Madden NFL 2000

Credit: Code Master, Robb

Activator 1 P1D00753DC 00??
Activator 2 P1D00753DD 00??
Dual Activator P1D10753DC ????
Activator 1 P2D00753E4 00??
Activator 2 P2D00753E5 00??
Dual Activator P2D10753E4 ????
Activator 1 P3D00753EC 00??
Activator 2 P3D00753ED 00??
Dual Activator P3D10753EC ????
Activator 1 P4D00753F4 00??
Activator 2 P4D00753F5 00??
Dual Activator P4D10753F4 ????
Home Team Infinite Time-Outs8006CE7F 0003
Home Team No Time-Outs8006EC7F 0000
Home Team Score Modifier8106EC8C ????
Away Team Infinite Time-Outs8006FE6F 0003
Away Team No Time-Outs8006FE6F 0000
Away Team Score Modifier8106FE6C ????
GS Button For 1st Down89071B18 0001
GS Button For 4th Down89071B18 0004
P1 Press L For First DownD00753DD 0020
81071B18 0001
P2 Press L For First DownD00753E5 0020
81071B18 0001
P3 Press L For First DownD00753ED 0020
81071B18 0001
P4 Press L For First DownD00753F5 0020
81071B18 0001
P1 Press R For Fourth DownD00753DD 0010
81071B18 0004
P2 Press R For Fourth DownD00753E5 0010
81071B18 0004
P3 Press R For Fourth DownD00753ED 0010
81071B18 0004
P4 Press R For Fourth DownD00753F5 0010
81071B18 0004
Home Team Always Has The Ball810590A8 0000
810590AA 0001
Away Team Always Has The Ball810590A8 0001
810590AA 0000
Enable Dodge City Stadium80059198 00FF
Enable Xmas Rush Stadium80059199 00FF
Enable Tib Bros Stadium8005919A 00FF
Enable Tiberium Stadium8005919B 00FF
Enable Salvage Field Stadium8005919C 00FF
Enable Gridiron Stadium8005919D 00FF
Enable Alpha Blitz Stadium8005919E 00FF
Enable Nile High Stadium8005919F 00FF
Enable 4th And Incas Stadium800591A0 00FF
Enable Maddenstein Stadium800591A1 00FF
Enable Cosmodome Stadium800591A2 00FF
Enable EA Sports Stadium800591A3 00FF
Enable Tiburon Stadium800591A4 00FF
Enable Tampa Bay Stadium800591A5 00FF
Enable New Orleans Stadium800591A6 00FF
Enable San Diego Stadium800591A7 00FF
Enable All 60's Team800598CC 00FF
Enable All 70's Team800598CD 00FF
Enable All 80's Team800598CE 00FF
Enable All 90's Team800598CF 00FF
Enable Madden 1999 Team800598D0 00FF
Enable Madden Millenium Team800598D1 00FF
Enable NFL Millenium Team800598D2 00FF
Enable EA Sports Team800598D3 00FF
Enable Tiburon Team800598D4 00FF
Enable Marshalls Team800598D5 00FF
Enable Toymakers Team800598D6 00FF
Enable Clows Team800598D7 00FF
Enable Praetorians Team800598D8 00FF
Enable Junkyard Dogs Team800598D9 00FF
Enable Industrials Team800598DA 00FF
Enable Sugarbuzz Team800598DB 00FF
Enable Mummies Team800598DC 00FF
Enable Vipers Team800598DD 00FF
Enable Monsters Team800598DE 00FF
Enable Comets Team800598DF 00FF
Have All Secret Codes In Menu81070788 FFFF
8107078A FFFF
8107078C FFFF
8107078E FFFF
GS Button For More Time To Choose Play890723E6 0024
GS Button For Time Modifier890723E2 ????
Have All Challenge Points Codes
Level 1 Codes
Recover At Least One Fumble800707C0 0040
200 Yards Of Total Offense Or More800707C1 0040
Play And Win One Game of The Tournment800707C2 0040
Have A Minimium Of Three Players ON Team Catch One Pass800707C3 0040
Intercept At Least One Pass800707BF 0040
Play a Exhibition Game In A Stadium Other Than The Default One800707BE 0040
Sack The Opposing QB800707BD 0040
QB Passes For Two TDS Or More800707BC 0040
Play A Exhibition Game In A QTR Length Other Than 5 Minutes800707BB 0040
Create A Player And use Him In A Game800707BA 0040
Defeat San Francisco In Rain At 3COM Park800707B9 0040
Defeat Green Bay In Snow At Lambeau Field800707B8 0040
3 Tackles Or More By One Player800707B7 0040
Kick A 40 Yard Punt Or Longer800707B6 0040
Kick A 40 Yard Field Goal Or Longer800707B5 0040
Throw 0 Interceptions In A Game800707B4 0040
Hold Your Oppnent to 7 Points Or Less In a Game800707B3 0040
Score 21 Points Or More With A QTR Length Of 6 Minutes Or Less800707B2 0040
Complete A 20 Yard Run Or Longer800707B1 0040
Complete A 30 Yard Pass Or Longer800707B0 0040
Level 2 Codes
Score 40 Points Or More Within A Quarter Length Of 6 Minutes Or Less800707C4 0040
100 Yards Of Rushing Or Greater By One Player800707C5 0040
100 Recption Yards Or Greater By One Player800707C6 0040
QB Passes 300 Yards Or More800707C7 0040
3 Field Goals Or More By One Player800707C8 0040
QB Passes For 4 TDS Or More800707C9 0040
Play And Win One Franchise Mode Game800707CA 0040
