set With Score Modifier P1D015344A 0000
8015344A 00??
Start Set With Score Modifier P2D015344B 0000
8015344B 00??
Games Won Modifier P18015344D 00??
Games Won Modifier P28015344E 00??
Sets Won Modifier P18015344F 00??
Sets Won Modifier P280153450 00??
Aces Modifier P181153454 00??
Aces Modifier P281153456 00??
Double Faults Modifier P18115345C 00??
Double Faults Modifier P28115345E 00??
Return Winners Modifier P181153464 00??
Return Winners Modifier P281153466 00??
Smash Winners Modifier P18115346C 00??
Smash Winners Modifier P28115346E 00??
All Tournaments Cleared Codes
Yoshi80065278 00EE
Peach80065279 00EE
Mario8006527A 00EE
Bowser8006527B 00EE
Boo8006527C 00EE
Donkey Kong8006527D 00EE
Baby Mario8006527E 00EE
Toad8006527F 00EE
Waluigi80065280 00EE
Wario80065281 00EE
Luigi80065282 00EE
Daisy80065283 00EE
Birdo80065284 00EE
Shy Guy80065285 00EE
DK Jr.80065286 00EE
Paratroopa80065287 00EE
All Characters Have 'Star' Option810653CA FFFF
Have All Tennis Courts810653CC FFFF
P1 Model Modifier80153537 00??
P1 Sparks Modifier801571A7 00??
P1 'Everything Else' Modifier801571AB 00??
P2 Model Modifier8015353B 00??
P2 Sparks Modifier8015713F 00??
P2 'Everything Else' Modifier80157193 00??
Infinite Bounces Allowed Before You Hit The Ball8015B16B 0000
Hold R For 'Nice' ServeD0066985 0010
80153533 0001
All Tournaments Cleared (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50000802 0000
81065278 EEEE
Have D.K. Jr.800653C8 0001
Have Shy Guy800653C8 0002
Have D.K. Jr. & Shy Guy800653C8 0003
Court Modifier80065240 00??