Donkey Kong 64

Credit: Ryan Toluchanian, Datel, Robb,,

Requires Zelda Keycode
Light Up Some Hidden Areas, Blue Light (Areas Like Intro, Etc)8065CC75 0001
Light Up Some Hidden Areas, Red Light8065CC79 0001
Light Up Some Hidden Areas, Green Light8065CC7D 0001
Flasher Kong (No... Not That Kind Of Flasher)80722C5B 0001
Light Kong80722D99 0001
Slightly Lighter Kong80722DBD 0001
Tan Kong80722CF1 0005
Slightly Tanned Kong80722D5D 0001
Slightly Neon Kong80722D85 0001
Strange Code806F543B 0001
All Structure Props Are Invisible80652629 0001
Kong Can't Sink In Water806EC437 0001
Turn Air Above Water Into More Water!806D0F1D 0001
Always Moonwalk/Strafe806E061D 0001
Shallow Surfer Kong (Jump In Shallow Water Then Surf Around The Shallows)806F151D 0001
More Gravity, But Less When Falling807535E9 0001
Lots More Gravity, But No Gravity When Falling807535E8 0021
Normal Gravity, But More When Falling807535E8 00FB
All Barrels/Cannons Off806D10FD 0001
See Crevices Dividing Graphics807428D1 0001
Some Effects Color Dark80716145 0001
Get Hit By A Enemy, On Kong Isle, Strange Screen Appears, Game Freezes806F8D3B 0001
Able To See Secret Room In Kong Isle806E1E5B 0002
Rock Crusher Kong!806CA6B5 0001
Quick Snap Camera806CB8CD 0001
Infinite Health817FCC4C 041F
Infinite Oranges (Donkey Kong)807FCC41 0096
Infinite Ammo (Donkey Kong)807FCC45 0096
Donkey Kong Codes
Max Coins817FC956 00FF
Max Magical Instruments817FC958 00FF
Bananas Modifier 1-Jungle Japes817FC95A ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Angry Aztec817FC95C ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Frantic Factory817FC95E ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Gloomy Galleon817FC960 ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Fungi Forest817FC962 ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Crystal Caves817FC964 ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Creepy Castle817FC966 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Jungle Japes817FC976 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Angry Aztec817FC978 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Frantic Factory817FC97A ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Gloomy Galleon817FC97C ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Fungi Forest817FC97E ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Crystal Caves817FC980 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Creepy Castle817FC982 ????
All Gold Bananas-Jungle Japes817FC992 0005
All Gold Bananas-Angry Aztec817FC994 0005
All Gold Bananas-Frantic Factory817FC996 0005
All Gold Bananas-Gloomy Galleon817FC998 0005
All Gold Bananas-Fungi Forest817FC99A 0005
All Gold Bananas-Crystal Caves817FC99C 0005
All Gold Bananas-Creepy Castle817FC99E 0005
All Gold Bananas-DK Isles817FC9A0 0005
Diddy Kong Codes
Max Coins817FC9B4 00FF
Max Magical Instruments817FC9B6 00FF
Bananas Modifier 1-Jungle Japes817FC9B8 ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Angry Aztec817FC9BA ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Frantic Factory817FC9BC ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Gloomy Galleon817FC9BE ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Fungi Forest817FC9C0 ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Crystal Caves817FC9C2 ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Creepy Castle817FC9C4 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Jungle Japes817FC9D4 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Angry Aztec817FC9D6 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Frantic Factory817FC9D8 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Gloomy Galleon817FC9DA ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Fungi Forest817FC9DC ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Crystal Caves817FC9DE ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Creepy Castle817FC9E0 ????
All Gold Bananas-Jungle Japes817FC9F0 0005
All Gold Bananas-Angry Aztec817FC9F2 0005
All Gold Bananas-Frantic Factory817FC9F4 0005
All Gold Bananas-Gloomy Galleon817FC9F6 0005
All Gold Bananas-Fungi Forest817FC9F8 0005
All Gold Bananas-Crystal Caves817FC9FA 0005
All Gold Bananas-Creepy Castle817FC9FC 0005
All Gold Bananas-DK Isles817FC9FE 0005
Lanky Kong Codes
Max Coins817FCA12 00FF
Max Magical Instruments817FCA14 00FF
Bananas Modifier 1-Jungle Japes817FCA16 ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Angry Aztec817FCA18 ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Frantic Factory817FCA1A ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Gloomy Galleon817FCA1C ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Fungi Forest817FCA1E ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Crystal Caves817FCA20 ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Creepy Castle817FCA22 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Jungle Japes817FCA32 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Angry Aztec817FCA34 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Frantic Factory817FCA36 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Gloomy Galleon817FCA38 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Fungi Forest817FCA3A ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Crystal Caves817FCA3C ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Creepy Castle817FCA3E ????
