Diddy Kong Racing Version 1.0

Credit: Code Master, Bobbyboy

Requires Diddy Kong Keycode
Activator 1 P1D012CD54 00??
Activator 2 P1D012CD55 00??
Dual Activator P1D112CD54 ????
99 Balloons801FCBED 0063
Enable Cheat Modifier 1810DFD9C ????
Activate Cheat Modifier 1810DFD98 ????
Enable Cheat Modifier 2810DFD9E ????
Activate Cheat Modifier 2810DFD9A ????
Have All Amulets811FC9E6 FFFF
Have All Trophies811FC9DE FFFF
Have All Keys811FC9D8 FFFF
Change Balloons to Silver811FC9E2 FFFF
GS Button to Load Adventure Two File880DF497 0001
Codes to Have Level Completely Finished Codes
Fossil Canyon801FCAF7 00FF
Pirate Lagoon801FCAFB 00FF
Ancient Lake801FCAFF 00FF
Snowball Valley801FCB03 00FF
Hot Top Volcano801FCB07 00FF
Whale Bay801FCB0B 00FF
Snowball Valley801FCB0F 00FF
Crescent Island801FCB13 00FF
Fire Mountain801FCB17 00FF
Everfrost Peak801FCB1F 00FF
Spaceport Alpha801FCB27 00FF
Spacedust Ally801FCB2F 00FF
Greenwood Village801FCB33 00FF
Boulder Canyon801FCB37 00FF
Windmill Plains801FCB3B 00FF
Smokey Castle801FCB4F 00FF
Darkwater Beach801FCB53 00FF
Icicle Pyramid801FCB57 00FF
Frosty Village801FCB5B 00FF
Jungle Falls801FCB5F 00FF
Treasure Caves801FCB63 00FF
Haunted Woods801FCB67 00FF
Darkmoon Caverns801FCB6B 00FF
Star City801FCB6F 00FF
Always Have 50 Bananas (Ancient Lake)801E342D 0032
Always Have 50 Bananas (Fossil Canyon)801E68CD 0032
Always Have 50 Bananas (Jungle Falls)801E45CD 0032