Mario Party

Credit: Code Master, Evil_JigglyPuff,, Uppyr,, SubDrag, BGM, Zapdos, Studman Jr., bmblaster,,, Robb

Activator 1 P1D00ECE08 00??
Activator 2 P1D00ECE09 00??
Dual Activator P1D10ECE08 ????
Activator 1 P2D00ECE0A 00??
Activator 2 P2D00ECE0B 00??
Dual Activator P2D10ECE0A ????
Activator 1 P3D00ECE0C 00??
Activator 2 P3D00ECE0D 00??
Dual Activator P3D10ECE0C ????
Activator 1 P4D00ECE0E 00??
Activator 2 P4D00ECE0F 00??
Dual Activator P4D10ECE0E ????
Upper Left Char. Rolls Modifier800D62D3 00??
Upper Right Char. Rolls Modifier800D6317 00??
Lower Left Char. Rolls Modifier800D635B 00??
Lower Right Char. Rolls Modifier800D639F 00??
Upper Left Char. Coins Modifier810F32B8 00??
Upper Left Char. Stars Modifier810F32BC 00??
Upper Right Char. Coins Modifier810F32E8 00??
Upper Right Char. Stars Modifier810F32EC 00??
Lower Left Char. Coins Modifier810F3318 00??
Lower Left Char. Stars Modifier810F331C 00??
Lower Right Char. Coins Modifier810F3348 00??
Lower Right Char. Stars Modifier810F334C 00??
Infinite Lives On Mini-Game Island800F37BB 0063
Coins Modifier (Use On Main Menu)810ED142 ????
Stars Modifier (Use On Main Menu)800ED145 00??
Start on Turn 21 (Use On Main Menu)800ED5C9 0015
Coins Modifier On Minigame Island800F37C4 00??
Coins Modifier In Minigame Stadium (1st Slot)811B571A ????
Have 50 Mini Island Games Beaten800F37BC 00FF
800F37BD 00FF
800F37BE 00FF
800F37BF 00FF
800F37C0 00FF
800F37C1 00FF
800F37C2 00FF
800F37C3 00FF
Infintie Time (Mecha Fly)800ED749 00FF
Mecha Fly Guy Flies For 21 Seconds (191 Spins)8022623B FFFF
Upper Left Character, 100 Points (Face Lift)800FCA03 0064
Slow Motion800F383F 002A
Always Pedaling Bike In Pedal Power800FA720 00FF
Jukebox Shop Music Modifier (Option)800CDAFD 00??
Infinite Time (Face Lift)800ED744 000D
Infinite Time (Coin Block Blitz)810FA7EE 0710
Infinite Time (Coin Block Bash)811024F6 0700
Infinite Time (Coin Shower Flower)810FAD3A 0710
Press R Button To Reset Timer To 0 (Bobsled Run)D00ECE09 0010
810FF34C 0000
Press R Button To Reset Timer To 60 Seconds (Cast Aways)D00ECE09 0010
810FB548 003C
Press R Button To Reset Timer To 60 Seconds (Bumper Balls)D00ECE09 0010
810FCD16 003C
Upper Left Character Modifier810F32B4 0???
Upper Right Character Modifier810F32E4 0???
Lower Left Character Modifier810F3314 0???
Lower Right Character Modifier810F3344 0???
Player Location Codes
Upper Left Character Stuck on810F32C4 00??
Upper Right Character Stuck on810F32F4 00??
Lower Left Character Stuck on810F3324 00??
Lower Right Character Stuck on810F3354 00??
Amount of Turns Modifier800ED5C7 00??
Always On Turn Modifier800ED5C9 00??
Have Fake 255 Stars (Mushroom Village)800ED145 FFFF
Dk's Jungle Adventure-Play Time Modifier800ED121 00??
Dk's Jungle Adventure-Stars Modifier800ED123 00??
Peach's Birthday Cake-Play Time Modifier800ED125 00??
Peach's Birthday Cake-Stars Modifier800ED127 00??
Yoshi's Tropical Island-Play Time Modifier800ED129 00??
Yoshi's Tropical Island-Stars Modifier800ED12B 00??
Wario's Battle Canyon-Play Time Modifier800ED12D 00??
Wario's Battle Canyon-Stars Modifier800ED12F 00??
Luigi's Engine Room-Play Time Modifier800ED131 00??
Luigi's Engine Room-Stars Modifier800ED133 00??
Mario's Rainbow Castle-Play Time Modifier800ED135 00??
Mario's Rainbow Castle-Stars Modifier800ED137 00??
Bowser's Magma Mountain-Play Time Modifier800ED139 00??
Bowser's Magma MountainStars Modifier800ED13B 00??
Eternal Star-Play Time Modifier800ED13D 00??
Eternal Star-Stars Modifier800ED13F 00??
Mecha Fly Guy Speed Up80226231 FFFF
Mecha Fly Guy Are Not On The Center Of Screen80226240 FFFF
Mecha Fly Guy Flies For 12 Minutes With A Little Control Stick Push8022623A 0054
Board Modifier80101A6F 00??
Title Screen Look800ED14E 00FF
Title Screen Modifier800ED146 00??
Box Modifier800ED147 00??