All Gold Bananas-Jungle Japes817FCA4E 0005
All Gold Bananas-Angry Aztec817FCA50 0005
All Gold Bananas-Frantic Factory817FCA52 0005
All Gold Bananas-Gloomy Galleon817FCA54 0005
All Gold Bananas-Fungi Forest817FCA56 0005
All Gold Bananas-Crystal Caves817FCA58 0005
All Gold Bananas-Creepy Castle817FCA5A 0005
All Gold Bananas-DK Isles817FCA5C 0005
Tiny Kong Codes
Max Coins817FCA70 00FF
Max Magical Instruments817FCA72 00FF
Bananas Modifier 1-Jungle Japes817FCA74 ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Angry Aztec817FCA76 ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Frantic Factory817FCA78 ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Gloomy Galleon817FCA7A ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Fungi Forest817FCA7C ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Crystal Caves817FCA7E ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Creepy Castle817FCA80 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Jungle Japes817FCA90 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Angry Aztec817FCA92 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Frantic Factory817FCA94 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Gloomy Galleon817FCA96 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Fungi Forest817FCA98 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Crystal Caves817FCA9A ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Creepy Castle817FCA9C ????
All Gold Bananas-Jungle Japes817FCAAC 0005
All Gold Bananas-Angry Aztec817FCAAE 0005
All Gold Bananas-Frantic Factory817FCAB0 0005
All Gold Bananas-Gloomy Galleon817FCAB2 0005
All Gold Bananas-Fungi Forest817FCAB4 0005
All Gold Bananas-Crystal Caves817FCAB6 0005
All Gold Bananas-Creepy Castle817FCAB8 0005
All Gold Bananas-DK Isles817FCABA 0005
Chunky Kong Codes
Max Coins817FCACE 00FF
Max Magical Instruments817FCAD0 00FF
Bananas Modifier 1-Jungle Japes817FCAD2 ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Angry Aztec817FCAD4 ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Frantic Factory817FCAD6 ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Gloomy Galleon817FCAD8 ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Fungi Forest817FCADA ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Crystal Caves817FCADC ????
Bananas Modifier 1-Creepy Castle817FCADE ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Jungle Japes817FCAEE ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Angry Aztec817FCAF0 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Frantic Factory817FCAF2 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Gloomy Galleon817FCAF4 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Fungi Forest817FCAF6 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Crystal Caves817FCAF8 ????
Bananas Modifier 2-Creepy Castle817FCAFA ????
All Gold Bananas-Jungle Japes817FCB0A 0005
All Gold Bananas-Angry Aztec817FCB0C 0005
All Gold Bananas-Frantic Factory817FCB0E 0005
All Gold Bananas-Gloomy Galleon817FCB10 0005
All Gold Bananas-Fungi Forest817FCB12 0005
All Gold Bananas-Crystal Caves817FCB14 0005
All Gold Bananas-Creepy Castle817FCB16 0005
All Gold Bananas-DK Isles817FCB18 0005
Kong Scares Enemies & They Run Or Go Stiff & Slow! (Near Normal Screen View, Too!)806CC25D 0001
Moon Walking, Head Spinning Enemies (Shakey View)806CC1FF 0001
Head Spinning Enemies (Shakey View)806CC1FD 0001
Kong Scares Enemies & They Run Or Go Stiff & Jitter (Shakey View)806CC24F 0001
Certain Things Spin Faster806CC29D 0001
Increase Light Brightness, Some Areas, Intro, Etc.8065CB91 0001
Decrease Light Brightness, Some Areas, Intro, Etc.8065CB89 0001
Kong Can't Climb806CA941 0001
Some Props Invisible, Like Boulders8065D015 0001
No Collisions!8066D226 0001
8066D321 0001
Turn Off Pop-Up DK Initials80704095 0001
80704099 0001
Absolutely No Collisions (Turns Off Level Doors, Can't Get Into Levels)8066D221 0001
Able To Push & Go Through Some Props At Varying Degrees8066D220 0011
Character Modifier8074E77C 00??
Infinite Film Rolls (All Kongs)807FCC49 0096