Clayfighter 63 1/3-Sculpter's Cut

Credit: Robb, GSC,

Activator 1 P1D00F2D94 00??
Activator 2 P1D00F2D95 00??
Dual Activator P1D10F2D94 ????
Santa's Workshop, Refuse Room & Grotto Gulch Codes
Cant be Stunned P1801939FF 0000
Infinite Health P180193A07 00AA
No Health P180193A07 0000
Full Super Bar P181193A0E 0200
Cant be Stunned P280196EEF 0000
Infinite Health P280196EF7 00AA
No Health P280196EF7 0000
Full Super Bar P281196EFE 0200
Tribal Tower Codes
Cant be Stunned P180193A9F 0000
Infinite Health P180193AA7 00AA
No Health P180193AA7 0000
Full Super Bar P181193AAE 0200
Cant be Stunned P280196F8F 0000
Infinite Health P280196F97 00AA
No Health P280196F97 0000
Full Super Bar P281196F9E 0200
Aquadome Codes
Cant be Stunned P180193D1F 0000
Infinite Health P180193D27 00AA
No Health P180193D27 0000
Full Super Bar P181193D2E 0200
Cant be Stunned P28019720F 0000
Infinite Health P280197217 00AA
No Health P280197217 0000
Full Super Bar P28119721E 0200
Clayribbean Cruise Codes
Cant be Stunned P180193F3F 0000
Infinite Health P180193F47 00AA
No Health P180193F47 0000
Full Super Bar P181193F4E 0200
Cant be Stunned P28019742F 0000
Infinite Health P280197437 00AA
No Health P280197437 0000
Full Super Bar P28119743E 0200
Camp Claynaveral, ClayNaveral Hangar & OutHouse Codes
Cant be Stunned P18019422F 0000
Infinite Health P180194237 00AA
No Health P180194237 0000
Full Super Bar P18119423E 0200
Cant be Stunned P28019771F 0000
Infinite Health P280197727 00AA
No Health P280197727 0000
Full Super Bar P28119772E 0200
Freezing Fortress Codes
Cant be Stunned P18019428F 0000
Infinite Health P180194297 00AA
No Health P180194297 0000
Full Super Bar P18119429E 0200
Cant be Stunned P28019777F 0000
Infinite Health P280197787 00AA
No Health P280197787 0000
Full Super Bar P28119778E 0200
Spooky Spire, Happy Harry's Hut & Mudville Mansion Codes
Cant be Stunned P18019433F 0000
Infinite Health P180194347 00AA
No Health P180194347 0000
Full Super Bar P18119434E 0200
Cant be Stunned P28019782F 0000
Infinite Health P280197837 00AA
No Health P280197837 0000
Full Super Bar P28119783E 0200
Rubbage Reef Code Codes
Cant be Stunned P18019430F 0000
Infinite Health P180194317 00AA
No Health P180194317 0000
Full Super Bar P18119431E 0200
Cant be Stunned P2801977FF 0000
Infinite Health P280197807 00AA
No Health P280197807 0000
Full Super Bar P28119780E 0200
Backwash Bay Codes
Cant be Stunned P18019447F 0000
Infinite Health P180194487 00AA
No Health P180194487 0000
Full Super Bar P18119448E 0200
Cant be Stunned P28019796F 0000
Infinite Health P280197977 00AA
No Health P280197977 0000
Full Super Bar P28119797E 0200
Ghastly Graveyard Codes
Cant be Stunned P18019451F 0000
Infinite Health P180194527 00AA
No Health P180194527 0000
Full Super Bar P18119452E 0200
Cant be Stunned P280197A0F 0000
Infinite Health P280197A17 00AA
No Health P280197A17 0000
Full Super Bar P281197A1E 0200
Candy Factory Codes
Cant be Stunned P1801945FF 0000
Infinite Health P180194607 00AA
No Health P180194607 0000
Full Super Bar P18119460E 0200
Cant be Stunned P280197AEF 0000
Infinite Health P280197AF7 00AA
No Health P280197AF7 0000
Full Super Bar P281197AFE 0200
Kooky Courtyard Codes
Cant be Stunned P1801946FF 0000
Infinite Health P180194707 00AA
No Health P180194707 0000
Full Super Bar P18119470E 0200
Cant be Stunned P280197BEF 0000
Infinite Health P280197BF7 00AA
No Health P280197BF7 0000
Full Super Bar P281197BFE 0200
Santa's Toy Factory Codes
Cant be Stunned P180194B2F 0000
Infinite Health P180194B37 00AA
No Health P180194B37 0000
Full Super Bar P181194B3E 0200
Cant be Stunned P28019801F 0000
Infinite Health P280198027 00AA
No Health P280198027 0000
Full Super Bar P28119802E 0200
Boogerhenge & Tureen Toilet Codes
Cant be Stunned P180194ECF 0000
Infinite Health P180194ED7 00AA
No Health P180194ED7 0000
Full Super Bar P181194EDE 0200
Cant be Stunned P2801983BF 0000
Infinite Health P2801983C7 00AA
No Health P2801983C7 0000
Full Super Bar P2811983CE 0200
Dr. Kiln's Laboratory, Research Room, Kilns Hideout & Fiery Furnace Codes
Cant be Stunned P180195AAF 0000
Infinite Health P180195AB7 00AA
No Health P180195AB7 0000
Full Super Bar P181195ABE 0200
Cant be Stunned P280198F9F 0000
Infinite Health P280198FA7 00AA
No Health P280198FA7 0000
Full Super Bar P281198FAE 0200
Dog House Codes
Cant be Stunned P18019653F 0000
Infinite Health P180196547 00AA
No Health P180196547 0000
Full Super Bar P18119654E 0200
Cant be Stunned P280199A2F 0000
Infinite Health P280199A37 00AA
No Health P280199A37 0000
Full Super Bar P281199A3E 0200
VS. Mode Codes (All Stages)
Cant be Stunned P18019195F 0000
Infinite Health P180199167 00AA
No Health P180199167 0000
Full Super Bar P18119916E 0200
Cant be Stunned P280194E4F 0000
Infinite Health P280194E57 00AA
No Health P280194E57 0000
Full Super Bar P281194E5E 0200
Stage Modifier8118534A 00??
Misc. Codes
Have High Five810AA0BE 0001
Have Earth Worm Jim810AA0E2 0001
Have Sumo Santa810AA106 0001
Have Booger Man810AA12A 0001
Debug Mode810AA1A6 0001
Difficulty Modifier810AE40A 00??
Time Limit Modifier800AE423 00??
Throws & Holds Modifier800AE42F 00??
VS. Arena Select Modifier800AE43B 00??
Spillits Modifier800AE447 00??
Music Modifier (00-59)810AE402 00??
SFX Modifier (00-59)810AE406 00??
Health Meters Modifier800AE5EF 00??
Stun Meters Modifier800AE5FB 00??
Super Meters Modifier800AE607 00??
Portraits Modifier800AE613 00??