Clayfighter 63 1/3

Credit: Code Master, Viper187

Activator 1 P1D01F8232 00??
Activator 2 P1D01F8233 00??
Dual Activator P1D11F8232 ????
Activator 1 P2D01F823A 00??
Activator 2 P2D01F823B 00??
Dual Activator P2D11F823A ????
Extra Characters/Secret Options801A2B41 000F
Stage Modifier801A2B2B 00??
Refuse RoomGrotto GulchSant's Worshop Stage Codes
Cant be Stunned P1801F1B0B 0000
Infinite Energy P1801F1B13 00AA
No Energy P1801F1B13 0000
Full Super Bar P1811F1B1A 0200
Cant be Stunned P2801F4FAB 0000
Infinite Energy P2801F4FB3 00AA
No Energy P2801F4FB3 0000
Full Super Bar P2811F4FBA 0200
Tribal Tower Stage Codes
Cant be Stunned P1801F1BAB 0000
Infinite Energy P1801F1BB3 00AA
No Energy P1801F1BB3 0000
Full Super Bar P1811F1BBA 0200
Cant be Stunned P2801F504B 0000
Infinite Energy P2801F5053 00AA
No Energy P2801F5053 0000
Full Super Bar P2811F505A 0200
Aquadome Stage Codes
Cant be Stunned P1801F1E3B 0000
Infinite Energy P1801F1E33 00AA
No Energy P1801F1E33 0000
Full Super Bar P1811F1E3A 0200
Cant be Stunned P2801F52CB 0000
Infinite Energy P2801F52D3 00AA
No Energy P2801F52D3 0000
Full Super Bar P2811F52DA 0200
OuthouseClaynaveral HangarCamp Claynaveral Stage Codes
Cant be Stunned P1801F233B 0000
Infinite Energy P1801F2343 00AA
No Energy P1801F2343 0000
Full Super Bar P1811F234A 0200
Cant be Stunned P2801F57DB 0000
Infinite Energy P2801F57E3 00AA
No Energy P2801F57E3 0000
Full Super Bar P2811F57EA 0200
Freezing Fortress Stage Codes
Cant be Stunned P1801F239B 0000
Infinite Energy P1801F23A3 00AA
No Energy P1801F23A3 0000
Full Super Bar P1811F23AA 0200
Cant be Stunned P2801F583B 0000
Infinite Energy P2801F5843 00AA
No Energy P2801F5843 0000
Full Super Bar P2811F584A 0200
Rubbage Reef Stage Codes
Cant be Stunned P1801F241B 0000
Infinite Energy P1801F2423 00AA
No Energy P1801F2423 0000
Full Super Bar P1811F242A 0200
Cant be Stunned P2801F58BB 0000
Infinite Energy P2801F58C3 00AA
No Energy P2801F58C3 0000
Full Super Bar P2811F58CA 0200
Happy Harry's HutSpooky SpireMudville Mansion Stage Codes
Cant be Stunned P1801F244B 0000
Infinite Energy P1801F2453 00AA
No Energy P1801F2453 0000
Full Super Bar P1811F245A 0200
Cant be Stunned P2801F58EB 0000
Infinite Energy P2801F58F3 00AA
No Energy P2801F58F3 0000
Full Super Bar P2811F58FA 0200
Clayribbean Cruise Stage Codes
Cant be Stunned P1801F24FB 0000
Infinite Energy P1801F2503 00AA
No Energy P1801F2503 0000
Full Super Bar P1811F250A 0200
Cant be Stunned P2801F599B 0000
Infinite Energy P2801F59A3 00AA
No Energy P2801F59A3 0000
Full Super Bar P2811F59AA 0200
Backwash Bay Stage Codes
Cant be Stunned P1801F258B 0000
Infinite Energy P1801F2593 00AA
No Energy P1801F2593 0000
Full Super Bar P1811F259A 0200
Cant be Stunned P2801F5A2B 0000
Infinite Energy P2801F5A33 00AA
No Energy P2801F5A33 0000
Full Super Bar P2811F5A3A 0200
Ghastly Graveyard Stage Codes
Cant be Stunned P1801F262B 0000
Infinite Energy P1801F2633 00AA
No Energy P1801F2633 0000
Full Super Bar P1811F263A 0200
Cant be Stunned P2801F5ACB 0000
Infinite Energy P2801F5AD3 00AA
No Energy P2801F5AD3 0000
Full Super Bar P2811F5ADA 0200
Candy Factory Stage Codes
Cant be Stunned P1801F270B 0000
Infinite Energy P1801F2713 00AA
No Energy P1801F2713 0000
Full Super Bar P1811F271A 0200
Cant be Stunned P2801F5BAB 0000
Infinite Energy P2801F5BB3 00AA
No Energy P2801F5BB3 0000
Full Super Bar P2811F5BBA 0200
Kooky Courtyard Stage Codes
Cant be Stunned P1801F280B 0000
Infinite Energy P1801F2813 00AA
No Energy P1801F2813 0000
Full Super Bar P1811F281A 0200
Cant be Stunned P2801F5CAB 0000
Infinite Energy P2801F5CB3 00AA
No Energy P2801F5CB3 0000
Full Super Bar P2811F5CBA 0200
Santa's Toy Factory Stage Codes
Cant be Stunned P1801F2C3B 0000
Infinite Energy P1801F2C43 00AA
No Energy P1801F2C43 0000
Full Super Bar P1811F2C4A 0200
Cant be Stunned P2801F60DB 0000
Infinite Energy P2801F60E3 00AA
No Energy P2801F60E3 0000
Full Super Bar P2811F60EA 0200
BoogerhengeTureen Toilet Stage Codes
Cant be Stunned P1801F2FDB 0000
Infinite Energy P1801F2FE3 00AA
No Energy P1801F2FE3 0000
Full Super Bar P1811F2FEA 0200
Cant be Stunned P2801F647B 0000
Infinite Energy P2801F6483 00AA
No Energy P2801F6483 0000
Full Super Bar P2811F648A 0200
Kiln's LaboratoryKiln's HideoutFiery FurnaceResearch Room Stage Codes
Cant be Stunned P1801F3BBB 0000
Infinite Energy P1801F3BC3 00AA
No Energy P1801F3BC3 0000
Full Super Bar P1811F3BCA 0200
Cant be Stunned P2801F705B 0000
Infinite Energy P2801F7063 00AA
No Energy P2801F7063 0000
Full Super Bar P2811F706A 0200
Rubbage Room Stage Codes
Cant be Stunned P1801F464B 0000
Infinite Energy P1801F4653 00AA
No Energy P1801F4653 0000
Full Super Bar P1811F465A 0200
Cant be Stunned P2801F7AEB 0000
Infinite Energy P2801F7AF3 00AA
No Energy P2801F7AF3 0000
Full Super Bar P2811F7AFA 0200
Infinite Time To Choose Your Fighter81200BEC 03A7
Character Modifier P1801A2B2F 00??