Buck Bumble

Credit: Code Master, Robb

Activator 1 P1D00CC83C 00??
Activator 2 P1D00CC83D 00??
Dual Activator P1D10CC83C ????
Infinite Lives810E9652 0005
Infinite Health810E92D8 42B0
Infinite Wrist Laser810E92E6 03E8
Infinite Photon Phaser810E92EA 03E8
Infinite Shotgun810E92EE 03E8
Infinite Green Phaser810E92F2 03E8
Infinite Machine Gun810E92F6 03E8
Infinite Smoke Gun810E92FA 03E8
Infinite Pistol810E92FE 03E8
Infinite Guided Missiles810E9302 03E8
Infinite Stretch Laser810E9306 03E8
Infinite Grenades810E930A 03E8
Infinite Machine Plasma810E930E 03E8
Infinite Ammo810E92E6 03E8
810E92EA 03E8
810E92EE 03E8
810E92F2 03E8
810E92F6 03E8
810E92FA 03E8
810E92FE 03E8
810E9302 03E8
810E9306 03E8
810E930A 03E8
810E930E 03E8
Always Have 1st Key800E92E0 0001
Always Have 2nd Key800E92E1 0001
Always Have 3rd Key800E92E2 0001
Have All Keys810E92E0 0101
800E92E2 0001
Max Bonus810E964A 270F
Score Modifier810E92D6 ????
Have All Weapons (Press A+B+R A Couple Of Times And You Schould have The Weapons)810FFF8A 0001
Always Play Level Modifier810FFF92 00??
Start On Level ModifierD00FFF93 0000
810FFF92 00??