Credit: Robb

Activator 1 P1D020CBC4 00??
Activator 2 P1D020CBC5 00??
Dual Activator P1D120CBC4 ????
Infinite Health8020A965 0064
Infinite Armor8020A987 0064
Infinite Experience8020A967 00FF
Max Vitality8020A969 0007
Max Attack8020A96B 0007
Max Speed8020A96D 0007
Max Acro8020A96F 0007
Max Power8020A971 0007
Infinite Sidewinder Ammo8020A9B0 00FF
Infinite Shock Wave Ammo8020A9B1 00FF
Infinite Chvizatergo Ammo8020A9B2 00FF
Infinite Shot Cycler Ammo8020A9B3 00FF
Infinite Ion Cannon Ammo8020A9B4 00FF
Infinite Disc Of Dredalus Ammo8020A9B5 0063
Infintie Venomous Ammo8020A9B6 00FF
Infinite Poseidon Trident Ammo8020A9B7 00FF
Infinite Hammer Ammo8020A9B8 0000
Infinite Sunflares Ammo8020A9B9 00FF
Infinite Bolter Ammo8020A9BA 00FF
Infinite Ballista Ammo8020A9BB 00FF
Infinite Stavros Stave Ammo8020A9BC 00FF
Infinite Wyndraxs Wisp Ammo8020A9BD 00FF
Have Weapon Modifier8120A8F6 ????