Gex 64-Enter The Gecko

Credit: Code Master, Zap2

Activator 1 P1D00BF2F4 00??
Activator 2 P1D00BF2F5 00??
Dual Activator P1D10BF2F4 ????
Infinite Lives800C56B7 0005
Infinite Health800C56BB 0005
Have All 1st Postion Artifacts800C56BF 0063
Have All 2nd Postion Artifacts800C56C3 0063
Have All 3rd Postion Artifacts800C56C7 0063
Have All White Remotes810C5754 0FFF
810C5756 FFFF
Have All Tan Remotes810C5758 1FFF
810C575A FFFF
Activate All Cheats800C57A7 00FF
Have All Red Remote Codes
Out Of Toon800C572E 0007
Smellraiser800C572F 0007
Gecques Cousteau800C5730 0007
Frankensteinfeld800C5731 0007
WWW.DOTCOM.COM800C5732 0007
Mao Tse Tongue800C5733 0007
The Umpire Strikes Out800C5734 0007
Pangaea 90210800C5735 0007
Fine Tooning800C5736 0007
This Old Cave800C5737 0007
Honey I Shrunk The Gecko800C5738 0007
Pain In The Asteroids800C5739 0007
Samurai Night Fever800C573A 0007
No Weddings And A Funeral800C573B 0007
Infinite Air (The Umpire Strikes Out)8136108E 012C
Infinite Air (Pain In The Asteroids)81337BEE 012C
Infinite Time (Aztec 2 Step)81188EDE 1518
Infinite Time (Thursday The 12th)81193E8A 1518
Infinite Time (The Spy Who Loved Himself)81189C5E 1518
Infinite Time (In Drag Net)81189702 1518
Infinite Time (Lizard In A China Shop)81191A3E 1518
Infinite Time (Bugged Out)8119041E 1518
Infinite Time (Chips And Dips)81192A92 1518