Play And Win One Season Mode Game Without Modified Divisions800707CB 0040
Play And Win One Season Mode Game With Modified Divisions800707CC 0040
Play And Win Two Games In A Tournment With The Same Team800707CD 0040
6 Receptions Or Greater By One Player800707CE 0040
Have A RB Who Rushes For 3 TDS Or More800707CF 0040
Hold Opposing Team To 150 Yards Total Offense Or Less800707D0 0040
QB Rushes For One Rushing TD Or More800707D1 0040
Commit No Fumbles In A Game800707D2 0040
Do Not Allow Your QB To Be Sacked In A Game800707D3 0040
Complete a 60 Yard Pass Or Longer800707D4 0040
Play And Win A Pro Bowl Game As The NFC Team800707D5 0040
Play And Win A Pro Bowl Game As The AFC Team800707D6 0040
2 TDS Or More By One Receiver800707D7 0040
Level 3 Codes
150 Yards Rushing Or Greater By One Player800707D8 0040
150 Reception Yards Or Greater By One Player800707D9 0040
QB Who Passes For 400 Yards Or More800707DA 0040
3 Sacks Or More By One Player800707DB 0040
2 Interceptions Or More By One Player800707DC 0040
Recover 2 Fumbles Or More800707DD 0040
5 Successful Field Goals Or More By One Player800707DE 0040
3 Knockdowns Or More By One PLayer800707DF 0040
3 Tips Or More By One Player800707E0 0040
Play And Win A Superbowl In Franchise Mode800707E1 0040
Play And Win A Superbowl In Season Mode800707E2 0040
Successfully Kick 8 Extra Points Or More800707E3 0040
Play And Win An 8 Team Tournament800707E4 0040
Complete A 50 Yard Run Or Longer800707E5 0040
Commit No Penalties In A Game800707E6 0040
Break 2 Different All-Time Records Or More In A Game800707E7 0040
Score 55 Points Or Greater800707E8 0040
8 Tackles Or More By One Player800707E9 0040
400 Yards Of Total Defense Or More800707EA 0040
Have A RB Rush For Over 100 Yards And 50 Yards Receiving800707EB 0040
Level 4 Codes
200 Yards Rushing Or Greater By One Player'800707EC 0040
200 Receptions Yards Or Greater By One Player800707ED 0040
QB Who Passes For 500 Yards Or More800707EE 0040
Return A Punt For A Touch Down800707EF 0040
Return An Interception For A Touch Down800707F0 0040
6 Successful Two Point Conversions Or More800707F1 0040
25 Completions Or More By One QB800707F2 0040
Go Undefeated And Win A Superbowl In One Franchise Mode Season By Playing Every Game800707F3 0040
Go Undefeated And Win A Superbowl In One Season Mode Season By Playing Every Game800707F4 0040
QB Who Rushes For 75 Yards Or More800707F5 0040
Have A Minimum Of 7 Members Of Your Team Catch At Least 1 Pass800707F6 0040
Win A 16 Team Tournament800707F7 0040
7 Sacks Or More By One Player800707F8 0040
650 Yards Of Total Offense Or More By One Team800707F9 0040
Have One Reciever With 150 RAC Yards Or Greater800707FA 0040
Rush The Ball 40 Time Or More With A QTR Length Of 6 Minutes Or Less800707FB 0040
Rush For 100 Yards Or More With 2 Different Running Backs800707FC 0040
Win By A Margin Of 50 Points Or More800707FD 0040
40 First Downs Or More800707FE 0040
Kick A Punt Of 55 Yards Or More800707FF 0040
Level 5 Codes
Return A Kickoff For A Touch Down80070800 0040
Have A QB With A Pass AVG Of 30 Yards Or Greater While Throwing At Least 5 Passes80070801 0040
Shut Out Opposing Team With A QTR Length Of 5 Minutes80070802 0040
Pass For 200 Yards Or More With 2 QBS80070803 0040
Have A RB With A Rushing AVG Of 20 Yards Or Greater While Rushing At least 3 Times80070804 0040
3 Receivers With 100 Yards Or More Recieving80070805 0040
200 Punt Return Yards Or Greater By One Player80070806 0040
QB Rushes For 3 Touch Downs Or More80070807 0040
Score 80 Points Or Greater80070808 0040
200 Kick Return Yards Or Greater By One Player80070809 0040
Complete A Run Play Of 80 Yards Or More8007080A 0040
Convert 10 4th Down Conversions Or More8007080B 0040
QB With A Minimum Of 150 Yards Passing And 100 Yards Rushing8007080C 0040
Break 4 Different All-Time Records Or More In A Game8007080D 0040
Successfully Kick A FG Of 55 Yards Or More8007080E 0040
Have A QB With A 100 Passing PCT While Throwing A Minimum Of 5 Passes8007080F 0040
Play And Win A Minimum Of Four Superbowls With The Same Team In Franchise Mode80070810 0040
RB With A Minimum Of 100 Yards Receiving And 100 Yards Rushing80070811 0040
Convert To 3RD Down Conversions Or More80070812 0040
250 Yards Rushing Or Greater By One Player80070813 0040